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Wondering if Instagram is worth it for marketing your business?

A study reveals that 97% of US marketers have utilized Instagram in 2023. And that’s not all – 62% of Instagram users do not just scroll through posts, but they actively research their favorite brands, products, or services.

Owing to 130 Million people interacting with shoppable posts, Instagram has become a key platform for selling what you offer.

Also, the reason why marketers are gravitating toward Instagram is its high engagement rate. What’s more, the platform has an impactful feature lineup. Instagram reels, ad campaigns, live videos, product tagging, and giveaways are the top features that effectively help convert Instagram followers into customers

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  • Notably, product tagging results in a 37% boost in sales.

So is that all about Instagram? Are there other approaches to convert your Instagram followers into your customers?

Absolutely YES!

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are several proven methods to boost your sales. However, you should have a good understanding of how to make the most of them. 

To make it easy and attainable, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 methods below. Let’s get going.

How to Convert Instagram Followers into Customers

How to Convert Instagram Followers into Customers

1. Make Connections with the Right People

Building meaningful connections stands out as one of the most effective methods for converting Instagram followers into customers. Engaging with the right audience surely provides key industry insights. Moreover, it fosters trust among your audience as well.

Instagram is a platform where audience interaction is highly valued. Also, it offers an ideal space for conversations. Therefore, talking about what your audience wants to hear creates a prolonged connection.

To initiate a meaningful conversation, you need to identify the right audience. Of course, research will help you in doing so. While researching, analyze the followers of similar services you offer.

2. Post Engaging Content

Creating content that piques curiosity helps convert Instagram followers into customers.

These are some steps you can follow to make engaging posts:

  • Feature a clear call to action in each post.
  • Incorporate high-quality visuals into your posts.
  • Create shareable content that resonates with your followers.
  • Run contests and giveaways.
  • Post about trending topics to expand your reach.

3. Utilize Hashtags to Increase Visibility

In social media, a hashtag serves as a searchable term or phrase that enables users to find posts related to a specific keyword.

Incorporating hashtags in your posts is a highly effective strategy to grow your social media followers. Moreover, individuals interested in specific topics can easily find conversations related to them. You can choose hashtags related to your business and then use them accordingly. Also, verify that it’s not already heavily populated by other users.

4. Motivate Followers to Register for Email Newsletters

This approach can significantly increase the likelihood of converting Instagram followers into customers. Whether it’s new products or services, upcoming events, or exclusive discounts, email newsletters are truly a versatile tool. By sending relevant emails consistently, businesses build stronger connections with their followers. In the long run, your followers may become paying customers.

Place the email sign-up link within the business’s profile bio instead of including it in the caption. Similarly, you can add an Instagram social media button in your email newsletters to increase followers.

5. Encourage Followers to Join you on other Social Media Platforms

Ask your audience to connect with you on various social media platforms. However, it shouldn’t come across as a request. Begin by creating exclusive content for Instagram. Following it, deliver similar content on your other platforms. Further, you can integrate a call-to-action like ‘Remember to follow us on other social media platforms” on your Instagram posts.

6. Introduce Giveaways that Spark Sharing

Instagram giveaways are short-term events where companies offer a chance for people to win a product or service by meeting certain conditions. Giveaways are a great way to spread the word about what you offer. Plus, they get folks excited to share your Instagram post. This, in turn, helps expand your audience. Unlike other expensive methods, it’s a fantastic way to boost sales without breaking the bank.

7. Opt for Targeted Ads

Utilizing Instagram ads is a smart move for converting followers into customers. Especially, with tailored ad campaigns, businesses can boost brand visibility. Through this, you can attract more visitors, and learn more about your audience. Consequently, this all adds up to higher sales and stronger customer loyalty.

Include a clickable link so your customers can easily make the purchase. Through this, customers get a straightforward way to complete their transactions.

8. Keep Track of your Competitors’ Activities

Figure out who your Instagram rivals are and analyze their posts. Therefore, you can find inspiration for your content. Really it’s a great way to understand what resonates with the audience. It helps to uncover popular hashtags too. However, always incorporate this information if it’s relevant to your business.

In short, gaining insights into your competitors’ Instagram activities will contribute a lot to your business.

9. Set your Goals and Thoughtfully Plan your Campaigns

Brands can try out fresh features and create brand campaigns with specific goals.

There are two paths to consider:

  • You can experiment by emphasizing building brand awareness while giving sales a secondary role.
  • Alternatively, you can stick to boosting sales.

Both methods work. Most importantly, don’t forget to track and measure the success of these campaigns in the future.

10. Communicate Clearly and Authentically with your Audience

Studies reveal that 88% of consumers seek authenticity on social media. For that reason, authentic communication with your audience is crucial to boosting sales. This approach builds trust and helps convert Instagram followers into customers. Besides this, it helps the audience to get to know you better. Therefore, you’re more likely to attract users with enough trust in your brand to purchase.


How can AI-Based Digital Marketing Software Help You?

AI in digital marketing can gather information from various places. 

Since AI tools can solely manage your social media campaigns, they can help convert followers into customers.

AI social media post generators like Practina can be a game-changer for businesses. Firstly, it creates, schedules, and shares content across all social media channels. Secondly, you can define your business goals and easily create advertising campaigns. Third and most important, this tool enables businesses to stay in tune with trends and modify their campaigns accordingly.


The primary goal for any business is to increase sales, and Instagram marketing is a powerful way to achieve that. Owing to its increasing popularity and user base, the platform serves as a sweet spot to convert followers into customers.

In this blog, we understood that your sales grow when you have a good number of followers who are genuinely interested in your products or services. To achieve this, you can use the methods mentioned above to convert Instagram followers into customers. 

As a final note, always choose methods that match your business’s nature. Another helpful approach could be choosing an AI social media post generator. Such software can take the burden off your shoulders and streamline your Instagram post per your brand and audience.


Q: What are the ways to convert Instagram followers into customers?

A: There are several ways to convert your Instagram following into customers, and the most fitting method is based on the nature of your business and your audience’s interests. The various methods are:

  • Identify the right audience.
  • Utilize hashtags effectively
  • Post authentic and relevant content
  • Motivate followers to join other platforms:
  • Implement targeted ads
  • Run social media marketing campaigns

Q: How does an AI social media post generator help in increasing followers?

A: An AI social media post generator makes it easy to create, schedule, and share content on different social platforms. They help you reach your business goals by creating advertising campaigns. These tools also keep your business updated on trends, making it easy to adjust your campaigns quickly. By checking how well your campaigns are doing, you can figure out what your audience likes.

Q: What are the best ways to increase social media followers?

A: To get more followers on social media, interact with them regularly. Share genuine content that your followers can relate to. Try live videos, share behind-the-scenes pictures, and give away freebies. These things build trust and keep your audience interested.

The choice is simple

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