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Practina AI for Businesses

Create content in seconds

Practina brings you the power of AI. No matter which industry, business, or service, you cater to, Practina automatically creates ads and social media posts, writes blogs within seconds, generates review templates, and a lot more.

AI ads that convert and sell 

Craft compelling ad creatives that speak directly to the desires and needs of potential customers. And empower businesses with unparalleled precision targeting strategies to drive conversions like never seen before. 

Ready-to-use review templates

Better your online reputation and strengthen customer relationships with AI-generated review templates. Practina not only allows you to respond to valuable feedback from customers but also facilitates brand loyalty.

All-in-one lead center

Practina’s lead center helps you seize every sale opportunity. You can manage, track your leads, and always remain in the know through in-app notifications—--a perfect solution for lead management.

Reach multilingual audiences

By embracing multilingualism, you can effectively promote your brand in various regions while fostering inclusivity and cultural understanding. This approach not only demonstrates respect for diversity but also signifies the brand's commitment to delivering personalized experiences.

Automated scheduling & posting

To streamline your social media journey, Practina’s smart technology will use the power of automation to schedule and publish posts. Especially content that resonates with your customers, thus increasing engagement through likes, comments, and shares.

The choice is yours!

Invest in a single AI assistant or hire a digital
marketing agency that costs 10 times more.