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Get a free analysis of your social media with Practina’s Social Media Analyzer Tool.

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Simplify your marketing.

Social media marketing is made easy with Practina’s automated system that never sleeps and always works for you:

  • Handling your advertising
  • Connecting you with customers
  • Posting content online for you
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Stand out to your customers like never before.

Draw in more customers by effectively advertising your business at the click of the button:

  • Increase your business’s visibility online
  • Solidify your presence in the local market
  • Focus on what you do best, Practina will handle the rest
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Branded posts

Customized posts tailored for your business.

Lead Center

Instant notifications when customers show interest in your ads.

Smart Ads

Ads for Google at the click of button.

Marketing specialist

Professional guidance and recommendations on your marketing strategy.

Analytics and reporting

Live updates on the performance of your ads and posts.

MLS postings

Automatic posts across your social media with each MLS status change.

Post templates

Highlight deals, giveaways and accomplishments using Practina’s easy-to-use templates.

Post suggestions

Inspiration when you need it most.

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Discover how to take your social media marketing to the next level.