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AI marketing tools

Do things better, faster, and for less money.

Get more done, and save time.

Practina AI takes care of 95% of the heavy lifting, leaving businesses with the remaining 5% – the more enjoyable tasks.

Content in harmony with your brand

We elevate brand identity and messaging, ensuring the content aligns with your unique persona.

Equivalent to a 7-person marketing team

With its capability to work as fast as a seven-person marketing team, AI brings efficiency and speed to the table.

Ten times more productive

It's typical for a business marketing strategy to require a substantial amount of content. Practina generates a week's worth of content in just minutes.


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AI Generated Posts

Practina is a powerful AI marketing tool that can help to generate posts for social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google My Business (GMB).

Meta Ads

Allow our AI to craft compelling content that drives conversions, enabling you to optimize your resources for scalable growth while saving both time and money.

Google Ads

Practina embraces the efficiency of AI to enhance the effectiveness of your advertising efforts, driving better results and achieving your campaign goals.

Reputation Management

Quickly respond to reviews with a courteous and positive tone to leave a positive impression on your customers.

Lead Center

Practina's lead center efficiently manages potential customer information, acting as your smart assistant in organizing customer details for timely access.

Multilingual Content

Select a preferred language, create content in the language of your choosing, and promote your brand across diverse linguistic landscapes.

Our AI Creates it, you add the final touch.

Start it off

Just share your website link or, even better, pick your industry and specify exactly what you need.

Let AI do the work

Our intelligent AI will analyze the input and create customized content for your brand.

Review, edit and publish

Practina also provides an opportunity for you to review and edit. Fine-tune it to perfection before hitting the publish button.


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