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Have you ever thought about how much medical spas spend on marketing each year? Medspa marketing is unique and has to be directed at a very niche market. 

Medical spas typically focus on botox and other appearance modifications. This is where people can go to get those procedures done, and they can cost patients anywhere from $12 to $4,500 depending on what is being done. There is a lot of profit to be made in the quickly growing medspa industry, making it more important to be well-marketed. Social media is a great place to start marketing your medspa and begin a solid growth strategy moving forward.

How digital marketing can help you corner your local market

On social media, advertising is done by creating posts and ads on different platforms that can help promote medspa services. Ads pop up on people’s social media feed harmlessly, making it a simple way for them to be exposed to your company. For medspas, this could help to gather more followers so your audience will grow and your ads can be seen. 

By promoting ads to people in the neighborhood of your medspa, you can reach those around you and get local businesses to go to you. This can only be done through social media since it can reach every household around you if the ads are used properly. These ads can be promoted by your page to those in close proximity to your spa, and by past patients that have used your services. 

This is why medspas are growing their presence because it will reach more people from the younger generation than more traditional forms of advertising. It is not only cheaper and better at reaching your target audience than print marketing, but it is also much easier for your medspa to use.

Advertising online works especially well for small local businesses if you are willing to do a sale or discount when they click the link to your website from your social media. This makes driving new customers to your business easier and creates incentives for people to go to your practice to get what they need. By doing this and running consistent ads, people will remember your business and go to you when they need it.  

Average daily cost to run an effective local campaign

Medspas need to promote their brand and establish itself on social media. This is where many of them have focused their marketing efforts and have created a larger platform for themselves. 

According to Patient Gain, some medspas spend $1,000 per month on online advertising, with others relying solely on SEO rankings to promote their practice. The amount varies depending on how much they want to promote their brand and services, making it customizable to fit your practice. All of this is dependent on the size of the medspa and how much advertising they choose to produce. 

All of this spending may seem excessive and it can be for your small operation. The medical spa industry is competitive with pricing and services offered, with all trying to gain more customers than the other. However, that does not mean you need to spend as much as they do on social media marketing. There are much more budget-friendly options to use, like Practina, that will help you promote ads and grow your business on a budget. Medspa Marketing campaigns do not need to break your budget and should be affordable for you to operate. 

How Your MedSpa Will Benefit

Are you wondering how your medspa will benefit from social media advertising?

It will benefit you if you are willing to put in the work to create ads and promote them. Marketing and running advertisements can be costly, but using social media makes it much more attainable. 

Another reason to use social media advertising is that it receives more engagement from the younger generation because they pay more attention to it than live television or any traditional media that ads are shown on. It has been proven that social media is much more effective in advertising to millennials, making it the best way to grow your practice.

According to eMarketer, 2017 was the first year that companies spent more money on social media marketing than they spent on television advertising. That example shows how big social media marketing has become and why it is the direction your medspa should take when trying to grow, especially when you want to grow.

Marketing can be expensive and hiring an entire team to handle it can be costly. When using a social media marketing management program, there is no need to hire a team that keeps costs low and will help the smaller medspas especially. This will help keep operating costs down and allow your practice to continue growing by expanding into new markets.

How Practina Can Help

Practina can help you get organized on social media. 

Practina is a social media marketing tool that links all your accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter just to name a few. By linking your accounts, Practina allows you as the business to send out posts on multiple platforms using the “planner” tool. This allows you to spend less time planning posts and letting Practina send them out for you. Practina also offers tools such as “social presence” which allows you to see analytics that help you build a stronger presence online. 

If you think your medspa can benefit from Practina, explore our website today to get started!

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