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Medspa Marketing Strategies and Trends for 2022

The global medspa industry crossed the $100 billion mark in 2019, and the future looked promising. But then the Covid-19 pandemic hit everyone, including the medspa industry.

Medspa business owners are striving to revive their businesses since last year. Their efforts are proving successful, and fortunately, the industry is expected to grow by more than $130 billion by 2027.

The pandemic has left a lasting impact on everyone, changing many things, and since change is the only constant, the medspa industry is seeing new trends that are likely to rule in 2022. 

This blog discusses the top medspa marketing trends and strategies for 2022 to help your business succeed.

1. More Focus on Holistic Health

Medspa businesses follow the holistic health adage of, ‘Sound mind in a sound body.’

Most medspas now offer diverse health services focused on the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of individuals. This gives patients more options to experience long-lasting benefits.

This trend is likely to see tremendous growth in 2022 and years beyond.

Be it invasive or non-invasive procedures, people are interested in trying various services at medspa centers, favoring holistic treatments even more.

2. More Focus on Physical Feeling

Touch starvation is a real concern. Being one of the five senses, touch plays a vital role in your overall well-being. From hand-shaking to hugging, they all determine how healthy we are in our personal and professional life.

These are the reasons why the medspa industry will focus more on the importance of physical touch. From therapeutic massage sessions to stone therapy to aromatherapy, medspas will take things to the next level to enhance the patient experience.

3. Medspa Marketing Automation

The medspa industry is growing rapidly, and many business owners are leveraging social media marketing to maximize brand awareness and attract more footfall. With a growing business, managing social media marketing can get overwhelming.

Fortunately, social media automation saves the day. Social Media Marketing tools like Practina automatically manage the online marketing process for your business by creating customized posts and publishing them at the best time possible.

Social media automation allows you to focus more on your business and worry less about your online marketing.

Medspa Marketing Strategies for 2022

1. Non-Competitive Networking

If you are unaware of this term, non-competitive networking entails teaming up with review or testimonial platforms and referral websites. These platforms help you maximize your visibility and credibility among your audiences. Referrals also help you get leads from credible sources, creating a win-win situation for both you and the party that refers you.

2. Community Involvement

Community involvement isn’t as tedious and complex as it used to be. It’s a robust medspa marketing strategy that helps you put your best foot forward. Community involvement allows you to retain your existing clients while generating more potential leads for your business.

3. Proactive Interactions

Customer interaction is vital for every business, and it’s even more important for medspa businesses. Replying to client queries, comments, and messages is key to keeping user engagement high.

Final thoughts

All medspa marketing strategies require the power of social media to maximize your reach. Social media is where all the action happens, boosting visibility for your medspa business. 

When it comes to medspa social media marketing automation, Practina is your answer. Get started with Practina today by creating your free account and experiencing social media marketing like never before.

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