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The MedSpa industry is transforming into a goldmine. Are you making the most out of social media marketing to bring in more business?

Introduction: Many elements go into medspa social media marketing. However, the best strategies involve a mix of online techniques, knowledge of the latest trends, and more. If you are looking for novel ways to boost your patient acquisitions and return on investments (ROI), this blog is for you. We know you have invested time and effort into your skills and business. So it’s time to invest in a successful medical spa social media marketing strategy that works!

Cosmetic and spa treatments continue to grow in popularity at a rampant pace. Medical spas have turned into a multi-billion dollar industry, with the global medical spa market projected to reach $34 billion by 2026.

This implies there is more competition than ever, as well as increasing costs. Companies that invest in the best social media marketing for Medspa will grow and reap future profits.

You may call them medspas, medispas, medical spas, or medspas. Whatever you name them, this is a growing area of the aesthetic industry. You might be new to the business, or maybe an offshoot of a cosmetic surgery office. You may even have been offering many of these non-surgical treatments long before anyone used the exact term medical spa. In the end, getting the word out in the online world about your medspa can seem daunting.

To enjoy the best ROI, you need a blend of both digital and traditional marketing strategies in your overall medspa social media marketing plan.

We understand keeping a medispa business running is no cakewalk. Medspas are a fast-growing industry, which brings out tough competition. You need to stay updated with the latest trends to have an edge on the competition. One mistake, and you can easily get drowned out and lose visibility.

Having a foolproof social media marketing strategy for your medspa business can be beneficial. With it, you can drive more traffic to your website and in the long run, more sales for your business!

Sounds too good to be true? Check out these 7 medical spa social media marketing tips to boost website traffic, engage your audience, and generate more ROI!

It requires knowledge, expertise, & innovative techniques to build an effective medical spa marketing strategy. So without stretching it any further, let’s learn the tips to level up your business:

1. First, Optimize Your Website

Remember, your website is your biggest medspa ai social media marketing tool. Potential clients seek treatment at your practice, so you must convince them that you are a professional and can deliver the desired results.

Your official site is your calling card and the online face of your business. It’s where new patients are introduced to your practice, and where they will draw their first impressions. No doubt you want to be sure to showcase your treatments, skilled staff, and the aesthetics of your med spa to separate you from your competitors. But you can’t just throw it all on your visitor’s face!

Your website needs to work seamlessly on all devices. Choose the simplest way to convey your med spa brand in the online world. Make it simple for your patient to contact your office instantly for a query or to schedule an appointment. Of course, a great med spa website and marketing is incomplete without reliable, fast web hosting. So make sure you have all these points covered.

Welcome your customers when they sign in to your website with a personalized theme. You can offer a free consultation, a limited-time discount, or post successful before and after transformations to grab their eyes. Show testimonials of happy clients who have visited your practice before.

Adding a live chat for clients who are not yet ready for treatment but may have questions about your practice or office policies is also a wise move.

Here are some other ways you can optimize your medspa website:

  • YouTube and video integration
  • Offer special offers, discounts, and giveaways
  • Follow a mobile-first approach
  • Consider social media integration

You will find tons of images and videos on major medspa websites. So it’s crucial to ensure yours are easily accessible to mobile visitors. Search engines rank responsive websites higher in their search engine rankings, which ultimately leads to a boost in traffic. You can also publish posts with images and videos on your social media to catch and hold more followers. To do this, use the best social media marketing for medspas: Practina. You will enjoy customized posts that are tailored to your brand!

The third quarter of 2020 saw 50.81 percent of global website traffic coming from mobile devices (excluding tablets).

So what’s your excuse for not having a mobile-friendly site?

Apart from it being responsive and catchy, you also need to have a secure website. Visitors are likely to purchase your medspa products/services online, and an insecure website will just scare them away. So assure people of your credibility. Show them that their personal information is completely confidential and safe with you. Invest in website security certificates and it will pay off in terms of traffic and leads!

2. Leverage Content Marketing

Blogging has become a popular way to drive traffic to your website. And social media marketing for medspa can act as a great way to connect with potential patients. Create quality, relevant content to add credibility to your business. It will help you inform them about the products/services you offer.

Guest Blogging:

Send requests to influencers, industry leaders, local businesses, and respectable bloggers in your domain to guest post on your website. They are likely to share the posts across their networks, which will also result in more traffic.

It also further gives them an opportunity to link their sites back to yours. Basically a WIN-WIN for both sides.

You can also seek opportunities to write guest posts for other reputable blogs. It will portray you as a thought-leader and is likely to spark an interest in your site.

3. Post Quality Content

Want to earn profit in terms of both engagement and revenue? Create regular blog posts on your medical spa website. Such content can drive traffic and potential patients to your site. It additionally provides regular content to share on your social channels, through email marketing, and blogs are a critical aspect of SEO. This is since search engines view blogs as new content, and new content is always rewarded in an organic search.

You can also publish personalized content on your social media along with engaging images to catch more attention. Use social media marketing for medspas like Practina. The intelligent system will automatically create, schedule, and publish posts for your business, so you don’t have to! 

Social media posts, blogs, or otherwise – content is the ultimate medium to interact with both existing patients and potential patients. The most important aspects of your posts are consistency. Publish fresh content at least twice a day to build your brand. Blogs, in particular, should focus on specific med spa treatments or procedures that you offer. The information should be valuable for the reader, not just fluff or promotion.

When used right, blog information can set your medical spa up as an expert on the treatments and procedures you specialize in. The information helps patients learn about treatments or procedures they may not have heard of or been aware of before reading your blog.

Be consistent, concise, and catchy in your content. We understand it can be hectic for you to manage everything in person and on social media. So to your rescue, we have our automated social media post scheduler tool. It will not only create curated posts for your brand but also schedule them at the right times for maximum engagement and reach!

Modern-age med spas source out their social media posts duties to a digital agency or tool. This ensures each post has fresh content, is targeted to your audience, and is accompanied by the best visuals

4. Paid Advertising Can Do Wonders

Google and other search engines have made organic searching much more challenging by giving paid searches more prominence on the search engine results pages. As a result,  paid advertising needs to be a part of your medspa social media marketing plan. Pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising has that name since your medical spa business pays only after a user clicks on your ad and is directed to your website. Hence, paid search serves as a cost-effective medium.


Here content plays the king. Ensure you have robust, engaging content and a beautifully designed website. This helps sustain a curious visitor on your site and encourages that person to push deeper into other service pages.

Why so much struggle?

To increase your ROI!

Different SEM ad types require different strategies to optimize your ads to generate leads. Here the role of a medspa social media marketing tool comes in handy.

The two most common search engine ads for med spas are:

  • Text ads: the paid returns atop the search engine results page.
  • Display ads: ads on the right side or across the entire top of regular web pages. Unlike text ads, display ads show up on website pages you set as parameters.

Setting your marketing campaign and budget means setting your overall SEO strategy first. This helps you optimize your site to ensure your budget is efficient and that ad quality scores are high.

Paid online advertising can attract traffic to your medspa website and aid your social media marketing goals. Major paid ads include:

Social media ads: Social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter have so much to offer when it comes to paid ads. They help you increase the visibility of your social media profiles and website. Wondering how to make the most of your social media ads? Try Practina’s smart ads to reach the majority of your audience, especially when they are searching for businesses like yours!

Pay-per-click: Pay-Per-Click or PPC helps your ads appear at the top of search results based on the keywords you select. It’s easier to target your audience by demographics such as location and industry. Google Adwords, Bing, and Yahoo! Are the top three avenues for PPC advertising.

Native Ads: Native Ads appear on other websites to give informational content about your website. You can add an article, infographic, or even a video that links back to your official medspa website.

Retargeting ads: Retargeting means the placement of ads so people who were on your website can see it again while on other sites or platforms. It helps remind them of your website and gives them the option to go back to it with a click. Retargeting ads keep your brand at the forefront and lead to more traffic.

You need to consider everything from content, ad design, keyword selection, positioning and targeting, and campaign management while experimenting with paid ads. The benefit of paid advertising is you can measure the results and tweak them whenever needed.

5. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

Stay In Your Patient’s Mind – Upsell Your Expensive MedSpa Services – Increase Referrals Count

You shouldn’t write off email marketing. One major benefit this technique offers to medspa businesses is it is an effective and inexpensive way to reach out to your prospects. The right email marketing strategy will bring you the best of both worlds – organic traffic and qualified leads.

You can even use email to inform subscribers of your new products, services, or offers.

The best thing about email marketing is you have full control over the message sent to your recipients. You can keep everyone engaged and connected. It is a proven marketing tactic that always shows success. Just try to be as creative as you can with your templates.

What we’d suggest to a medspa business is to send at least one email a month. It can include a monthly special, a brief about the latest treatments you have added, helpful aesthetic tips, or referral program details. That referral program should offer something to a current patient who refers a new patient. For instance, something like a free Cryo session or Botox treatment works. Your staff can gather these email addresses and manage your med spa email list. To do so, you need a connected form that directly links your website to your email marketing software.

6. Research Your Competitors

Want to learn a secret to stay ahead of the rest? Always keep an eye on your competitors’ websites! See what they do differently than you so you can implement it to your medspa social media marketing plan.

There’s always more to learn from your competitors and other pioneers in the industry.

Give considerate attention to the type of keywords they use on their website and posts on social media. Just be cautious not to copy all their ideas and transfer them to your website. Your aim is to improve on what they are offering to their website visitors so you can have the upper hand in the digital world. You can also level up your game by publishing custom-made posts on your social media channels. For this, just consider an advanced, feature-rich social media post scheduler tool like Practina.

7. Traditional Advertising is Still Useful

Do you think conventional marketing is outdated?

If so, then you’re probably missing out on all the fun! Traditional marketing channels target patients when they’re not in the digital world or those who aren’t active online. Mediums such as TV ads, billboards, radio commercials, and direct mail are prime examples of “traditional marketing.”

These differ from paid digital ads where you pay to get in front of your target audience. You never know when they may hear your radio spot since the chosen station does not meet the exact demographics of your medical spa clientele. That is quite different from paid search ads in your search engine marketing campaign. There, you only pay when users click on your ads.

Go Smart: Use the Best Tool for MedSpa Social Media Marketing

If you are still not investing in medspa social media marketing, it’s likely that your competitors already have the upper hand. Or, if you’re facing challenges with your marketing in-house while keeping up with your team, your patients, and insurance companies at once, you’re probably not giving your online strategy the time and attention it needs to be effective. 

With the help of a medspa social media marketing tool, you won’t have to worry about your website, social media, or your online reviews! An intelligent tool like Practina will create, schedule, and publish personalized posts on all your networks to grow your business and bring you more patients. It also curates your best reviews across the internet and turns them into engaging, trustworthy content to build your brand reputation. Practina does all this while you focus on your job!

Why Practina?

Practina uses its advanced features to help your medspa facility grow. How? It builds and maintains your online presence through social media!

Its innovative system helps businesses grow by crafting the perfect posts — all while saving you thousands of dollars, and most importantly, your time. Automating your social media presents multiple benefits:

  • Higher rankings
  • More website traffic
  • More engagement
  • More leads

The entire time you work with the Practina team, we’ll keep you updated with live updates. Never miss a detail on how your social channels are performing, where your investments are going, and what results to expect!

The choice is simple

Explore automated social media marketing software to grow your business