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Did you know that the global medical spa market size was valued at USD 15.5 billion in 2020? With the figures are estimated to reach USD $20 billion in 2021!

As the figures show, the Medspa industry is exploding right now. You can see hundreds of businesses entering the domain every day. Being somewhat of a hybrid between a day spa and cutting-edge cosmetic surgery tech — the MedSpa industry has cultivated a strong following lately. Why? They provide their clients with treatments that help them continue to look, and feel, their best!

Given the scope of opportunities it offers, strategic medical spa social media marketing can help you leverage it to grow your business.

Can’t wait to get started? Hold your horses! It’s not as easy as posting a picture. Leveraging medical spa marketing to your benefit requires time, dedication, and a well-planned strategy to connect with your target audience.

The good news is, that we are here to help! You can drive more traffic, grow revenue, & build your brand online using med spa social media marketing the right way. Check out our 11 favorite tips below to get started!

1. Update Your Official Website

Is your website still stuck in the 90s? Maybe it’s time for a makeover.

Your website is the online face of your business. So make sure it’s pleasing enough in terms of design, user interface, and layout. People prefer to search online for businesses rather than go visit in person these days, so your website will be the first/last impression a new customer will have of you. Ensure your basic information like your name, address, phone number, and email details are updated so people can instantly contact your spa.

Update Your Official Website

An outdated or awfully designed website can result in losing customers and sales.

Half of the internet users agree they won’t refer to a brand/business with an unappealing website. You need to relate to prospects emotionally to give your brand value & vision. No one wants pushy, salesy sites, but everyone’s looking for the right solution.

Keep your marketing messages relatable to show you have the best solution. The message should be simple and free of technical medical terms. Keep it conversational by using second-person language (YOU) and personalize your med spa marketing to give it relevance. Relating to your prospects by addressing their concerns helps you establish trust and comfort.

Avoid any sensitive phrases or terms that can stimulate your prospect’s insecurities.  Instead, focus on the outcomes. Words that invoke a positive emotional response include energy, youthful, flawless, natural beauty, no side effects, vibrant, among others.

2. Consider Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a viable Medspa social media marketing method to drive traffic to your website. You can use paid ads in multiple ways, including:

Pay-per-click: Pay-per-click, or PPC, helps your site appear at the top of search results based on your keywords. It’s easier to filter your target market for the medical spas by using demographics such as location. The most popular avenues for pay-per-click include Google Ads, Yahoo, and Bing.

Retargeting ads: This is the method of placing ads so people who visited your site can see them again while they are on third-party sites or platforms. This reminds them of your website and gives them an option of going back to it within a click. It also helps keep your brand at the forefront and leads to more traffic.

Native Ads: Such ads are placed on other websites to provide informative content about your website. Consider infographics, articles, or videos that link back to your website.

Social media ads: Social channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn offer innate opportunities for paid advertising. Use medical spa Facebook ads, or other options offered on other platforms to increase the visibility of your social media accounts and website.

Focus on the ad’s design, content, keyword selection, positioning, and targeting, as well as practicing campaign management while experimenting with paid ads. You can measure the results and tweak them whenever, and wherever needed.

3. Start With Limited Platforms

Time is your most valuable asset, so don’t jump on all platforms at once. When you do, chances are you’ll start strong but gradually struggle to maintain momentum across all. Commit to three platforms initially and proceed with more once you master your first. Furthermore, since demographics on each social platform vary, ensure to pick ones that closely align with your target market for your medical spa.

Since Facebook and Instagram are probably the two major platforms your potential customers use, make sure your med spa social media marketing strategy includes these.

Also, try to use the best ai social media marketing tool for medspa like Practina to save time and effort. It’s an automated post scheduler that creates, schedules and publishes customized posts on all your social platforms. You can even track live updates & reviews – all from one place.

4. Localize Your SEO

Let’s say your med spa is based in NY or Chicago. When your prospective clients search for “med spas in New York” or “best Chicago medical spas,” you obviously want your business to appear at the top.

Here’s what you can do to make that happen:

  • First, verify your med spa business on Google My Business. It lets you manage your data across all platforms, connect with your prospects, and build a solid web presence.
  • Post relevant content to rank higher in the search engine results & establish your leadership in the medspa domain.
  • Create optimized business profiles for local directories.
  • Add NAP (as mentioned earlier) throughout your site.
  • Add local keywords.
  • Connect with your local medspa target market on social media, and try to drive them back towards your website.

5. Maximize Visual Content – The Right Type

Do your images & videos speak of natural, healthy, effortless-looking beauty, and well-being?

If not, it’s time to reconsider your visuals!

Visual content is what attracts prospects and urges them to follow your medspa business or come to you. Instagram and Pinterest serve as the most visual-driven platforms. However, even Facebook posts with images are found to perform better. The competition on social media is high, so you don’t want to risk losing potential patients by posting low-quality images.

So how do you get such amazing visuals?

Your best bet is to consider the best social media marketing tool for medspa like Practina. Why?

Well, the smart tool can create tailored posts for your brand with engaging images while you sit back and focus on running your business.

Other than images, video content also plays a key role in the success of medspa’s social media marketing campaign. Videos are powerful content and have proven to be tremendously effective over recent years.

A well-shot video can boost both search visibility and conversion rates. People often prefer to watch rather than read online, and the medium can easily be tailored to fit your med spa’s marketing goals.  


Since you deal with visuals every day!

You can experiment with videos that cover the best or latest procedures, introduce your practitioners and team, or give a virtual tour of your medspa. Doing Q&As to relieve anxiety faced by first-time visitors, or even filming and/or live streaming a procedure is a good idea to bring your target market into your medspa.

Share videos and informative posts on social media, feature them on your official website and send links to clients. For instance, when you have a client you know who might be interested in a certain procedure you’ve just explained in a helpful video, give them a heads up!

6. Use Customer Testimonials

Statistics reveal 97% of people read reviews for local businesses while 94% agree an online review convinced them to avoid a company.

Impressive stats, aren’t they!

The best & only way to get customer reviews; however, is to ask. And you’re in luck, 68% of consumers will likely leave a review when requested.

So don’t hesitate to encourage your customers to leave a happy review on your website, forums, directories, and especially on your social media accounts. What customers say about you significantly connects with people who are/haven’t considered booking a session with you yet.

Turn delighted customers into your brand influencers with patient reviews!

Once potential patients know what type of procedure they want, their next step is choosing the right medspa to visit. Reviews are key for representing yourself as a trustworthy brand.

At present, peer-to-peer endorsements can hugely impact consumer buying decisions, and you can turn happy clients into the best ambassadors. How?

Encourage patients to leave positive reviews on Facebook & other social channels. You can also offer some form of incentive, like a free product, giveaway, or a discount on their next visit. Encourage them to use the “Check-In” feature as they arrive for an appointment, so their friends can click on your page for further details.

Also, when a user tags your medspa business in a personal post thanking you for a certain procedure, treatment, or product on social media, post it! Also, make sure to tag them! Even if the image isn’t great quality or on-brand, you can still share it with your Stories or Highlights reel with a clever title like “Our Glowing Clients.”

7. Set a Consistent Posting Cadence & Style

The tone, color, and imagery of your message should be consistent across all the social platforms that you use. It will help users know what to expect when following you and fosters a specific brand image.

As for post frequency, each social media platform has a different ideal posting frequency. Here are a few recommendations on when to post on each platform:

  • Facebook – a few times a week
  • Instagram – daily
  • Twitter – a few times a day
  • LinkedIn – once a week

These are conventional ideas for medspa marketing. Remember, it’s a rough estimate based on industry research and advice. So the best thing you can do is consider using an automated social media post scheduler like Practina to keep track of how many posts you’re sharing per day and at what times. Monitor your analytics after a few weeks, and use the data to determine if you need to beef up or scale back your frequency.

8. Leverage Email Marketing

Email marketing for any medspa business acts as an effective and inexpensive way to reach out to prospects for your business. The right email marketing strategy will bring you the best of both worlds – organic traffic + authentic leads.

You can even use emails to inform subscribers of new products or offers you may have!

The best reason to consider email marketing as a part of your medical spa social media marketing is you can always customize the message to the recipient’s interests. It becomes easy to keep everyone engaged without being too clingy. It is a proven technique that has always brought favorable results. Try to be creative and personal in your templates.

9. Support Other Businesses in Your Community

You can do it in different ways (and this doesn’t mean you are promoting other businesses at the cost yours!). Meet with non-competing but related businesses  — makeup artists, fitness clubs, salons, photographers, nutritionists, and dieticians to create cross-promotions. This can include lower prices, special discounts, bonus services, free memberships, & more for customers who visit you.

Try to connect with local businesses and offer them a promotional rate. For example, you could offer their employees X% off a medspa service or a retail product. It’s a smart way to grow your clientele. You are being a good neighbor as well as using it to your advantage.

Collaborating with other brands opens the door to network on a broader level and expands future projects like deals, seasonal discounts, special offers, discounts, coupons, etc that can bring more bookings your way!

Not sure what type of local businesses you can collaborate with? Here are some ideas:

Magazines & Event Planner: Pay for ad space or offer their team a complimentary service for posting online reviews. This will give you exposure and boost your spa’s reputation.

Yoga Instructors or Gyms: Endorse your brand by offering their class attendants or clients any exclusive deals at your spa.

Hair Salon or Barbershop: Either you can merge businesses or help promote each other’s services to benefit both ways.

Spa Products: Create product bundles that you can give away or sell with every session. If you are offering a skin tightening service, you can offer skincare products to promote your service. You can also become a retailer for skin & body care products so your customers can continue self-care at home.

10. Use Smart Social Media Advertising

Managing social media marketing for medspa can be a tedious task, especially when you are a rookie. But you don’t have to worry as smart tools like Practina can simplify the process for you. You get to enjoy automated posts on all your social media accounts at the same time!

Use Smart Social Media Advertising

It’s time to grow your medspa business by enhancing your online presence through social media!

11. Keep an Eye on Your Competition

While it’s important to focus on medspa social media marketing strategy, you don’t want to cut off from the world around you. Make sure you pay a regular visit to your top competitors’ websites and see what they are doing differently. Take note of important points and try to implement them in your business with a bit of personal touch.

Out of all things to focus on while researching your competition, give special consideration to the type of keywords they use across their website. You don’t want to simply copy their vision, design, & brand, however. The goal is to improve on what they are good at, and what’s working in their favor, so you can have the upper hand on the targeted search engines and social media.

Get Started With Your MedSpa Social Media Marketing Today!

Successful medspa social media marketing is made up of multiple factors. By launching well-rounded marketing strategies & intelligent tools, you can attract more clients to your practice and grow your business notably.

To keep it short, personalization is what sets your marketing strategy apart from the rest. For medspa businesses offering multi-specialty services involving skin or body, their marketing needs to invoke an emotional response. Make it all about your medspa target audience. Moreover, shift your efforts towards social media to stay on top of the competition & connect on a broader level.

Unlike conventional marketing, using tools make it simpler to track and analyze what works for you and what doesn’t.  You can effectively track your prospects, give them relevant information, and nurture them into patients that promote your exceptional brand experience (Online word of mouth can do wonders!).

What’s Next?

Just like we mentioned earlier, you should always keep one thing in mind: your strategy. Bringing your business online, especially on social platforms is a must.

So what’s your next action plan?  What do you do with all the useful information we talked about?

Well, if you’ve been striving to build your brand or promote your practice’s website – using medspa social media marketing can help bring in more patients. We’d love to discuss your business goals and help you deliver a personalized brand experience to your patients!

The choice is simple

Explore automated social media marketing software to grow your business