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There’s no way a business can fail if it pleases god-loving people. But religion-based organizations can be reserved about marketing themselves, unlike other enterprises. They might market themselves in the traditional ways while completely ignoring contemporary strategies. That can be time-consuming and take years to get the word out. Learn about modern-day faith-based marketing strategies in this blog to grow your Christian business.

The Christian market is strong as ever, with almost 75% of Americans identifying themselves as Christians. There are multiple ways to reach out to them, but don’t do it just to get seats filled for Sundays. 

In simpler words, you must back up your faith with action. 

Benefits Of Having A Religious Marketing Plan For Your Christian Business


Get more awareness –

Marketing is essential for every type of business. When you have a well-planned marketing strategy, you can be sure to get the support of those who join your congregation and keep their faith in your efforts.

Grow your congregation –

Your marketing efforts can never go to waste. Instead, it can lead to a thriving community, enabling your congregation to grow faster across places.

Attract more volunteers –

If your religious organization relies on help from volunteers, marketing can help recruit them for meaningful projects. Your marketing efforts can also attract the attention of more congregation members interested in volunteering over time. 

Raise funds –

Successful marketing helps grow your congregation and raise more funds. Marketing can bring more passionate volunteers willing to put more effort into growing your religious organization.

Top 9 Faith-Based Marketing Ideas You Should Know About

1. Create a professional website

People thinking about engaging with you will probably look for you online. That’s why having a professional website for your Christian business is crucial for you to move forward. You can implement creative aspects to it to keep visitors engaged and informed. 

It is best to upload HD images and sermon videos because old and blurry media can put off your own congregation. Hire professionals if needed to make your website relevant to the current times and keep updated.

Faith-Based Marketing Ideas

2. Take advantage of social media marketing

It is necessary to use social media to engage people these days, and it’s no different for your Christian business. If you don’t use social media in this age, it can be a big mistake since its reach is like none other. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help you to connect with ideal audiences for your Christian business. 

You can use emojis in your Facebook posts which typically do well in getting more clicks. Moreover, 92% of social media users use emojis as they believe these convey emotions accurately. Use emojis related to Christianity in your Facebook content to make an emotional and spiritual appeal to all. 

Instagram is the other social network that is excellent for your faith-based business to attract and build a strong community of followers. The key to Instagram marketing is using the right hashtags since most users search for relatable content using them. Similarly, you can use other features like Instagram Stories and Reels to attract more followers. You can also Livestream your sermons through Instagram, so none of your followers misses it.

3. Claim your business profile on the local listings

Google My Business

Add your religious organization to the local business listings so people can easily search and find you. It helps authenticate your business, convincing more people to connect with you. Besides, you can use Google My Business to list you at the top of the search. If you’re unaware of how to use GMB to post about your business, a marketing tool like Practina can help.

4. Be passionate about a cause

Most faith-based businesses support different causes, which can be related to the environment, protecting minorities, or economic inequalities. Involving in and supporting a cause is excellent marketing. Supporting external causes allow you to meet and network with others who are in it with you.

You can ask them to come and speak at your meetings, or you can visit their fundraising events to grow your business stronger.

5. Build partnerships with other local businesses

Collaborations with other local businesses can open the doorway to increased productivity, communication, and learning for you. For instance, you can partner with a local book shop and talk about them with your customers while they promote you.

6. Start a referral program

Referral programs can motivate existing customers to spread the word about your business. You can reward those who successfully bring in referrals and get them to join you. 

You can promote your referral program on your website, social media, local media, and through any other form of marketing.

7. Engage people via email and text marketing

Handing out leaflets doesn’t work anymore. There are emails and texts to send out reminders to people. Your religious marketing strategy must include them because they are one of the best ways to keep the masses updated. 

You can email newsletters each week or month. You can also send out text messages to inform your customers about what’s happening that month.

8. Have welcoming and creative signage at the entrance

Physical marketing helps, especially when you have a physical place. You can keep the entrance well-lit and put friendly signage to welcome walk-ins. You can also have someone at the entrance to give a warm welcome to all.

9. Amplify efforts during holidays

Most people who grew up in the church now attend services only on Sundays or during the holiday season. Christmas Eve and Easter are when church attendance is likely to be higher. Mother’s Day is also another occasion most people attend services.

Many congregation members usually invite their friends, guests, and neighbors to join them for a service. Make sure you are prepared to make the most of these special days. Preparation may include amping up your housekeeping efforts and keeping your service’s printed programs ready, which should be well-designed and error-free.

Holidays are also ideal when you can promote your upcoming events, counseling sessions, after-school programs, and more.

Moving Forward

Faith-based marketing may feel like a big task for someone who has never done it before. But getting started and leveling it up is much easier with Practina. There’s no doubt that you need to make an effort and spend time to make your social media work successfully. But how do you do that when you have services to host and manage your congregation? 

You can get Practina. This widely used social media marketing software can do more than just schedule your posts. It can create them according to your business’s needs to maximize engagement. Once you automate your social media with Practina, you don’t have to spend hours managing it.

Choose a Practina package that suits your budget and needs and see your social media transform. You wouldn’t have to worry about what to post next or how to strategize your marketing efforts. This social media marketing software will do it all for you.

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