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Instagram is more than just a platform for sharing photos in today’s visual-centric era. With 2.3 billion active users, it stands as the fourth most popular social media platform.

Tailoring your social media strategy to cater to dentists can significantly enhance your practice’s visibility. Consistent posting about your dental services fosters patient trust, while authentic content garners higher engagement from potential clients.

This blog will help you understand why there is a need to use Instagram to boost your dental practice. Further, it discusses basic tips for successful Instagram dental marketing.

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Why Use Instagram for Dental Practice?

Instagram has users with different interests. One of the biggest reasons why so many business owners and entrepreneurs go all in on social media marketing. However, that’s not it, the top reasons why you should use Instagram for dental marketing practices are: 

First, Instagram is a visually appealing platform which means that you can get the most out of it by showcasing before and after pictures of successful dental procedures. You can easily flaunt your team, answer dental-related queries, and share testimonials given by your patients, thereby building credibility and trust. 

Second, it’s imperative to understand that Instagram runs on algorithms. So, utilizing relevant hashtags and adding proper geotags will enable you to reach a broader spectrum of audiences.

Third, and most important, Instagram is an excellent tool for engaging with your patients, especially those who have not used your services. This direct engagement allows you to foster a sense of connection, making it more likely for patients to drop by your clinic or practice. 

Tips for Winning at Instagram Dental Marketing

1. Turn on Your Business Account 

A business Instagram account offers more benefits than a regular account. Because it allows you to share your contact number, address details, and business data. Besides this, a business account supports running Instagram ads, so that you can easily get access to business insights. 

What’s even better? You enjoy all these features without even paying a cent!

To make a business account, go to settings and pick ‘Switch to Business Profile.’ Then, link your Instagram and Facebook; choose ‘Dental’ as your profile category. After everything is in place, start following users related to the dental industry, and post content related to your industry. 

2. Optimize Your Social Media Profile

Creating a social media profile with comprehensive details is key to expanding your audience reach. Here are 5 ways to optimize your social media profile:

  • Account Name: Add your practice’s name to your profile for patient familiarity.
  • Profile Bio: Feature the services of your dental practice by integrating keywords for more clarity on your services.
  • Display Picture: Add a logo or a picture of your practice, allowing your patients to experience a more humanized approach. 
  • Website Link: Include your website link in your Instagram bio to ensure easy access for any patient visiting your Instagram page, allowing them to easily redirect to your website.
  • CTA Button: You can also add a CTA button, such as ‘Visit us’, ‘Book your appointment’, or ‘Consult today’. By doing so, you can encourage customers to visit your website or call you.
3. Build Your Feed Using Instagram Dental Posts

A well-crafted Instagram feed plays a vital role in social media marketing for dentists. Moreover, it opens your door to more dentistry-related posts. Certainly, follow dental Instagram accounts to get dental Instagram post ideas. 

Here Are Some Ways to Create Captivating Dental Post Ideas:
  • Share top-quality images
  • Special offers
  • Behind-the-scene videos
  • Patient reviews
  • Office tours
4. Prepare a Content Strategy

The content you post should be diverse and personalized. Briefly, it should be a mix of different posts, such as:

  • Educational dental posts to highlight your expertise in the field.
  • Behind-the-scenes posts to introduce your office and team.
  • Personal dentistry posts that blend your social image with expertise.
  • Patient-focused case studies to show the quality of your work.
5. Choose Dental Hashtags 

Sort your Instagram posts with hashtags. This approach will help more people see your Instagram dental posts. However, there are a couple of things to watch out for.

Firstly, use 3–10 hashtags per post to avoid clutter. Secondly, search for keywords related to dentistry. You can find them by watching what your competitors are doing. And lastly, use a mix of big and small hashtags.

Use These Basic Dental Hashtags:







6. Regular Instagram Stories

Although Instagram is flooded with images, it’s more than a photo-sharing platform. Given that, Instagram attracts 500 million daily users. Thus, the Stories feature is the most powerful tool if used correctly. Additionally, it offers various entertaining features, such as filters, stickers, polls, gifs, questions, and more. You can utilize them to express creativity. Above all, it’s about keeping everything real and personalizing your Instagram dental marketing practices. 

7. Brand Awareness Through Dentist Influencers on Instagram

Dentist influencers on Instagram help you connect with followers and build trust. These influencers share real experiences and showcase your brand to a large audience.

Take, for example, an influencer visit to your dental clinic and share a post about your services. Therefore, those who follow the influencer will become aware of your dental clinic. In the same way, it increases your visibility.

Absolutely, partnering with them brings credibility to your message. 

Instagram Ads for Dentists

Presently, many dentists want to promote themselves on Instagram. Evidently, running ads is one of the best ideas to do so. You can advertise on Instagram through the Facebook Ad Manager. Similarly, you can use your Instagram business profile to run ads.

There’s a Range of Ad Formats Available, Such As:
Video Ads

Capture attention with short videos showcasing your dental practice’s highlights.

Photo Advertisements

Showcase your dental services with an impactful image.

Stories Ads

Engage your audience by integrating your dental practice into your stories.

Collection Ads

Turn your ad into a virtual catalog, enabling users to make purchases without leaving the ad.

Carousel Ads

Craft mobile-friendly ads that users can explore by swiping horizontally on their smartphones.


To sum up, Instagram offers numerous ways to promote your dental practice. Again, Instagram dental marketing increases your brand awareness, traffic, engagement, and more. A blend of different posts, coupled with the right scheduling, can really boost your marketing. 

Undoubtedly, social media marketing helps your dental practice grow. Indeed, AI tools like Practina ease this process for you. In fact, Practina crafts and schedules personalized posts and optimizes timing for your audience. It aids in Instagram ad management and provides insightful performance analysis too.

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