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Being a real estate agent is challenging and rewarding. A 2022 study by the National Association of Realtors highlighted that eighty-six percent of buyers bought their homes from a broker or a real estate agent.

The study also showed that seventy-three percent of buyers interviewed just one real estate agent while searching for a home. It emphasizes the significance of creating brand awareness to attract more potential and genuine buyers. Now how do you build awareness around your brand? Real estate advertisements it is!

Real Estate Social Media Marketing that Generates Leads – With Automated Social Media Posting

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It means paying money to show your message and brand to a targeted audience with the intention of selling goods or services. Advertising is a critical part of real estate marketing to achieve business goals, which can vary from one realtor to another. 

The most common real estate advertising goals include generating buyer or seller leads or selling a house for maximum value.

Use an AI Automation tool for your real estate ads if you are unsure how to run one manually.


Google, Facebook, and Instagram are the three most popular platforms for running real estate ads because they’ve shown results. We’ve listed a few examples below-

Google Real Estate Ads

Forty-six percent of users click on the top three sponsored ads on Google. (WebFX)

The headline is critical in a Google ad, which includes keywords and a call to action. Most people click on ads with relevant and compelling headlines. In a way, spell out your main message in the headline instead of keeping it in the body. Descriptions are vital, but they should be an extension of the headline.

Here’s an example:

Catchy Real Estate Advertisement Headlines

  • Buy Real Estate in New Jersey—25% Discount For The Next 5 Days
  • Your Key to Happiness: Unlock Your Dream Home Today!
  • Invest Wisely, Live Lavishly: Discover Exclusive Real Estate Opportunities!
  • Home Sweet Home: Find Your Perfect Match in our Real Estate Listings!
  • Location, Location, Location: Your Dream Property Awaits!
  • Live Life on the Water’s Edge: Dive into our Stunning Waterfront Properties!
  • Make Your Money Work for You: Don’t Miss Out on Lucrative Real Estate Investments!
  • Luxury Redefined: Elevate Your Lifestyle with our High-End Properties!
  • Find Your Forever Haven: Create Memories in Your Dream Home!
  • Escape to Extraordinary Living: Experience the Best in Real Estate!
  • Urban Chic at Its Finest: Embrace the City’s Energy in our Trendy Properties!

Catchy and Unique Real Estate Ads Description

  • Unleash your inner architect with this fixer-upper gem in a trendy neighborhood. Your dream home awaits!
  • Indulge in luxury living with breathtaking views from this penthouse paradise. Experience elegance at its finest!
  • Investor’s dream! Prime commercial space in a bustling city center. Don’t miss this opportunity for high returns!
  • Escape to tranquility in this charming countryside cottage. Embrace nature and create lifelong memories.
  • Calling all beach lovers! Step into paradise with this oceanfront oasis. Experience coastal living at its best!
  • City chic meets modern convenience in this stylish urban loft. Live the cosmopolitan lifestyle you’ve always desired!
  • Calling all families! This spacious home offers room to grow and create lasting memories. Welcome to your forever haven!
  • Attention, first-time buyers! This affordable gem is the perfect starter home. Begin your homeownership journey today!
  • Invest in your future with this income-generating property. Let your real estate portfolio thrive!
  • Experience resort-style living in this exclusive gated community. Luxury amenities and a vibrant community await!


Structured description: Contemporary, Wood House, Cottage
Price: A) 549,900  B) 680,000  C) 478,900



You can use a Google keyword planner to identify possible keywords for your ad or use Practina offering the Google Smart Ads feature. AI-powered Practina can create content for your real estate ads and help you run them to get more conversions.

Facebook Real Estate Ads

Facebook is one of the most profitable platforms for social media ads as almost ninety percent of agents already use it.


This social media platform allows running ads in multiple forms, with each being equally effective. You can feature a customer’s success story, share a home valuation, or show value with a video, but ensure the content for your graphics is catchy and relevant.

facebook video ads

Success stories are a seal of authenticity, and they have the power to influence other potential home buyers. Price is the primary factor influencing one’s purchase, and with a home valuation, it gets easier and quicker to generate dependable leads. With rising video consumption, it only makes sense to run video ads on Facebook to attract the attention of more target audiences, which also allows you to position yourself as an authority.

Instagram Real Estate Ads

Fifty-two percent of agents use Instagram to promote their listings because it is the social media version of the cool kid in the class all wanting to be friends with.

Instagram focuses on visuals. So creating attractive, high-quality ads is necessary. But adding unique content information with the graphics is also critical for conversions. If you don’t have the time and expertise, using an AI tool can be helpful.


Boost Reels, announce events, or run Carousels and get all the attention you need for your real estate brand. The reach of videos on Instagram and Facebook is already high, so that’s a no-brainer. 

Hosting educational events allows you to demonstrate that you know what you’re doing. Such ads can interest people looking to buy property. And Carousels allow you to display the best of multiple visuals (images/videos) and information in one ad.


Practina is a complete AI tool that can do multiple marketing tasks for you. 

  • Generates ad content: Practina uses AI to create engaging ad copies customized to your brand with relevant hashtags to improve ad performance.
  • Helps run successful ads: Practina’s Smart Ads feature enables running high-performance ads for boosted conversions and returns on your investment.
  • Analyzes ad performance: It becomes crucial to evaluate your ad performance, and Practina shares a detailed analysis of your real estate ads, showing what’s working and what’s not.


Real estate advertising is not a one-and-done endeavor. It requires creativity and consistency. Moreover, marketing doesn’t sleep, and you shouldn’t either. In fact, an AI tool like Practina never sleeps. Automate your digital marketing with this tool and you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

How to Make a Real Estate Ad That Converts

You can run real estate ads like a pro when Practina is by your side. Are you all set? 

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