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Most real estate agents use social media to promote their businesses, increase sales, and build credibility for their brands. As a realtor, are you using social media to its full potential? Your clients want something more than an agent with a license to buy and sell properties. There are useful ways to step up your real estate marketing game with the tips shared in this blog.

Social media makes it convenient for realtors to communicate directly with their existing and target audiences, which is a great way to build trusting relationships. If you want to be the most sought-after real estate agent in your area, check out the 8 tips given below so that you can incorporate them into your real estate marketing strategy.

1. Optimize Your Content Using The Right Real Estate Hashtags

Using the right hashtags can improve audience engagement and also help you get discovered on social media by new users. You can connect with more potential clients through your social media, given that you use the right real estate hashtags in your posts.

Here are some examples of different hashtag categories for real estate.

  • Generic hashtags – #realtor #realestate #realty #broker #homesforsale #property #housing #homelisting #openhouse
  • Agent hashtags – #realestatebroker #commercialrealestate #realestateagent #propertyforsale #realestateinvestment #realestatebusiness #realestatelife #yourownrealtor
  • Customized hashtags – #(neighborhood name) #(target area name)homes #(target area name)property #realestate (business/agency name)

Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram allow using up to 30 hashtags in a single post, but that doesn’t guarantee great results. Using the right number of hashtags is also essential for your real estate post to perform well.

Pro tip – Use a professional social media marketing tool that can suggest and use the right hashtags to improve the exposure of your posts.

2. Add Realtor Quotes To Your Content Calendar

Everyone says that content is king, but that’s only because it’s true. A good content strategy includes real estate quotes and sayings that help in engaging the audience. Coming up with great content for every post can be cumbersome and time-consuming, however, especially with your busy schedule as a realtor.

You can add some inspiring and fun quotes to your content calendar, but make sure they resonate with what you do. Here are some examples of real estate quotes that you can use.

Pro tip – Get professional software that can create and publish interesting real estate content regularly to your page to keep your engagement strong.

3. Automate Your Real Estate Marketing With A Tool

Time is money, so why not utilize yours wisely? Automate the task of managing your social media marketing with a tool. This can help you to spend more time interacting with your clients and sell more properties to home buyers.

Practina is a low-cost social media marketing tool that can help you become the face of real estate in your area. This tool can update your followers whenever there’s a change in MLS status and automatically create and publish posts for your business.

Pro tip – Available in a mobile app version for Apple and Android devices, use the Practina App to manage your social media marketing even when you’re away from work.

4. Publish Useful Real Estate Blogs On Your Website

Many real estate websites have blogs, which may not necessarily provide value to the readers. You should focus on sharing informative blogs that highlight your expertise in the real estate market. You should optimize your blogs to attract more prospects to your website and social media.

Start thinking like a home buyer who knows very little about finding and purchasing a house. Here are some helpful blog topics that can add more value to your real estate social media marketing efforts and attract more leads.

  • Little-known secrets to buying a home in (area name)
  • The best neighborhoods to live in (area name)
  • Articles on market predictions and statistics
  • Your guide to pricing homes in (area name)

Pro tip – Include real examples and references in your blogs to have a stronger impact on your readers.

5. Optimize Your Real Estate Facebook, Instagram, And Google Ads

Many real estate businesses find success when they advertise on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. These platforms allow you to run targeted ads, but Facebook and Instagram’s special ad policy limits you from targeting based on age, gender, behaviors, demographics, and interests.

Pro tip – Running ads on these platforms can be tricky for many of you, which is why it is best to use a tool. It can instantly connect you with the right audience before your competitors can get to them.

6. Share Real Estate Testimonials From Happy Clients

Credibility goes a long way, and customer testimonials help in building that for a business. You can share customer testimonials on your website and social media to help convert more prospects into customers.

If people give a shout-out to your social media page, re-share their mention! User-generated content grabs people’s attention quickly and helps build trust and confidence in a real estate brand.

Pro tip – Share video testimonials from your clients for better engagement.

7. Post More Video Content

Video posts typically perform better than image posts. Since you represent your real estate brand, don’t shy away from putting yourself out there. Get in front of the camera to create attention-grabbing real estate social media content.

Most of the social media platforms have a feature like Live to host video Q&A sessions for followers. Instagram Reels allow you to share up to a 60-second video, and IGTV allows you to share up to a 30-minute (when uploaded from mobile) and 60-minute (when uploaded from desktop) video.

Pro tip – Share videos of your properties as Reels for better visibility and audience engagement.

8. Collaborate With Local Businesses, Artists, Influencers, And Specialists.

Collaboration is the fastest way of cross-promoting your business. You can partner with brokers, photographers, artists, influencers, or celebrities in your local area. For example, if you host an open house or any other event, you can invite your collaborating partners to be a part of it.

You can promote each other on social media before and after your event. Remember, collaborative marketing can create more noise in the community than individual marketing.

Pro tip – Run a giveaway contest for your followers to motivate them to share your event posts on their social media as well. This can support your marketing goals on a bigger scale.

Final Thoughts

Social media has changed the course of real estate marketing in many ways, and it has opened many avenues for realtors to promote their business to a larger audience worldwide. Making time for real estate marketing can be tough for every realtor, however.

Fortunately, several free resources and tools can minimize the efforts of real estate agents while maximizing the results of their social media marketing.

You can unlock the power of social media marketing for your real estate agency with Practina and see how it helps your business exceed your expectations. Create your account with Practina today to get started.

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