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These days all kinds of businesses use various marketing channels to promote their products and services, and realtors are no different. More and more real estate agents are aware of the tried and tested marketing strategies that work well for their real estate business. 

While you may have upgraded your marketing tactics in 2022, don’t forget that trends keep evolving. You must adapt to the changes happening in the world of real estate marketing so you can stay at the top of your game. 

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In this blog, we’ve shared the top new year marketing trends for realtors that will likely dominate in 2022.

1. Social media will continue to reign the digital space.

With more people confined to their homes and reduced in-person interaction since the outbreak of COVID-19, those looking to buy or sell properties now search the internet, particularly social media, to find real estate agents.

While most realtors are already using social media, many more will feel compelled to join the bandwagon to keep up with the competition, and most importantly, to connect with more potential customers.

Many real estate agents already using social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and a couple of others, realize the difference these make in promoting their business quickly. 

Similarly, social media advertising also helps them instantly reach their target audiences in their area, a trend likely to continue in 2023.

2. Virtual home tours will become the norm.

Physically going for home tours isn’t practical anymore, all thanks to the ongoing pandemic. Many real estate agents have started offering virtual home tours to keep in mind the safety and convenience of their potential clients. 

Virtual tours help buyers look at their potential purchases comfortably from wherever they are without exposing themselves to any risk.

Most real estate agents understand how video marketing eases the process of selling and buying properties for them and their prospective clients. This trend has tremendous potential to rule in 2023 and the years to come.

3. Neighborhood touring using drones.

Potential property buyers generally like to check out the neighborhood to get a sense of what it’s like to live in the area. The living experience includes many community features, such as infrastructure, amenities, safety, access to stores, hospitals, schools, and more.

In-person community tours may not be so easy given the pandemic. However, aerial drones are the perfect solution to this problem since they can offer real-time experience through images and videos of the neighborhood.

Real estate agents can showcase drone footage on their website to give potential buyers an idea about the living experience in that area, an up-and-coming trend going into 2022. Drones are one of the best return on investment (ROI) tools right now for real estate agents.

4. Content marketing.

Many businesses have had to cut down on their budget because of the economic uncertainties forced by the pandemic. Similarly, most real estate agents now prefer using more inexpensive marketing strategies that are a step away from direct marketing.

Realtors are leveraging content marketing now, a relatively economical way of generating leads. Content marketing involves a process of creating and sharing engaging content via different platforms, such as blogs, YouTube vlogs, and webinars.

These provide insights to potential customers and help real estate agents build authority and trust. This trend will continue to shine even in 2022.

5. Email marketing.

Email marketing allows real estate agents to keep their clients regularly updated about their listings and other property news. 

This is the perfect time for realtors to try effective email marketing strategies that can help keep their digital audiences engaged.

There’s no doubt that email marketing campaigns will continue to be a powerful promotion tool for real estate agents moving into 2022.

6. Community service.

This may seem unexpected, but local communities have faced significant losses due to the global pandemic. Many people have lost their businesses, jobs, and other means of livelihood. 

Financially stable realtors can take the initiative to help those that are less unfortunate. Helping your community is one way to give back and create great relationships.

Prospective customers look for competence and other relevant qualities in realtors. Agents that actively participate in the community are likely to catch potential customers’ attention before their competitors that aren’t involved in such activities.

Partaking in community service can provide credibility to your real estate brand, a critical factor in attracting new leads for your business. Charitable efforts will likely remain at the top of real estate marketing trends even in 2022.

Final thoughts

Real estate marketing involves adapting to the newest changes quickly to maximize the results for your business. By understanding and complying with the upcoming marketing trends for 2023, you can take your brand to the next level this upcoming year.

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