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Whether you’re a marketer or a brand owner, you’re undoubtedly already using social media automation, as over 50% of companies use it. This means now you can contact billions of engaged, active consumers, looking to buy products or book services.

To post for the sake of updating your social media isn’t enough. You must use the perfect social media scheduler and have a social media strategy. It can help you grow organically, get ahead of the competition, and turn your target audience into paying customers.

With a proper social media strategy and the perfect automation tool, you can find a way to expand your business online. We’re not talking about bots here. We’re talking about social media automation tools that work for you. That means reducing the efforts, saving time, decreasing response time, and creating more engaging content to target relevant audiences. 

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What is social media automation?

Automation is putting AI social media marketing software to work for your brand’s online presence and reducing human effort. These tools can help you focus more on your business and clients. The automation process includes scheduling posts, content curation, fetching analytic reports, and targeting relevant audiences by demographics. 


There are four benefits of social media automation tools.

1. Automation reduces the time required to create and schedule a post. It helps save effort in ideating and creating posts for your social media. It also allows you to schedule content in advance. You don’t need to worry about posting content every time. 

Automation is essential for social media marketing since it increases efficiency and optimizes your content strategy. With the right automation tools, you can focus on creating engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives business results.

2. Social media automation tools also help in reducing customer service response time to some extent. Customers who require assistance can get an automated response online even when you or the staff are offline. 

Chatbots are effective AI tools that can respond to a customer’s inquiry in real-time. They can answer frequently asked questions and provide customers with information about products and services. Chatbots can handle multiple customer queries at a time.

Businesses can use automated emails to respond to common customer inquiries or follow up with customers after an interaction. Automated emails can be sent immediately or scheduled at a particular time.

3. Social media automation tools can help you collect data based on likes, reach, and engagement on your posts and ads. The reports can help make the right marketing decisions in the future.  

These tools can make decisions based on predefined rules and criteria. For example, automation tools can redirect customer service requests to the appropriate agent or panel based on the nature of the request.

4. Every business uses social media for brand awareness and customer engagement. Automating your social media can boost your brand recognition and growth. 

What is the right way to use social media automation?

Here are a few examples of managing routine marketing tasks via social media automation tools. 

  1. Publish posts at the right time- Social media automation tools can identify the most engaging time across various networks and publish content to maximize your reach. 
  1. Keep consistency of posts- It can be challenging to balance many tasks without a dedicated social media team. You can schedule content days, weeks, or months in advance to post consistently and focus on other tasks. 
  1. Social media analysis- Social media analytics means tracking the effectiveness of actions taken in response to those decisions through social media. It can acquire and interpret data from social media channels to support business choices. 

The scope of social media analytics goes beyond channel-specific metrics such as likes, follows, retweets, previews, clicks, and impressions. The tools also provide reports on marketing campaigns and identify their effectiveness.

What are the benefits of social media automation?

There are a lot of advantages, and the ROI is massive when you put these together. 

1. Saves Time-

Assess how much time you spend on social media marketing for your business. 

  • You go through different pages to find new trends.
  • You search online to find relevant content for your business.
  • You create posts, publish them, and go through the comments.
  • Sometimes you spend more time scrolling through memes when you get distracted.

Social media automation can save a lot of time. You can utilize it for all your tasks to spend time with your family. 

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You may even skip social media for a month. You can use a social media planner to schedule all the posts. The automation tool will keep posting the content after scheduling. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to post or searching for content daily.

2. Allows Strategizing-

When was the last time you took the time to plan out your social media strategy for the next few months? Regrettably, most business owners can’t create a long-term plan. It’s challenging for them to take care of their social media accounts daily. But automation tools can change all that. 

3. Increases brand value-

Delivering additional value to the customer is the best way to boost social media likes and engagement. However, low-quality posts and general information doesn’t help do that.


On the other hand, if you automate your social media, you may take your time to find the best content. It can be much simple if you have a tool to find engaging content. In other words, social media automation helps you share high-quality content to:

  • Increase participation
  • Obtain new followers
  • Improve the image of your company

4. Keeps the content interesting-

You must avoid a few things if you want your brand to be relevant and exciting on social media. 

  • Share similar types of content every time.
  • No changes in style, tone, and presentation.
  • Insufficient activity.
  • Less engaging content.
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You don’t want to be like one of those boring pages users forget about. Social media automation can make your social media look attractive and engaging. In other words, social media automation allows you to stay relevant to your audience. 

Final thoughts

By automating simple but time-consuming tasks, you can save time and effort. Also, automation tools can make more challenging tasks, like data analysis, far more accessible. As a result, you’ll have more time to devote to ensuring that your projects are successful and building more genuine support.

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