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Practina AI stole the spotlight at the 2023 CDA event, The Art and Science of Dentistry, hosted in Anaheim CA, on May 19th. The event attracted a multitude of enthusiastic dentists seeking to build a solid online presence. 

That said, let’s delve into the highlights of Practina AI’s presence at the event and uncover more about the software and its functionalities.

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Initiative: Empowering Dentists To Thrive In The Digital Age With Smart Technology

The team took the stage at the event with a bold purpose—to unleash the digital prowess of Practina AI. Acting as a gateway to new digital marketing opportunities, the software showcased how it can help cater to small, medium, and large practices. With affordability, AI technology, and convenience at its core, the Practina team seamlessly bridged the gap between dental practices and their patients while helping them understand its unique selling propositions. From content generation, analytics, reviews, and captivating social media posts to laser-targeted ads, every aspect stood out. 

Live Seminar And Product Demo

Practina AI’s live seminar was a major draw for attendees at the CDA event. The seminar offered valuable insights and expert knowledge, successfully attracting the audience. Furthermore, with real-time access to all the features, dental professionals had the opportunity to actively explore the software’s functionalities and witness how quickly Practina generated content. As a result, this hands-on experience left a lasting impression and instilled a strong sense of confidence in the capabilities of Practina AI.

Interactive Session With Dentists

Also, the team highly valued the insights and expertise of the dental community and turned it into an interactive session with the dentists. The attendees actively engaged in meaningful discussions, exchanging ideas, best practices, and practical tips. Overall this collaborative atmosphere fostered a strong sense of community. 

Exclusive Giveaways And Prizes

As an added incentive, Practina AI delighted booth visitors with enticing giveaways, including Airpods, a Bluetooth speaker, gift coupons, and more. The best part was that one of the fortunate attendees got an opportunity to win a trip to the breathtaking Cabo, thereby creating an atmosphere brimming with anticipation and excitement. Furthermore, the Practin team distributed personalized carry bags, ensuring brand recall even after the event concluded.

Global Footprint And Emphasis On Inclusivity

Practina AI’s global impact was evident at the booth, with the presence of team members from over 27 countries. This subtle promotion of diversity showcased the company’s commitment to inclusivity and innovation. The multicultural team at Practina AI exemplified the company’s global reach and collaborative spirit.


The Practina AI booth display at the 2023 CDA event was an extraordinary experience that left an indelible mark on the dental community. In addition, Practina AI, which prioritizes business opportunities, exposure, affordability, and convenience, demonstrated its effectiveness as a powerful tool for dental practices of all sizes. 

The live seminar, engaging product demo, and interactive sessions deepened attendees’ understanding of the software’s capabilities and cultivated a strong sense of community among dental professionals.  Moreover, exclusive giveaways and prizes added an element of excitement, while the promotion of diversity showcased Practina AI’s global impact. 

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