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Generating content requires skills, time, and a lot of research. But as a business owner, do you have all those? AI content generation tools save the day because they are advanced and accurate. 

In this age of technology, several AI content creation tools are available that marketers use in many ways. We have listed everything you need to know about AI content marketing tools and the best ones here.

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How Do AI Content Creation Tools Work?

All tools use machine learning to generate text. All one needs to do is enter a prompt, and the AI tools create relevant content. The more accurate and specific the prompt one gives to these tools, the more optimized and accurate content they generate.

What All Content Can You Create Using AI?

AI tools serve multiple purposes, including creating content for:

  • Social media posts
  • Blogs
  • Landing pages
  • Emails
  • Product descriptions
  • And miscellaneous text-based assets

Marketers use ai marketing tool like Practina to build targeted campaigns that drive web traffic, conversions, and revenue. AI content generators save time and resources for brands, making their burden lighter than ever. 

But since it’s all about ranking at the top of Google search, does AI content impact that?

There have been multiple arguments on this topic, but the reality is that Google cares more about the final output instead of its creation process. Google wants long-form content like blogs to be helpful for the readers to top the search rankings.

According to Search Engine Land, Google recently spoke about ranking AI-generated content referring to Bankrate. 

This highly reputable website in the financing industry began creating AI-generated blog posts, which worked!

Frankly, AI writing tools are an excellent supplement to blogging strategy. But one must know how and to what extent to leverage the power of AI for content creation.

Which Are The Best Content Generation Tools For 2024?

Here’s our list of the top eight-

1. Practina

Practina AI is your all-in-one AI Marketing Assistant for all things digital. With its limitless AI capabilities, it simplifies and optimizes time-consuming marketing tasks. This includes ad creation, content generation, and social media management.

But that’s not all—Practina’s Gallery AI feature allows you to generate personalized content for your social channels effortlessly. Simply capture images or videos of your business in action, upload them, and let Gallery AI work its magic. It generates captions, suggests perfect hashtags, and handles scheduling—all in one go.

Moreover, Practina offers multilingual support, enabling you to expand your reach by generating content in multiple languages. That’s not all, explore all of Practina’s features here.

The best part? Practina accomplishes what expensive marketing agencies do, all at a fraction of the cost.

2. Copy.AI

This well-rounded tool offers multiple tools and templates, guiding users through the process of content creation for ads, social media posts, landing pages, blogs, and so on.’s output is commendable for short and long-form content. You can even personalize sales emails using this AI tool.

3. Jasper.AI

Formerly known as Jarvis, this tool has created excitement in the SaaS community. It’s a unique AI tool for content creation—both long and short form. You can generate PPC copies, blogs, social posts, and more. offers an assortment of templates for more extensive assets like eBooks and video scripts, for instance. Jasper integrates with other tools, but it’s chargeable.

This tool is a strong option for several reasons, but the pricing can be a barrier for some.

4. Writersonic

Another AI content creation tool, Writersonic, allows you to create content of all lengths. It comes with all the bells and whistles, like SEO tools integration, multi-language support, access to new features, and more. 

The tool allows you to choose from different settings for the output, and the pricing changes accordingly.

5. Rytr

If you exclusively work with short-form content, Rytr is a good tool. It lets you generate text for emails, social media posts, PPC campaigns, and other smaller assets. 

Rytr generates blog outlines and sections, but you can’t use it to write an entire blog. Still, this tool has some powerful features, such as a built-in plagiarism checker, multiple languages support, and different tones of voice.

6. Copysmith

This AI tool offers similar features as others. You can generate short-form copies for landing pages, emails, product descriptions, and blog post outlines.

Copysmith is a better alternative to Rytr if you don’t need to generate long-form content. 

7. Marketmuse

This content generator won’t write content for you. Are you surprised that this tool made it on the list? At times, you’ll want a tool that helps you plan and optimize the content you are producing.

MarketMuse builds SEO-driven content outlines and gives you keywords, headings, semantically related keywords, and other corresponding factors. The tool’s suggestions are data-supported for higher ranking on Google.

8. Grammarly

Every content marketer knows about this AI tool since it helps keep your content error-free. Of course, it uses AI to improve your text-based content. It offers suggestions based on regional spelling and tone of voice. It also shares the meanings of words when you click on them.

Moreover, it has a plagiarism checker, ensuring you have a hundred percent unique content. Another good aspect of Grammarly is that it integrates with most tools you use daily. This AI editing assistant makes everyone’s life easy.

9. Prepostseo

There are many content creation tools that perform specific functions, but if you are looking for an all-in-one solution, then Prepostseo is for you. This is not just a single tool but a content optimization toolkit. It houses over 95 tools, some of which are solely concerned with enhancing content quality. 

This platform provides solutions for improving readability, correcting grammar, detecting/removing plagiarism, and much more. Sure, there are other tools of similar nature, but what makes Prepostseo different is that it provides all these services at once. 

Which AI Content Creation Tool Is Right For Me?

It’s important to remember that one right option for someone may not be the same for another. You’ll want a mix of tools working in tandem to supplement human creativity. Based on our list, you should use a tool that best fits your requirements.

If you want to use just one AI digital marketing assistant that can do it all for you, try Practina. It’s simple, affordable, efficient, and all-inclusive.

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