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Elon Musk-led Twitter has been shaking the verification system for quite a while. They are mere checkmarks, but they hold a lot of relevance. Being verified on Twitter is more of a status symbol now, making your account more authentic and a magnet to attract followers. 

What difference can it make to your account?

  • It makes way for accountability and stability.
  • The recognition even builds trust among the Twitter community.
  • The verification helps you keep track of Twitter analytics.
  • It also leads to making a mark on other sites.
  • Authenticity prevents Twitter identity theft.
  • It makes networking strong with the influencers.
  • This process builds your rapport as an industry leader.

Who can get a verification label on Twitter?

You would be mistaken if you assumed that anyone could obtain Twitter verification. Twitter claims to have employed several individuals to manage applications, although they are time-constrained. Twitter states that candidates for verification must be notable, authentic, and active, implying that those chosen are influential community members who frequently tweet.

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In addition, Twitter will only authenticate users in some sectors. This restriction enables them to concentrate on those who play essential roles in public policy or are well-known in the larger community. Each of these groups requires knowledge of the Twitter verification process. The following six categories of significant accounts are eligible for verification checkmarks.

  • Government

The representatives of government can be local, regional, and national. The mayor is entitled to get verified, not just the governor or head of state. Additionally, government accounts could serve as ambassadors for a specific organization, such as the Department of Defense (DOD) or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

  • News Organizations and Journalists

Reporting can be like an American frontier at times. People tend to present themselves as someone else when discussing current events because all kinds of individuals want to share their opinions. Even worse, some people might pose as journalists to suppress them. Verification is adequate because managing reputation and public relations can be challenging on social media. These people need to start understanding how to become verified on Twitter if they don’t know how.

  • Companies, Brands, and Nonprofit Organizations

None of these belong to the private sector. Instead, there are corporate organizations with a stake in maintaining their reputation. The corporation above them must preserve, as well as the voice of the subsidiary brands. Nonprofits must also prevent unauthorized individuals from speaking on their behalf. Twitter’s verification of corporate accounts is crucial to safeguard everyone’s interests.

  • Sports and Esports

It’s important to note that Twitter has incorporated electronic sports into this list. Traditional sports require verification. Esports is a subculture. Esports is a particular type of organized video game competition. Competitions can be team-based or solo, depending on the situation. Therefore, Twitter is putting them in the eligibility for verification.

  • Entertainment

These are your prominent figures and emerging celebrities. If they are well-known in the entertainment industry, they most likely fall under this heading. For instance, Paris Hilton and actor Harrison Ford fall within this category. However, C-list names are also included.

  • Activists, Organizers, and Other Influential Individuals

Twitter describes this group as movers and shakers at the grassroots level. Activists and organizers frequently stir up a lot of controversies, which draws a lot of trolls. You must be curious to know if macro and mega influencers are called influential influencers. If so, we marketers may benefit much from them.

How to apply for Twitter verification?

To apply for verification on Twitter, you can follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Go to the “Settings and privacy” section.
  3. Select “Account” from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on “Verification request” under the “Verification” section.
  5. Complete the verification form by providing your full name, profile picture, profile bio, and other information as requested.
  6. Attach any required documentation to prove your identity and your account’s authenticity.
  7. Submit your verification request.


Twitter reserves the right to verify accounts at its sole discretion and may deny verification requests for various reasons, such as if your account is inactive, violates Twitter’s policies, or lacks a significant presence.

What do blue, gold, and gray ticks mean?

Twitter has now introduced new verification badges in the form of changed ticks’ colors: blue, gold, and gray. Three of them have relevance. 

The reformed blue one allows people to pay $8 monthly to verify their accounts. Earlier, fake accounts could get those checkmarks for free, impersonating public figures and brands. Musk’s subscription service came as a rescue for many to guard their authenticity and identity. The change especially aims at tightening the review process and preventing imposters.

Above all, Twitter is attempting to prevent system abuse with the new verification mechanism. 


What do these check marks indicate?

  • Blue Tick

With a monthly cost of $8 for web and Android users and $11 for iOS users, Twitter Blue is a subscription service that gets users a Blue Tick of verification. In addition to being able to edit tweets after they have been posted, Twitter Blue subscribers get access to features that aren’t available to regular users.

According to Twitter, blue-tick subscribers would see fewer ads and have access to longer, higher-quality content they could post and view. 

(Available in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom).

  • Gold Tick

Additionally, on verified business accounts, Twitter is replacing the word “official” with a gold checkmark.

Marvel Entertainment, Xbox, and Sony are among the first few accounts to receive a gold tick. More information available on the prices of this gold tick is awaited.

  • Gray Tick

While the blue tick stands for individuals and the gold tick for corporations, the gray tick stands for government accounts. This indicates that shortly, the gray tick rather than the blue tick will appear next to the account handles of government organizations.

Twitter verification FAQs

Is there any ID submission required during the verification process?

The quick response is no. Besides government-issued IDs, Twitter says you can also use an official website that directly references your Twitter account or an official email address with a domain related to the category you select for identity verification.

As a result, the verification process is made simpler for corporate and brand accounts. The ID must belong to an authorized representative if necessary for these accounts. Thus, Twitter will need to decide whether a user is authorized, which has the potential to become complex.

How long will Twitter take to get back to me?

Twitter claims a few weeks due to the human assessment of each request. Additionally, they warn that they may stop accepting new applications if the backlog grows too large. This second factor makes it crucial that you only apply if you believe you’ll be eligible. Having stated that it’s essential to keep the worth of Twitter verification.

How will I get to know if I got verified or not?

They will contact you through your registered email address and an in-app notice. You’ll be able to keep a copy of their response for your records in this method. They’ll also explain the issue if you receive a rejection notice. 

What happens if I get rejected?

Like Instagram, you have 30 days to reapply from the day you received your rejection notice. Although we wouldn’t advise flooding Twitter with requests. It also implies that you can attempt again when your fan base expands if you’re an influencer who still needs more followers.

The bottom line

Twitter verification gives your organization or business an edge. It aims to expand your reach and increase relevance in people’s minds. 

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