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Social media marketing plays a crucial role in the success of businesses today. If you’re a beauty brand that cares about growth and success, you should consider having a solid cosmetic marketing plan to grow faster.

Social media has the power to transform your small beauty brand into a big one. However, you should know where your clients are, what they want, and how you can show up on their feeds.

This blog discusses social media marketing methods for beauty brands to grow. A proper strategy can help you stand out and ensure your target audience finds your beauty business online. 

Growth on social media

Even small beauty brands can leverage social media with a suitable plan in hand.

  • You can engage with your followers and potential clients via social media channels.
  • It’s an efficient and cost-effective strategy to raise awareness about your products.
  • It’s a practical approach to building a brand and customer relationships.

However, not everyone has the technical knowledge to succeed on social media. To ensure your beauty business is on the right track, you must choose the right social media platforms for marketing. 

The beauty industry entirely depends on visual content. So you can make the most of your marketing efforts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and similar platforms like these. Such social media sites have the tools you need for effective marketing. They include video content, images, posts, stories, and live feeds.

Since social media is such a big world of marketing, there are social media management tools to help. You don’t have to go from one tab to another to share your content if you automate your social media with software like Practina.

Ways to promote your beauty business on social media.

To make it easier for you, we’ve listed some of the best ways to promote your beauty business on social media.

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1. On-brand and recognizable content

The social media profile for your company is not a distinct, independent entity. Therefore, everything you post should be consistent with your brand’s identity.

On-brand content is the one that aligns with the company’s values, mission statement, and vision. It has to be consistent with the company’s overall message and image. Besides, recognizable content is easily memorable to the target audience. 

On-brand and recognizable content
Image Source: Paint Box

Both on-brand and recognizable content are essential for building a strong brand and creating a positive image in the minds of followers and potential customers.

Similarly, by establishing a consistent method of presenting your products and services on social media, you can benefit from the force of habit. Even if your followers don’t interact with your content all the time, they’ll still know you from your brand and instinctively prioritize it.

2. Bring value to your audience

Give users a reason to click the ‘Follow’ button in the first place. Doing this can convert them into loyal followers, customers, and brand promoters.

Getting more followers and engagement on social media is relatively easy for well-known beauty brands. 

However, the challenge arises for small businesses that haven’t yet established themselves in the beauty industry. Local beauty brands and smaller companies must frequently persuade users to follow them on social media by adding value to their posts.

Image Source: Bowiesalon

You can add educational content to your social media plan to make your posts more valuable. This strategy can help you achieve your target in one shot:

  • You can create compelling content that might go viral. This can provide your company with a ton of online exposure. 
  • You can increase your credibility by demonstrating your subject-matter knowledge.

Even if you don’t share educational posts, you must still ensure that all your social media content is meaningful to your target audience. 

3. Maintain balance in posts

Balancing serious posts with fun ones can help keep your social media content exciting and engaging for followers. Mixing in lighthearted and humorous content can also humanize your brand and create a more relatable and approachable image.

You may use entertaining content to gain more visibility on social media and spread awareness about your beauty business.

Here’s some advice on that:

  • For instance, if you are a salon, don’t be afraid to share a few ‘oh no’ memes, telling your followers that events like these never happen with you.
  • Make sure you are familiar with the meme culture and know the exact meaning of every trending meme. Avoid using old jokes that are no longer funny or can be offensive to some.

4. User-generated content (UGC)

Ask your customers to share photos of themselves fresh out of an appointment or using your products. They should tag your brand in their posts so you can reshare them. Instagram’s ‘Add Yours’ sticker can help even better share user-generated content.  

Image Source: Naimies

Spice up your UGC with excellent storytelling for this strategy. Add details with every picture of a finished hairstyle or nail design and the occasion people were getting ready for. Users love associating themselves with stories’ characters, so give them a chance to do so!

5. Transformation process content

The beauty industry focuses on appearances. No matter how much you or your clients talk about your salon, potential customers will want to look at the visual evidence on social media. 

Ensure you have plenty of pictures and videos of your work, which you can share with all the details. Seems like a lot of work? Practina can make it easy! Using the Practina app, you can click pictures and upload them, which Practina will then turn into stunning posts and publish for you. It’s as easy as it gets.

6. Behind the scenes

Social media platforms allow you to engage with your audience more deeply and demonstrate who you are and what you stand for. They are not just another channel for lead generation.

Sharing behind-the-scenes content can be the best practice for your beauty business. It gives customers a glimpse into the company’s inner workings and builds trust and credibility. 

Your BTS content can include-

  • Making of products.
  • Preparation for services.
  • Staff’s day at work.
  • Events.
  • Backstage at a performance.

Sharing behind-the-scenes content can increase your brand’s credibility. It shows users the care and attention that goes into the brand. It can also create a sense of transparency and authenticity.


Hopefully, the tips shared can help your beauty business grow and attract new customers. As mentioned, all your efforts, if inconsistent, may not bring the kind of results you are looking for.

Many beauty business owners prefer using this social media marketing app called Practina. It automatically creates and publishes engaging content for your social media and runs targeted ads on Google and Facebook to improve your beauty brand’s reach.

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