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Have a difficult time bringing in new patients? These tips are sure to help you get more patients through the doors of your practice.

There was a time when many wondered how to grow a dental practice with social media marketing, but these days, the dental industry’s digital presence is increasing more than ever. A majority of dentists are including social media as a part of marketing themselves on a wider scale. 

Despite having a social media presence, however, many successful dentists may not be aware of the right approach to using social media marketing. This blog lists the five most effective social media marketing ideas for dentists that you can use to attract more patients.

According to statistics, the dental market size was worth $15.57 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach $30.59 billion by 2027. This clearly shows that the demand for dental services is growing immensely, and better services and facilities are required. This also explains that dentists must market themselves more effectively across various social media platforms for better recognition and awareness. 

As previously mentioned, merely creating social media accounts is not enough to achieve success and growth. 

Why is it so important for dentists to have an effective social media marketing strategy?

There are additional steps to take for effective dental marketing. A study conducted on 18,000 individuals found that 60% of the participants were suffering from anxiety and dental fear, while 4% said they’d never visited a dentist. 

While many factors are the causes of dental anxiety among the public, there’s also a lot of ignorance prevalent in the wider population around the topic of dental care.

Since social media marketing can reach more people than traditional advertising methods, it is more relevant for dentists to use its far-reaching abilities to make people aware of oral healthcare benefits.

With a proper social media marketing approach, dentists can spread information about the ease with which people can access their services to calm their anxieties related to dental care.

It is time to make your social media efforts more fruitful with strong post ideas to get you ahead of the competition.

1. Feature staff and employees on your social media:

Social media marketing helps build trust and strong relationships with probable customers or existing patients. Undeniably, they interact the most with the staff members or the employees at your clinic.

You can feature your employees on your social media to interact directly with your followers. Let some of your staff members curate content for your page for particular days or occasions.

This can reinstate a sense of trust among your followers while your employees spread positive and honest word-of-mouth about your dental clinic. This human touch is very important to come across as an authentic source for the audience. 

In your posts, you can ask your followers about what topic they would like to discuss, or what they would like to know regarding dental hygiene and services. For example, if they pick the topic “myths about veneers,” one of your dental experts can create or share content around this topic through posts, videos lives, and so on.

This experiment can tell you a lot about what kind of content your followers like to see and how informed they are about various topics related to dental services. 

You can share posts on your social media page in the future to get more engagement from your audience. You can even create ads to target those individuals specifically looking for veneer services. 

2. Invest more in targeted ads:

Targeted ads have shown to be twice as effective as non-targeted ads, which means they ensure your brand is visible to the specific category of people who are looking for your services. This is more effective than placing an ad in the local newspaper, where the reach is far less. 

Simply running an ad campaign and defining certain details such as income, demographics, or interests of your target audience, you can achieve sizeable results. Creating targeted ads is an essential part of social media marketing for dentists to have greater reach and more engagement.

You can launch Smart Ads with Practina, an automated social media management tool targeting ideal patients using key demographics. In just a few minutes, you can create ads to reach your target audience, connecting you with more patients (and inevitably, more walk-ins).

3. Experiment with video content:

It is estimated that mobile traffic will see a growth of 50% annually by the year 2022. This means that more video content should be included on your social media accounts.

Many dentists are already creating videos for brand recognition, but the content is not limited to that alone. It is about creating a virtual community that follows you with intention.

Start experimenting with your video content. Include your services creatively in videos that are generally trending across all social media platforms. Keep the voice of the content in your videos personal and empathetic. 

Tutorials, DIYs, Q&As, and Lives, are some of the most viewed video content styles. Videos can encourage your audience to be more open to communicating with you.

You can create videos on the correct way to brush and floss, or create informative videos about the latest dental techniques and tools used by the best dentists around the world, and that you offer such services at your clinic. 

Facebook videos, Instagram Reels, and YouTube videos are some of the most popular platforms for video content that can bring about meaningful results.

4. Boost reviews and testimonials:

Reviews and testimonials are not a new concept, and many dentists share them to reassure their audience about their services. It is the best way to convince them about your dental brand. You can boost your customer reviews across your social media accounts and include video testimonials for better response and engagement. 

Your reviews can also include before and after pictures of treatment given to a patient, and their testimonial about the experience at your clinic. Once your audience sees this, such referrals can promote your brand and its services, assuring people to walk into your clinic.

Practina is one intelligent social media marketing tool for dentists that selects your best reviews from Yelp and Google My Business to automatically post on your social media accounts.

5. Talk about offline campaigns and collaborations:

Set up campaigns with the help of other dental experts, or collaborate with community groups and sponsors that organize camps to help out those who need them.

You can create an event calendar and announce your collaboration on social media. Once the event has taken place, you can post photos and videos to your social media, and even tag relevant people from the event so you can reach a larger audience.

This can help you build brand value, improve your ratings online, and convince more people to visit your clinic. 

Social media marketing should be done the right way.

Create a free account with Practina, a powerful system that takes care of social media management for dentists. Enjoy a full suite of features focused on automatically managing your social media accounts and attracting more customers, while you focus on what you do best.

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