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Some hold the notion that social media marketing only benefits a specific set of businesses and industries, but this is incorrect. 

The basic idea behind social media marketing is to help any business, organization, or individual gain exposure on the social front in the virtual world so that their audience learns directly from them about their services, products, and other related information. 

It’s not a lost cause, considering that studies estimate almost four billion users exist on social media today. This means that giving it a try can boost your business in a noticeable way.

Since many consider accounting to be one of the most confusing topics, accounting firms and tax preparers are likely to have a huge impact on their target audience by offering clear, informative, and credible content through social media marketing.

Practina will ensure your accounting business reaches the right audience at the right time.

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As an accountant, here’s what’s in it for you and your brand when you implement social media marketing practices:

1. Reach more potential clientele:

According to a study by Global Web Index, about 54% of users search for products or services on social media platforms, proving the necessity of having a social media presence for your accounting business.

The vast world of social media provides the opportunity for businesses to reach a massive audience. This allows prospective clients to easily find your business with greater visibility and help you retain existing clients as well.

With an intelligent social media marketing platform, you can automatically post and schedule across your social media, especially around tax time, to create more awareness and reach the potential audience who are seeking guidance.

2. Develop a stronger relationship with your customer base:

Social media marketing can come across as a frivolous way of selling a product or service. However, it is important to understand that businesses build an online community for an effective and stronger connection with their audience. 

By actively interacting with your followers, you can produce better results in terms of client conversion and overall business performance. 

Social media marketing is not merely about posting content, but potential clients respond better to businesses that participate in audience conversations, react to tags, and engage with their audience.

This sense of authenticity can set businesses apart from their competitors.

3. Become recognized as a knowledge center for potential clientele and taxpayers:

By creating captivating content related to accounting and taxation, you can become a reliable source for taxpayers who wish to clear up any misunderstandings they have.

With constant interaction with followers, it is easy to figure out the type of content they desire. 

By creating polls, asking questions, and creating discussions, businesses can easily identify and plan the kind of content they produce. Responding quickly to the needs of your audience will differentiate you from the competition.

Businesses can also post regarding the latest developments in the industry or related to taxation norms. This will help potential customers see that you care about them by wanting to keep them informed, which can very easily place your business as one of the top performers in the accounting community present on social media.

4. Produce more leads for your business at a lower cost:

In comparison with the costs incurred for traditional marketing and advertising, the cost of social media marketing is far more reasonable. 

Social media marketing gives you the ability to directly connect with potential clients by eliminating the middleman and cutting down on miscellaneous costs otherwise spent on gathering data in traditional methods.

One of the biggest benefits of using social media as a marketing tool is that you have the power to alter or remove any advertisement or post whenever you want. Try doing the same with a newspaper ad, flyer, or billboard, and you’ll see that you’re unable to.

The return on investment (ROI) on a social media ad is almost instant. With the help of analytics, you can easily gauge if your social media content is generating leads as per your expectations.

Social media advertising tools like Practina can generate leads for your business and has already for many others at a much lower cost per lead.

5. Team up with other industry professionals in accounting:

Social media marketing for accountants or any accounting firm is not limited to connecting with just the clientele, but it also includes peers and other industry leaders in the conversation.

You can establish yourself by paving the way for other accounting professionals to join hands with you, so you can educate your virtual audience in various ways. 

By teaming with other professionals, you can do live video calls featuring experts in your network to discuss complex topics related to accounting and taxation. This will draw a lot of attention and appreciation from your audience for your business. 

Final note:

Accounting professionals must be able to resonate with their audience through the content published on their social media, set up campaigns that are aligned with the demands of their audience, and use their marketing budget in the most effective way.

In order to see conclusive results from your social media, businesses cannot ignore the importance of consistency. This can be seen through regular posting, matching the schedule of your target audience.

Social media marketing & management tools like Practina create and schedule content for accountants specifically, and post across social media automatically for ease. See what Practina can do for your business by signing up for this account today.

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