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Nothing is certain when it comes to the future of AI. It wasn’t even a serious point of contention up until late last year.  Now all of a sudden, it’s one of the major talking points this year.

Product descriptions nonetheless, have been around for a while. They help set the tone of what online shoppers can expect from your product. Crafting product descriptions that uniquely explain your product to differentiate from competition with limited words is no small task.

It’s a creative process that requires time and effort and you can find many freelancers that charge heavy sums for creating it. The introduction of AI into the fold is dead set on making this a time-saving process. Take a glimpse into the future as I use AI tools to paint a picture of what writing product descriptions with AI will be like.

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Typical Product Description Ingredients

The written elements of a product description include:

Ø Product Title

Ø Product Description

Ø Key Features

Ø Benefits

Ø Call-to-action

Ø Running Ads

I didn’t include image or technical optimization options although even their future is looking very exciting with AI. I will focus on these elements to help you understand how you can leverage AI tools to perfect each element.

AI Tools For Product Title

You’ll only get one chance to make a strong impression, make it count. The product title contains the name of your product and a slogan to go along with it. Sounds like a simple affair, but it’s anything but that.

A product title needs to be clear, and concise, and contain relevant information, related keywords, action verbs, and some creativity to go along with everything. The slogan part is what most people struggle with and there are plenty of AI product title generators to speed up this process.

Ahrefs has a free AI product name generator that takes no time to come up with a product name after you’ve provided the details.

AI Tools For Product Title


As for the slogan, Zyro can create a slogan based on a keyword or two that you input. It’s very simple for it just like this:

Slogan generator

AI Tools For Product Description

Arguably the hardest part of the whole thing. Not just because you have to come up with creative ways of describing the product, but also to keep the length in check. You have to reel it back in and choose the parts that you feel describe the product the best.

This can turn into a cumbersome affair if you don’t get on top of this quickly. Freelance writers don’t have that much time and they won’t wait that long. They’d much prefer an AI tool that will pick the best parts of the description for them like this summarizing tool below:

AI Tools For Product Description

AI Tools For Product Features

No stone should be left unturned when listing product features. Mention the dimensions, color, shapes, technical details, and everything in between. Anything that represents your product in a better light than your competitors should go on here.

For product features generation, you may use the services of one AISEO. You know a tool is going to be great when it has AI in its name. Below are the key features that it generated based on simple inputs from my end.

AI Tools For Product Features

AI Tools For Product Benefits

If you can’t convey the benefits of a product properly then what is this all about? Explain the benefits the product will provide to customers. Explain how it will solve their problems and what needs it will fulfill. The most important one is presenting the unique value proposition for your product.

Curating product benefits is a very delicate matter. A benefit mis-explained here, a benefit misinterpreted there and you have a disaster on your hands that is your fault alone. Sharing the right product benefits requires the right AI paraphrasing tool.

An AI paraphrasing tool will opt for the best words, cohesion, concision, and flow to describe the product benefits. You can see below how the AI tool spells out the benefits unambiguously.

AI Tools For paraphrasing tool

AI Tools For Call-To-Action

With the accurate information conveyed, it’s time to hook curious people into buying the product with a call-to-action. A good CTA will entice the readers into making the purchase. It will be persuasive.

I can’t think of a better AI persuasion tool in this case than Chat GPT. OpenAI’s magnum opus can write whole product descriptions when prompted to, but it wouldn’t be fair to other AI tools. At least this way you know what various AI tools are capable of in the right hands.

AI Tools For Call-To-Action

AI Tool For Running Product Ads

After listing all the tools that can help you create good product descriptions, titles, and benefits, here’s one that can help you run ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram without having to do it all by yourself. 

Practina - AI Tool For Running Product Ads

Practina is an AI-powered digital marketing tool that generates Google ad copies and ad creatives in minutes. You can see below how the tool helps you create full ads without having to go through the ordeal of writing ad copies, designing creatives, or hiring ad specialists. 

Concluding Thoughts

I have comprehensibly stated and illustrated the various AI tools at present that you can utilize to create great product descriptions in minutes. The tools in this list will only notice an uphill trend in terms of quality in the future. Gone are the days when writing production descriptions required extra effort, now it’s just effort.

The choice is simple

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