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Gen Z or Zoomers are more likely to describe their mental health as fair or poor, with 37 percent identifying with that description.

The first digital natives are barely 21 and highly stressed. Today’s news, politics, climate change, and cultural issues impact Zoomers, accounting for 27 percent of the U.S. population, approximately 72 million people. Besides, the oldest members of this new generation of consumers are turning 25, representing over 140 billion in spending power. 

Zoomers are the harbingers of change as they grow more financially independent. They are beginning to use their collective spending power to choose healthcare options that fit their lifestyle and ethics. Read how you can strategize your healthcare marketing efforts to target them and gain their trust.

Gen Z Consumers: What’s on their minds and how to reach them

Gen Z Consumers

Zoomers are negatively impacted by everything, from mass shootings to assault reports and sexual harassment. Despite being stressed, Zoomers are wise and aware of mental health problems. That’s why they are more open to discussing it or asking for help. So there’s hope for this generation of people.

As a healthcare provider, you need to strategically customize your marketing tactics to attract this generation’s attention. You can connect with and nurture Zoomers into lifetime consumers by showing them that you understand their issues and want to offer the best care.

Zoomers are the first generation born into a world with the Internet. They spend a lot of time online, are not bound by location or time, and expect their healthcare experiences to be digital too. So mobile access is everything to make your healthcare marketing successful when targeting Gen Z.

Zoomers like to indulge in snackable, high-impact content like videos, making YouTube the single most popular video platform. They also heavily rely on social media and online reviews to get updates and health information.

Zoomers Are Digital Natives — Traditional Marketing Won’t Make The Cut

Traditional Marketing

Social media, smartphones, and apps require minimal human interaction, making them the most preferred mode of service transactions for Gen Z. They are more likely to go for doctor consultations virtually or seek medical advice via social media. 

Now keeping this in mind, you must focus on social media marketing if you want to be the go-to healthcare provider for Zoomers.

Seven Ways To Nail Healthcare Marketing When Targeting Gen Z

Branding and marketing

1. Gain their trust by being real.

Researchers at McKinsey and Company suggest that the search for truth is at the root of all Zoomers’ behavior.

Gen Z consumers care about a brand’s reputation and consider it a significant deciding factor before associating with one. They don’t shy away from paying a premium for customized offerings to brands that embrace causes close to their hearts.

To gain their trust, you must show what your healthcare brand stands for and its purpose. Moreover, Zoomers are more than willing to stop buying from scandalous brands.

Transparency can manifest in several ways in healthcare marketing, including:

  • Having a responsive website
  • Offering price transparency
  • Stating your vision, mission, and values 
  • Developing empathetic content with an emotional connection
  • Reliable branding

2. Understand what the new definition of consumption means.

Figuring out what consumption means for this generation is a critical aspect of healthcare marketing. Zoomers consider consumption as access instead of possession and a matter of ethical concern.

According to McKinsey, consumption involves evaluating a broad range of information before purchasing for Gen Z. A website offering a wealth of expert information on healthcare helps them do just that.

Other than that, Zoomers view consumption as having access to products and services but not necessarily owning them. By offering memberships and subscriptions, you can find success in attracting more Zoomers’ attention.

3. Personalize your digital marketing to fit each channel.

You can’t think of reaching this generation of consumers without focusing on digital in your healthcare marketing strategy. 

A comprehensive digital marketing plan includes social media, display advertising, content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, reputation management, and more. 

Besides, tailor-make your messages for each channel to impact Zoomers. Try diving deeper into how you should create customized content that will appeal to Gen Z. You can also use social media marketing software to automate healthcare marketing if you don’t have the time for this.

4. Collaborate with healthcare influencers to start strong.

Influencer partnership is the most direct and effective way of reaching Gen Z. They are more likely to purchase based on recommendations from trusted influencers. In fact, peer influencers are far more appealing to Zoomers than celebrities. Although mega and macro-influencers (500,000 followers) offer the most visibility, people pay more attention to what their close connections recommend. And then, there are nano and micro-influencers (5,000 to 20,000 followers) with a greater effect on an individual’s purchasing decisions.

5. Scrutinize consumer personas well.

Scrutinize consumer personas well

Other than being more open-minded and accepting, almost 50 percent of Zoomers are minorities. They are likely to become the largest, most ethnically diverse generation in the history of America. It highlights that the same messaging won’t resonate with all Zoomers. So dig deeper into the demographics and target audience data to personalize messaging and reach diverse segmented groups. You can’t post the same message for all your marketing platforms, which can be a waste of time and effort.

6. Always stay accessible.

Always stay accessible

For healthcare providers marketing to Gen Z, treating patients as partners in their care is essential. Conversations and interactions online greatly influence their decisions. Easy accessibility to physicians via text or social media has proven to build a trusting relationship with younger patients.

7. Build a strong presence on social media.

Build a strong presence on social media

Social media appeals to Gen Zers, and if all of them are there, why not leverage the power of social networks to your advantage? 

Healthcare social media marketing is one of the most powerful platforms to target and impress Zoomers, but it also requires time, consistency, and expertise. Using social media marketing software like Practina can reduce most of your burden while delivering incredible results for your healthcare practice.

Social media automation with Practina can give you the power to create an impact on the lives of Zoomers. Practina can consistently build your social presence and help gain the trust of Gen Z users. They’ll likely consider you a one-point reference to get answers for their health woes.

Practina’s several features can take your healthcare social media marketing to the next level. Again, its innovative AI system can tick all the points on your marketing checklist to make a difference in the way you connect with patients.

While other ai social media marketing tools only allow you to schedule posts, Practina creates and automatically publishes them across all your accounts. Social media is the way to win healthcare marketing when you want all the attention from Zoomers.

Moving Forward

Gen Z is a promising generation that believes in giving a chance to healthcare providers that seem to fit their idea of ethical practices. They live in a fast-paced and distracting world, so your marketing concepts must be bold and effective to grab their attention. Plus, you must be consistent with your posts and online interaction. 
If you want your healthcare practice to dominate the area and get more Zoomers coming in for consultations, sign up with Practina today.

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