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Social media acts as a powerful tool to spread awareness about your brand online, no matter the industry. Check out this blog on how to empower your lifestyle and wellness brand with stylized, result-driven social media marketing strategies! 

With the total number of active social media users now at 3.96 billion—which is almost half of the global population—having a well planned social media strategy is a must for brands, regardless of their industries. 

If you are not making use of this huge and expanding advertising space, you are already losing a lot of business to your competitors.

Social Media Marketing for Lifestyle and Wellness Brands

Do you own a med spa? Work at a healing center? Planning to set up a yoga class? The beauty of social media lies in the fact that it works for every industry!

Studies suggest 90% of businesses agree that social media led to an increase in their business exposure. 66% of marketers who spent more than 6 hours per week on social media say they got more leads.

The power of social media for your wellness center has no limits! When used right, it can help you grow your brand and develop life-long client loyalty.

Furthermore, there is a surge in the demand for products and services that help people stay healthy, look beautiful, and feel good about themselves. After all, everyone loves a good self-care routine, so the chances of your business succeeding in the online world are high.

But creating a foolproof marketing strategy can be challenging, and there are multiple potential pitfalls you need to avoid.

The good news is, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter don’t require you to have a million-dollar marketing budget. All you need to promote your lifestyle and wellness business on social media is creativity and an understanding of who your target audience is. To have a detailed understanding of your target audience, you’ll need to know their preferences, demographics, and online behaviors to come up with the best marketing techniques.


We love helping health, and wellness brands navigate social media like a pro, so they can help people lead a healthy lifestyle and grow at the same time. Below we have put together seven successful marketing strategies for lifestyle and wellness brands.

7 Successful Strategies for Marketing Your Wellness Business on Social Media

1: Know Your Target Audience

Start with social listening to understand your audience and learn what they need and expect from your lifestyle and wellness brand. Consider incorporating tools to track conversations in your industry, trending topics, most searched keywords, and any major competitors. Once you collect the data, use it to customize your social media marketing strategy.

2: Build Authenticity

The lifestyle and wellness industry has seen more than 20% growth over the last five years. But the diversity of its marketing techniques has hardly increased or improved. It’s difficult to distinguish so many brands by their messages, offers, or imagery used—which is why your brand needs to give a twist to your social media approach in order to stand out from the competition.

Make sure your brand story, vision, and values are reflected in all actions and decisions you make. People don’t want to deal with businesses that barely attempt to interact or connect with them.

3: Implement the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is a crucial step in every brand strategy. It’s an opportunity for your brand to engage your audience and build a genuine human connection. If you’re a product-based wellness business, you likely provide a transformative experience for your clients. Why not showcase your brand’s real voice by including your audience to give it a more personal touch?

You can even share a client’s success story to tell the audience how your lifestyle or wellness brand can potentially change an important aspect of their lives. A few examples could be before and after transformations, testimonies, or video reviews.

4: Choose Your Platforms Wisely

Social media is no longer just limited to Facebook. There are now multiple platforms to plan, and execute your targeted social media strategy.

Just entered the social media realm? Choose a few major platforms first and practice before going on a broader level.

Some social channels are ideal for video content, such as Instagram or YouTube, while others are more favorable for text-based posts like Twitter. Facebook is an effective platform for both styles of content.

Take some time to research the platforms your target audience is most active on and start right there!

Keeping a check on your competitors, similar businesses, and industry pioneers can help learn what and where they’re posting.

Social media users worldwide

According to the graph,

  • People post more than 500 million Tweets daily
  • Over 95 million photos and videos have been uploaded to Instagram
  • Facebook’s users liked more than 4.5 billion posts on the platform

So what do these stats tell us?

It’s clear that marketing strategies are changing, and social media is emerging as the biggest player!

5: Offer Valuable, Engaging Content

People search for information online that grabs their attention and is easily accessible. Choosing what content to publish on your social platforms as a lifestyle and wellness business can change how effective your social media marketing is.

Maintain a balance between promotional and informative posts while planning your daily/weekly/monthly content calendars. Are you focusing on providing information to your audience? Are you concerned about inspiring people? Do you want to build relationships with other industry professionals? Taking a look at your content diversity can help you convey your message effortlessly.

You can post tips on certain days while sharing a happy client story around the weekends. You can also strike a balance between text-based and media-based content for maximum engagement.

It’s important to remember, however, that while your end goal is to grow your brand, too much promotion can hinder your results. Plan your social content around trending, interesting topics to appeal to a broader audience.

Can’t dedicate enough time to plan and create engaging content?

Consider using an intelligent social media marketing tool such as Practina that will automatically create, schedule, and publish relevant and customized posts across all of your social channels. You can set your preferences, audience details, and brand information and free your time while the tool handles your social media marketing!

6: Don’t Be Pushy; Focus on Value, Benefits, and Tips

A secret to succeeding as a wellness business is to add value to your products/services. It’s a tried and tested way to build trust with your online audience and have a loyal client base. Show your audience that you care about them and are committed to meeting their expectations. Share useful tips on how they can best use your products, inform them more about the benefits, and respond to their queries. Whichever way you choose, stay informative, yet relatable.

7: Use Images and Videos for Better Engagement

Publishing professional original content can go a long way in helping your brand stand apart from the crowd. Here are a few tips we recommend to use media in your posts:

Create Eye-catching Images.

Use images that follow your industry and are captivating. Avoid any offensive pictures or representations that may hurt people or trigger a negative response. Want to keep your brand theme in mind? Practina can provide you with social media posts crafted just for you using your brand colors, logo, fonts, and any other important branding details! You can even set your preferences to follow the ‘mix and match’ approach by publishing a few brand-specific posts along with regular postings.

Client Highlights, Testimonials, and Success Stories.

People believe in people who share their experiences and honest feedback on social media. So it’s a great opportunity to show off your happy clients and what they say about you through some testimonials or spotlights. You can choose special review templates designed by Practina to make your marketing game stronger and more real.

Use Videos.

The use of videos has grown exponentially in both popularity and usage. It’s all set to rise and no doubt why your wellness business should prioritize it. Videos can reach your audience faster and give them an inside-out tour of your products or services.

PRO Tip: Use Hashtags

Hashtags are great for boosting your online visibility, widening your audience base, and attracting people who still don’t recognize your brand. Use specific, trending, catchy, and searchable hashtags to stay ahead of the race.

You can even use specific hashtags for branding. Just associate a certain term or catchphrase with your company to make it more recognizable and personalized. Make sure you have engaging content to go with brand-specific hashtags or use a smart social media tool, Practina, that can handle your hashtags like a pro.

How Much You Should Spend on Social Media Marketing?

When talking about cost and budget, there are two sides to social media marketing – free or paid.

The free approach of advertising means you need to do it yourself – everything from setting goals, selecting your audience, creating posts, images, ads, and tracking growth. If you can put in time, effort, and gain enough knowledge of social media marketing for your industry, this method can save you loads.

Businesses like yours are already occupied with multi-level management and bottle-necked tasks. It is additionally overwhelming to come up with engaging content, manage ads, and your social accounts at once.

So what if there was a way to automate your digital marketing without spending a lot of money?

Practina is a fast-growing marketing tool that makes social media management simple, automated, and hassle-free. You can beat out the competition and find new clients in your zip code, or reach out to new wellness clients right away.

With regularly scheduled lifestyle and wellness social media posts, your clients are going to remember your brand whenever they need care.

Why Practina?

Be heard. Be seen. Be chosen.

We aim to digitally transform the way lifestyle and wellness brands manage their social media. Our tool:

  • Constantly adapts to understand your preferences, industry, and your clients.
  • Creates posts about the latest trends in the health and wellness industry.
  • Conveys your brand story through customized posts and highlights major products/services.
  • Dedicated to making a difference by helping businesses enjoy a hands-free social media marketing experience.
  • Social media tracking and reporting beyond likes, shares, and comments. Keep a check on leads, manage your ads, plan posts in advance – all in one place!

It’s Time to Get Social!

Now is the time to prioritize social media marketing for your lifestyle and wellness business! Plan your strategy, set goals, sort your content, and focus on your target audience.

While you do what you do best offline, let Practina handle your social media battle! Our all-in-one automated marketing tool will save you time and money, so you can focus on the bigger picture: building your business.

Are you using social media for your wellness business’ marketing needs?

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