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Periodontist marketing has undergone many changes over the years. More dental practices use strategic marketing tactics now to attract patients and improve their revenue. If you want to learn about the best marketing ideas for your dental practice, keep reading. 

Periodontal marketing trends now involve using technology and digital tools such as websites, social media networks, podcasts, and more. Take note of the following tips to elevate your marketing efforts for improved revenue and positioning of your dental practice.

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Four Best Periodontal Marketing Ideas To Increase Your Revenue

1. Promote patient reviews and testimonials

The feedback from your patients is crucial to your dental practice’s success. Positive reviews can help you build a trusting relationship with your new patients. Word-of-mouth marketing can quickly influence and convince potential patients to consider your dental practice for their oral health problems and concerns.

Patient testimonials also strengthen your relationship with your current patients, allowing them to genuinely express their thoughts about their experience at your dental practice.

Asking your patients to write reviews on Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, Yelp, and Google Maps can quickly attract more patients to your dental practice and increase your revenue. 

Use ai marketing tools that can automatically pick your best patient reviews and turn them into interesting social media posts for bigger and better responses for your dental practice.

2. Offer financing options to your patients

Specialty dentistry is a competitive business, and it is all the more challenging to attract patients because of how expensive dental treatments and procedures can be. You can lose a lot of business if you don’t offer affordable dental financing options to your patients, but if you do, you have an edge over your competitors.

Patient financing allows you to finance patients on your own terms, helping you to retain them, attract more new patients, and increase your revenue. 

3. Offer a patient relationship management (PRM) platform

Patient relationship management platforms can give your patients the freedom to book an appointment with you from anywhere and at any time. 

Other benefits include automatic appointment reminders, canceling and rescheduling appointments, tracking the payment history of patients, and more. A PRM platform is an easy way to interact and stay connected with your patients.

4. Build a mobile-friendly website

Most patients use a mobile device to access the internet because it is convenient. Keeping that in mind, build a website that can be easily accessed on mobile phones. 

Launching your own app is even better, which can give you insightful patient data that can be used to improve your future marketing strategy.

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Growing your periodontal practice with Practina is as easy as it can get. This dentist marketing tool is affordable, easy to use, and result-oriented. It can help your periodontic practice connect with your ideal patients before your competitors get to them. 

Practina’s AI technology can automatically create customized posts for your dental practice and publish them to multiple social media accounts at once for maximum exposure on all networks.

Create Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads with Practina and instantly receive the contact information of potential leads interested in your dental services.

In addition, Practina analyzes your posts and ads to help you improve your social media marketing and boost your dental business’s visibility online, which are two critical factors that can impact your revenue.


Marketing for dentists is all about testing and improving strategies and creating a rapport with your patients.

Try out the marketing strategies suggested above alongside Practina’s social media marketing capabilities to take your digital marketing to the next level.

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