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Ever thought about the secret to nailing your online presence? It’s all about audience engagement! Undoubtedly, your audience isn’t just a bunch of random people scrolling through your socials. They are the folks who dig into your posts, share them, and keep waiting for updates about your brand. And indeed, in the future, they can become your loyal customers too. 

Most importantly, when we talk about audience engagement, we need to make posts that improve responsiveness, and creating interactive posts is just the right choice. They are like the magic ingredient that keeps people returning for more. 

Through this blog, you’ll learn:

  • What exactly are interactive posts for social media?
  • What’s the importance of creating them?
  • What are different interactive social media post ideas?
  • How do you create them? 

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What Are Interactive Posts for Social Media?

Interactive posts are digital content created to engage with more audiences and prompt the viewers to take action. What more do they do? Well, they help you understand your customers and how they interact with your business. In other words, they give you insights about your followers and their buying behavior. 

What’s the Buzz About Sharing Two-Way Content on Social Media for Businesses?

Guess what? There’s a staggering number of people on social media—almost 5 billion worldwide, which is over 60% of the entire population. Given the vast audience, businesses must establish their presence on social media, but that’s highly improbable to do with traditional approaches. Besides this, sharing virtually appealing and user-generated content engages more audience. 

Surprisingly, interactive posts get 2X the engagement over static ones.

Here’s why sharing engaging posts matters even more:

  • Improves interaction. 
  • Fosters trust.  
  • Strengthens customer loyalty. 
  • Gathers valuable insights.

Now that you’re aware of the significance of interactive content, let’s delve into approaches for creating it. 

Interactive Post Ideas to Draw in More Audiences

1. Create An Audience Poll 

Polls are a fantastic way to grab attention because they are super easy for people to respond to. 

Create An Audience Poll 

Some ideas for polling your audiences are:

  1. Ask for customer feedback.
  2. Figure out which products your audience loves.
  3. Get your audience involved in making decisions.

For instance, a preference-style poll by Doritos, where people choose their favorite flavor.



Giveaways not only engage your existing audience but also help attract new followers. Moreover, you can use them as a way to build trust with customers. Just create the right strategy to run a giveaway to generate more leads.

When done right, it helps create a community feeling, leading to more likes and followers. Furthermore, when introducing a new product, conducting a giveaway can be valuable to raise awareness.


Looking for ways to create interactive posts with fewer efforts? Memes relevant to your brand will never disappoint you. They are the reflection of contemporary culture and ongoing trends and are visually engaging as well. 


Here’s the rundown of its advantages:

  • Memes are highly shareable and usually evoke strong reactions from audiences. 
  • They allow brands to showcase their personality coupled with their sense of humor. 
  • Creating and sharing memes is comparatively more cost-effective than traditional social media posts.

A study reveals that memes boast a staggering 60% organic engagement rate.



Another interactive social media post idea is to create a quiz. It’s worth noting that before creating a quiz, understand your audience and their interests. However, if you use trending topics for your quiz post, it should be relevant to your business. Besides this, you can also make quizzes for fun, learning, or advertising. They’ve been proven effective for spreading the word about brands, products, or services. 

Live Q&A Sessions

You can create Instagram & Facebook interactive posts by organizing live Q&A sessions.

Live Q&A Sessions

Effective tips to initiate a live Q&A session: 

  • Share the stories a few days before the session to keep the audience in the loop. 
  • Prepare the topics and gather pertinent data.
  • Collect the questions beforehand.
  • Keep the conversation casual. 

Photo Contests

Photo Contests

Reviews and testimonials from customers are vital to build trust. A considerable way to gather them is by asking users to post their photos with your brand. This helps to spread the word to more people. And consequently, it boosts your brand visibility and sales. Also, each user who shares about your products or services on social media becomes a brand ambassador. 

All in all, ask customers to share their experiences about your brand through photos on social media. It can help your brand get noticed by more people and become more popular.

Survey Posts for Collecting Feedback 

Survey Posts for Collecting Feedback 

Gathering feedback from customers is important and you can receive it through an interactive survey post. 

To demonstrate, ask simple questions about your products, services, or how customers feel overall. Instead of asking complex questions, make them short and give options to choose from. Further, look at the answers to see what your brand is doing well and where you can make things better. 

Sharing your Business Story 

Sharing your Business Story 

Another interactive content idea is to tell your business story to the audience. It triggers emotions and conveys why your business exists.

Moreover, carrying out this idea is effective due to the following reasons:

  • You’ll encounter individuals who’ve walked a similar path or resonate deeply with your experiences. 
  • Your story is the cornerstone of your identity, offering insight into your essence to those who engage with it. 
  • It communicates the uniqueness of your brand, that sets you apart from competitors.

Viral Challenges

Viral Challenges

You can upgrade your boring content with highly interactive viral challenges. These kinds of posts often spread rapidly across social media platforms. Plus, folks are more likely to interact with your brand and share their experiences with others. In particular, create challenges that align with your brand identity to reinforce your key messaging and connect with your audience on a deeper level. 

Fill-in-the-Blanks Posts

Fill-in-the-blank posts get a lot of comments and are proof of high engagement. Additionally, these posts help you track customer engagement frequency. Another important thing to consider while making this kind of post is replying to each comment you receive. These one-on-one replies improve your engagement rate.

How Do you Create Engaging Posts for Social Media?

Making creative posts on a day-to-day basis can be challenging, but you can use the following strategies:

  1. Stay current with the latest trends.
  2. Incorporate trending hashtags.
  3. Monitor and manage your content’s performance.
  4. Assess and fine-tune your content strategy.

Creating Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook interactive posts involves embracing a degree of risk-taking to distinguish yourself. However, be careful not to do things that might hurt your goals.


As social media continues to shape buying behavior, businesses must invest in cultivating a robust online presence. To do so, firstly, every business should create interactive posts that resonate with their brand identity. Secondly, they should remain authentic throughout. And, thirdly, always analyze and upgrade their social media strategy. 

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Q: How Can You Create Engaging Posts for Social Media?

A: Here are some tips to help you create engaging social media posts: 

  • Know your audience by understanding their demographics, interests, and preferences. 
  • Create authentic and unique content that resonates with your business.
  • Share tips, tutorials, how-to guides, or industry insights that resonate with your followers. 
  • Maintain a consistent posting schedule to keep your audience engaged and build brand awareness. 
  • Monitor the performance of your posts using analytics tools provided by social media platforms. Pay attention to metrics such as likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates.

Q: What Is an Interactive Facebook Post?

A: An interactive Facebook post is content that encourages active engagement and participation from the audience. Instead of simply presenting information or updates, interactive posts prompt users to take specific actions like liking, commenting, sharing, or clicking on links.

Q: Can Instagram Posts Be Interactive?

A: Yes, Instagram posts can be interactive, and there are several ways to make them engaging. Here are some examples of interactive Instagram posts: 

  • Polls
  • Q&A Stickers
  • Countdown Stickers
  • Swipe Up Links
  • User-Generated Content

Q:What Are Interactive Posts for Social Media? 

A: Interactive posts for social media are types of content designed to actively engage and involve the audience, rather than simply delivering information passively. These posts prompt users to participate, react, or respond in some way, fostering interaction and dialogue. 

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