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In 2024, digital marketing can change significantly due to artificial intelligence (AI). Most marketers think AI will revolutionize the way they create and distribute content. However, a few feel it will change how they target and personalize communications. 

According to Adobe research, conversion rates can increase by 20%, and return on ad spend can increase by 30% with AI-powered programmatic advertising. As AI marketing tools advance, they will likely play a more significant part in digital marketing strategies, assisting companies in campaign optimization and enhancing client understanding.

AI will become more important for organizations to maintain their competitiveness as the field of digital marketing develops. This blog will examine how AI is transforming digital marketing and how it can impact your campaign.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

A technology known as artificial intelligence (AI) enables machines and computers to mimic human behavior and intelligence. Self-driving cars, robots, picture recognition, and natural language processing are all products of AI technology. The future of digital marketing and online advertising is in the hands of AI, which is quickly becoming crucial.

Thanks to AI technology in digital marketing, processes are becoming more efficient. Users can employ AI tools to run effective campaigns that are more precise and targeted. You can use AI to improve customer experience and automate repetitive chores.

For instance, you can use AI for customer segmentation to select the optimal offers and campaigns for each consumer based on their profile and interests. AI also monitors consumer website usage and analyzes the information to understand the needs, desires, and behavior of the users. Then, you can use this information to modify campaigns, make them more efficient, and personalize the material.

In conclusion, AI is a rapidly evolving field that seeks to create machines that can think, learn, and act like humans. 

What is the Connection Between AI and Digital Marketing?

Several facets of the digital marketing process can incorporate AI, including:

1. High-quality and engaging content creation

By utilizing data-driven insights into what works and what doesn’t, AI can give organisations an effective way to produce high-quality content for their marketing initiatives. Using AI tools like Practina, ChatGPT, Paraphraser, and can help you to create successful campaigns with the greatest impact while minimizing time and effort.


2. Precise marketing campaign analysis

Marketing campaign analysis is one of the areas where AI can be highly effective. By using AI tools like Practina, businesses can gain valuable insights into their marketing efforts, such as understanding customer behavior, predicting trends, and optimizing campaigns.

3. Better customer engagement

Businesses can improve interaction with their customers by using chatbots and personalized recommendation tools powered by AI. In general, organizations are using AI in digital marketing to streamline their marketing initiatives and make better, data-driven decisions. 

Advancements in AI technology suggest that it will eventually play a bigger part in the world of digital marketing.

4. AI is Shaping Digital Marketing

More complex corporate strategies can be made possible by artificial intelligence tools for marketing. Here are some AI statistics that will genuinely surprise you: 

  • According to 61% of marketers, artificial intelligence is the key component of their data strategy.
  • 80% of business and IT leaders claim that AI has already increased productivity.
  • Modern AI technologies can increase business efficiency by up to 40%.
  • 97% of mobile users utilize AI-powered voice assistants.
  • Early AI users (83% of them) have already seen significant (30%) or modest (53%) economic gains.

Agencies may now utilize AI to analyze data, forecast trends, and improve the quality of their brand because it is becoming more widely available. 

The evolution of AI started with the marketing industries switching to the digital model. Targeting consumers based on their behavior was at the foundation of the previous marketing strategy. It gave rise to automation, which gave rise to digital sales, and virtual customer support. 

What are the AI tools that are poised to bring changes to future marketing?

AI is undoubtedly a mighty marketing tool. It is essential to the success of any marketing effort, from the planning stage to the conversion and customer loyalty phases. 

The idea that the industry is going through such a significant transformation will come up in conversations in the upcoming year. Amazon’s “Buy with Amazon” function, and of course, Alexa, the voice assistant, are just a few noteworthy AI instances. 

You should explore the following AI marketing tools:

AI Social Media Marketing ToolsInformation
PractinaA complete AI-powered digital marketing software that can be your personal assistant. Content generator for all your marketing materials.
Acquisio TuringPPC bid and budget management software.
BrameworkKeyword analysis, blog builder, and AI content generator.
CortexOptimizes social media content. 
DriftChatbot and customer engagement AI. 
HubSpotInbound lead generation, CRM. 
Google Cloud AIData labeling, prediction, data science, and machine learning platform.
ConversicaAI assistance to engage customers in authentic conversations. 
Pattern89Predictive marketing AI for Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads. 
CrayonTracking and analysis.

Overall, these AI tools are likely to shape the future of digital marketing. Continue to seek out innovative and data-driven ways to connect with consumers and build brand loyalty.

Benefits of AI Changing The Digital Marketing Landscape

Marketers may identify trends and predict them for the future with AI technology. Based on these statistics, they can decide how to distribute their expenditures and what should be the focus. Brands can spend more time on high-value tasks instead of ineffective digital advertising. 

Businesses can create better adverts by utilizing AI. You can both increase sales and save money by integrating AI into the core of your digital marketing strategy. 

Here are two reasons out of many why artificial intelligence(AI) is changing the future of digital marketing.

Brings clarity to understanding the consumer base

A recent survey found that 71% of marketing respondents believe companies don’t comprehend their target audience. Because of this, 66% of marketers say they want brands to invest more in cultivating relationships with and among their customers. 

You can create reminders and alerts and receive precise information when it matters with the help of an AI-based voice assistant, technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Take advantage of IoT (Internet of Things)

Because AI is utilizing the potential of IoT and connected devices, it is also transforming the future of digital marketing. It’s a significant improvement over the past when all you need is your phone and it works from everywhere. You don’t even need to log into your work email to see who is requesting your opinion anymore. 

Simply text the person if they ask for your opinion on Twitter or Facebook, and the response will be sent right to your phone. You can get the answers right away if you have a fast internet connection.


In general, the usage of AI in digital marketing will increase over the upcoming years. More companies will implement AI technology to boost productivity, provide personalized experiences, and remain competitive.

Fortunately, Practina’s AI keeps businesses ahead of their competitors, who don’t have to bother staying updated with the latest technology and marketing trends. 

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