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Instagram marketing is revolutionizing the healthcare industry and the success of those utilizing the new marketing opportunity. 

Healthcare social media marketing has helped patients find the care they need while making medical practices more successful. You have the opportunity to create better marketing for your practice while staying on top of running your practice. 

Instagram is making healthcare marketing easy for you. Are you ready to use it? 

Why Instagram Marketing is Successful

Instagram marketing is proving successful for many in the healthcare industry to reach more people. 

A significant amount of marketing is on social media now, and Instagram has asserted itself as one of the better platforms. Between Instagram having over 1 billion users and its ad service, they bring many opportunities for your practice to promote services over other competitors. 

For many years, medical practices assumed they could get consistent business from being a provider with certain insurance companies. That strategy used to work, but it is not enough to maintain success anymore. Medical practices are now using social media to promote their services so potential patients know what they can expect. 

If you offer plastic surgery or botox amongst your other services, that is something people would want to know. If you are a dental practice that offers teeth whitening, that is a popular service anyone will want to know. If you have sales/discounts on those services, you have a great chance to promote that through Instagram ads so the word can spread about them. 

When you use Instagram ads and hashtags, your posts will get the most traction, and Instagram will help you by promoting them on people’s feeds. By using relevant and targeted hashtags, more social users will come across your ads and want to learn more about your services. Whether they need them right away or not, they will see your ad and remember it. 

Since billions of people use Instagram, your ads are guaranteed to be seen by many, though you must use the correct hashtags and boost them by choosing the right demographics. 

Social media is more successful than traditional forms of advertising that require you to print and pass out fliers. With fliers and billboards, you never know who will see it and if that will turn over any leads. When using Instagram, you will have real-time statistics about your profile’s performance while you can see how successful your ads are in attracting leads. 

Connecting & Engaging with Patients

Not only is Instagram a great marketing tool, but it allows the unique opportunity for you to connect and engage with your potential patients in a new way. 

If a new patient has a quick question about something, they can direct message you on Instagram. You can follow it up from there by setting up a phone call. Without marketing your practice on Instagram, you will not be able to open up this communication opportunity. 

Engaging with patients online makes them feel more important and helps them trust you as a healthcare provider. Patients might find your Instagram and wonder how legitimate your care is. Engaging in your comment section and direct messages will help you prove your trustworthiness to anyone skeptical. 

Interacting with potential new patients on Instagram will speed up your process when trying to convert leads into new patients.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, people have been less enthusiastic about leaving their homes if they do not have to. You can use the power of your social media to improve that connection and help them learn about your practice without having to leave the comfort of their home. You will boost your patient’s experience and help provide quality care to everyone. 

Simplifying Your Marketing Strategy

Using Instagram for marketing is a great way to improve your strategy if it needs some adjusting. 

Instead of focusing all your energy on fliers and ads in print, you can put more time and money into running ads on Instagram. You can save resources and get the same, if not better, results as traditional forms of marketing. If you use a social media management app, you can plan out posts beforehand to post at the most optimal times. 

Marketing is challenging, and so many practices struggle to find a budget-friendly solution that can help them get results. Instagram is now becoming that space where you can run ads on a low budget while gaining the growth your practice needs. Using Instagram, you can simplify your marketing strategy and continue growing while saving money. 

Improve Your Social Media Marketing

You can improve your marketing strategy even more with Practina, a social media marketing tool that can help you manage your Instagram account and run targeted ads for your practice. If you don’t know how to create Instagram ads, worry not. 

Practina’s Smart Ads feature can do it for you while increasing the likelihood of maximizing results. To learn what more Practina can do for your healthcare social media, download the app today!

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