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Denefits was established by two dentists who wanted to provide more attainable financing for patients who cannot qualify for typical loans, letting more people get necessary dental treatment.

With so many third-party financing companies available, Denefits needed a way to break into the advertising world to educate people about their services. However, spending thousands of dollars per month for social media managers to build their customer base just wasn’t an option.

Practina’s easy-to-use platform was cost-effective for Denefits. Instead of paying $100,000 per year for a marketing team, they only had to fork out $2,748 per year for the premium plan, which even offered marketing advice from a professional.

In the beginning, Denefits tried to run marketing campaigns by creating their advertisements and social media posts like any other small business. The problem was that they didn’t see their desired results, averaging only a couple of thousand impressions.

Denefits was hungry to grow the number of impressions, engagements and leads. They decided to take a trial run with Practina, a successful automated social media marketing tool, to do just that.

In the first month using Practina, Denefits saw a boost in customers that led to them switching solely to Practina. Practina lets them take advantage of the analytics from the Instant Leads feature for Facebook and Instagram to promote their financing plans that everyone qualifies for.

Importance of Practina’s Lead Center

This feature only costs Denefits $2 per lead and lets them gather customer information in real-time, letting them immediately contact them. Due to Denefits being able to reach out to potential clients quickly, they saw a big increase in business. This noticeable increase was practically unattainable when using traditional advertising.

On Instagram, Denefits’ account saw 10,000 impressions and after three months of using Practina, they reached approximately 20,420,000 people overall.

Denefits had an overwhelming increase in new business contracts because more dental practices were getting exposure to their affordable services for patient financing via Practina’s leads.

With Practina, Denefits saw a greater return on investments.

It wasn’t just Practina’s Lead Center that grew Denefit’s business, but also their automated digital advertising tools.

Reaching about 20.4 Million people from across the country.

It’s obvious that word-of-mouth and traditional marketing techniques like newspapers and print can only target a particular location and a limited number of people. Nonetheless, it’s outdated, especially for a business like Denefits that can get potential customers from all over the country.

Before using Practina, Denefits used the traditional marketing route to try and gain more customers – but it didn’t. They weren’t able to even quantify whether their advertising efforts were making an impact on the increasing numbers. However, Practina solves that issue by providing analytics such as impressions, engagements, and clicks for smart ads.

This financing company no longer needs social media managers because Practina, an automated digital marketing platform, does all the advertising for them.

Scheduling posts with the Planner

With Practina’s planner, Denefits was able to schedule future posts without having to worry about being inconsistent. Practina’s automated social media posts, Denefits was able to use the free content for daily posts, alleviating the time spent creating them. This feature gave an overview of all Denefit’s social media posts and let them post during the same time and days every week, letting them gain customer trust and loyalty.

Automatically post on the platforms that matter

Consistent social media postings on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are essential to building a large following. However, it’s not easy posting every day when you’re busy running a business. When done correctly though, you can reap the fruits of your labor and that’s precisely what Denefits did.

Practina creates customizable posts for you

It’s also helpful that you can manage all of your social media accounts on one website so that Denefits can learn about the types of ad copy that works for them. Denefits were also given creative freedom to edit the social media posts that fit their needs.

Overall, Denefits not only experienced exponential growth but also saved six figures by using Practina’s services. Consider using their resources to produce similar results for your business.

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