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The dental and eye care company produced better results using the automated digital marketing platform, Practina.

Dr. Hoda Bassiri established Fusion Dental and Eye Care with the purpose of providing two great services in a single, comfortable location with exceptional comprehensive care, superlative customer service, and groundbreaking technology.

Like any practice, she wanted to build up her customer base and spent thousands of dollars a month at a marketing agency. Nonetheless, she was disappointed at how few leads she was receiving, despite that she was the agency’s fifth highest-grossing client.

Eager for better results, however, Dr. Bassiri took a chance with Practina, a successful Automated Social Media Marketing tool, and in just a few days, she received more leads than her marketing agency got for her in a month, in spite of spending 10 times the amount.

She was so impressed after using Practina for only a week that she fired her marketing agency and switched solely to Practina.

Instant Leads on Facebook and Instagram

As businesses cannot survive on word-of-mouth referrals alone, digital marketing proves to be an effective tool for getting new patients with a greater return on investment.

Dr. Bassiri took advantage of the Instant Leads feature on Practina to promote an implant package including an abutment, crown, surgical guide, and complimentary consultation.

In a short time frame, Fusion Dental and Eye Care had 8,399 impressions, a reach of 3,284, and 48 leads! These results were produced spending only about $850.

The cost per lead was approximately $17.81, which is significantly more cost-effective than many other marketing agencies that dentists utilize.

Upon contacting the leads, one of the new patients came to her practice and accepted treatment for over $10,000

Another patient that Dr. Bassiri received through a lead using Practina needed all of her teeth extracted, implants, and dentures—a $14,000 treatment plan.

Through just these two patients, the $850 spent for advertising through Practina was paid for more than 20 times over!

Dr. Bassiri received so many leads that the office was overwhelmed to where she does not have a single spot left to fill.

Making the switch to Practina gave Dr. Bassiri a greater return on investment, and the results very quickly paid for themselves.

Automated, Personalized Content Posting

Continued social media postings are good for building a following or building your brand. If done well, you can receive leads from interested customers without spending on ads at all, creating an effective internal marketing system. Daily posting, however, is hard to achieve in real life. 

Being transformed into a busy office, Dr. Bassiri does not have the time she needs to focus on posting to her social media accounts.

By using Practina’s automated social media posts, she was able to solve this problem by allowing the system to post content related to her industry directly onto all of her social media accounts, giving her more time to focus on her patients.

One-Stop-Shop for Digital Advertising

With a social media marketing tool that posts across all of your social media platforms, posting every day is simple.

Dr. Bassiri found value as a business owner using Practina for all of her digital marketing needs across all of her social media platforms on one easy system.

Here she has the choice between developing her own content for posting or using Practina’s automated and customized post templates that match her industry of dentistry.

“If you have a lot of time in your schedule, a lot of openings, and are trying to build your practice and need more patients, this is a no-brainer,” Dr. Bassiri said regarding her use of Practina.

Practina’s easy-to-use, automated platform is a cost-effective way to promote your business or practice to thousands of people who need your products and services.

Try it today risk-free and see the results that can be produced for your business.

The choice is simple

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