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The true cornerstone of a successful dental practice is the quality of services offered. But despite having experts on your team, you’d be the only ones to know them without any dental marketing strategy. There’s no shortage of marketing mediums, including billboards, social media, business cards, print ads, and commercials. All these marketing mediums have merits to attract new patients. 

However, with the average American seeing 10,000 ads daily, how do you ensure your message will cut through the online clutter? The answer lies in creativity! 

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Thirteen Examples Of Dental Advertising That Should Inspire You To Follow In Their Footsteps

1. The straight case of CROOKED FORK TINES

Networks like Instagram and Facebook are prime spaces for visually enticing ads, which should be a part of your dental social media marketing plan. Creative ads like this twisted fork promoting Invisalign offerings from Grand Street Dental based out of Brooklyn are engaging. The power of social media posts is that not just your followers but others connected to someone sharing them will see them.

2. When HALLOWEEN CANDIES taste like vegetables

Most Jimmy Kimmel fans know how precious Halloween candies are to kids. This ad for brands Crest and Oral B shows kids reacting to HEALTHY candies or candies flavored like vegetables. Of course, there’s a rampage. This commercial lives on YouTube, increasing the brand’s reach beyond the original date of publishing.

3. CROOKED PAINTING on the street

Before and after images are gold in the world of dental advertising. Generally, most orthodontic ads are straightforward — crooked teeth on the left and straightened teeth on the right. But this poster ad from Altschul Orthodontics is a play on the before-and-after theme that’s both subtle and hilarious.

4. The story of GOLLUM’S HAPPY SMILE

This Lord of the Rings character probably has (or had) the worst sets of choppers. The designer’s creative imagination and Photoshopping magic prove a point of how good teeth can transform someone’s smile.

5. A DENTAL MAKEOVER that’s drastic as ever

You can’t unsee a truly horrifying dental catastrophe that this ad clearly demonstrates. Thailand-based Dental Getaways has undoubtedly seen a bump in dental tourists since it began running graphic before-and-after ads like this one.

6. A HOLE lot of truth in this transformation

Another graphic before-and-after ad like this is an eye-opener. The concept of soft Swiss cheese of the ‘before’ teeth (including hungry mice) must have compelled Italians to visit this dental practice.

7. This CHIPPED TEETH infographic explains a lot

It’s not necessary to add shock value to your ads always. Focus on educating your potential patients about the bad habits that cause dental problems. For instance, this infographic warns against practices that cause teeth to chip. Sharing informative content like this can establish you as an expert in the field, compelling more patients to visit your practice.

8. CROWNS aren’t just for wearing on your head

Although social media ads and online ads are your best bets to reach more new patients, old-school dental advertising has not vanished from the picture. How this Yellow Pages ad grabs attention with its playful work with the cartoon imagery and funny words should inspire you.


Memes are all the rage in this era of digital advertising. Look at this ‘joke’ ad promoting better eating and dental hygiene habits. These types of ads automatically turn in better response and shareability.

10. PHOTOSHOP fails that make you wonder

Colgate’s dental floss ad requires a couple of takes before you can figure out there’s more to the picture. In this image, you may quickly notice a bit of food stuck in the model’s teeth right away. But did you notice the female model has an extra finger? The ad subtly shows that food remaining on your teeth will draw more attention away than any physical defect.

11. HIDING bad teeth

Here’s an example of an ad depicting people with bad teeth often hiding them in one way or another because of their unsightly appearance. This professional campaign, ‘Grey, Brown’ by Swiss Smile Dental Clinic, was launched in 2013.


This ad for Oral-B exaggerates the way food can grab as much attention as a person. In a way, food stuck in between your teeth can cause outrageous embarrassment.

13. Pretty girl’s SMILE THAT KILLS

This ad named ‘Pretty Girl’ by Crest 3D White shows a fetching young woman attracting everyone’s attention in her black dress, unleashing something expected. Her smile reveals her obnoxious amber teeth, pushing the brand’s line of Whitestrips. This ad continues to live on YouTube, garnering attention worldwide.

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The Final Note

We are sure that the dental advertising ideas shared above are inspiring enough for you to try something new for your next campaign. Always try to focus on the pain points of your potential patients when creating an ad.

Overall, your dental marketing strategy is your practice’s lifeline that influences your growth and reputation. If you’re not sure how to come up with interesting dental ads for your practice or manage social media marketing, leave the job to Practina. Just Set It and Forget it!

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