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Websites are valuable assets for businesses that help them share important information with existing and potential customers. With more people moving online, digital marketing has become more critical than ever. In this blog, we’ll be discussing why it is important to get web traffic for your business and how Facebook ads can help.

Measuring your website traffic is a part of any good marketing strategy because the more people that visit your website, the more potential customers you’ll likely get. The number of opportunities for your business increases when you get more website visitors, which are quantified in the form of impressions and qualified leads. Your website can help you build better and stronger relationships with your visitors and ultimately help you start selling your products and services to them.

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Why Is Getting Traffic On Your Website So Important?

The number of people visiting your website is very important for the success of your brand. Good website traffic can help you grow your business, increase the demand for your products and services, and improve your overall brand awareness. 

Additional metrics discussed below can help you recognize how visitors react to your website and how you can optimize your website for more traffic and thus, better sales.

Time Spent On Your Website

Your web traffic data can tell the average amount of time spent by a visitor on your website. If a visitor leaves your website within a minute, then you should probably add more graphics and visually appealing content. 

By analyzing the metrics of your website traffic, you can also learn about your site’s bounce rate, which is the number of visitors visiting your website but not interacting, such as purchasing a product or service, leaving a comment, or contacting you.

Conversion Rate

Your conversion rate is an essential factor for understanding if your web traffic audience is converting into customers, followers, or subscribers.

No matter what your conversion goals are, your web traffic can show if you are successfully achieving them or not. Additionally, more traffic doesn’t always mean more conversions. 

Changes To Your Website

Your website traffic can help you to evaluate any changes you’ve made to your website. If you see more people visiting and taking action on your website, it means they have received your changes well. If less traffic comes in, then you need to work on improving the changes.

A few brands experiment by keeping two versions of their website. This helps them determine the one that works better than the other through A & B testing.

Facebook Ads: How Do They Help In Driving Traffic To Your Website?

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for businesses to advertise and route traffic to their website. 

Facebook traffic ads are ads that use the traffic objective to send visitors to a website, FB Messenger, or another app. Compared to other methods of web traffic marketing, Facebook ads are cheaper, more reliable, and highly target-oriented.

Lately, Facebook has decreased the effectiveness of organic reach, making advertising more critical for businesses and marketers. Either you create a Facebook web traffic ad from scratch, or use an existing post. The problem with boosting a post as a web traffic ad is that not many people tend to click on the attached link. They end up liking and commenting on such ads, but that does not achieve the goal.

Using Facebook’s Ads Manager tool is a better method of creating Facebook ads to get clicks and drive traffic to your website. 

Using an intuitive social media marketing tool is the best way of creating Facebook ads to get more clicks and drive traffic to your website.

Facebook Feed Image Ads

A majority of Facebook ads feature a single image. This is so popular because it does not require much effort, tools, or time to click and use a picture for an ad. If you create an ad using an image, ensure that it does not contain more than 20% text, or you will get reduced delivery. Avoid using text-based logos, watermarks, and numbers in your image ads since they all are counted as text.


Facebook Feed Video Ads

Businesses prefer using videos for their ads, a trend that started in recent years since videos can grab people’s attention more easily for a longer duration. Feed video ads are similar to image ads, but instead of using an image, brands use a video to promote their products, services, and other updates.


Facebook Carousel ads are those made up of multiple images or videos in a single ad. This swipe-next version of ads allows users to see multiple items or services from a brand in one ad. Carousel ads are quite versatile, allowing businesses to promote added information about their products and services in one go.



Your website can be the most powerful sales tool for your business and reduce your dependency and effort to market your products and services elsewhere.

Analyzing your website traffic can help attract repeated visits from your existing clients and attract new visitors as your potential leads. 

Facebook ads with a call to action can help you successfully direct more traffic to your website. Also, by having a call to action on your website, your visitors get a direction for their next step, which is to purchase your products or services. 

Overall, the content on your website should escort your visitors further into the sales funnel. The number of advertisers on Facebook is increasing every day, therefore, you can’t help but be competitive and updated with your website marketing strategies. Most advertisers only focus on conversions when it comes to their ads, but the lesser-known traffic objective lets you do things differently. Additionally, due to heavy competition, ads with conversion objectives can be costlier in comparison to ads with traffic objectives.

You can use a social media marketing tool to create your Facebook traffic ads easily. AI marketing tool like Practina uses its innovative technology to increase the exposure of your ads to the right audiences that are searching for products and services like yours. Create a free account with Practina today to start getting the most out of Facebook traffic ads for your website.

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