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Instagram marketing is becoming more popular and the go-to place to find marketing success for businesses from different industries.

Similarly, practices in the dental industry have started leveraging Instagram to their advantage. Instead of relying on an agency or someone else to handle their marketing, many dental offices are trying to catch up in the social race to reach their marketing goals on their own.

Instagram is a great way to promote your dental brand successfully with lower costs and more flexibility than traditional options.

Dental marketing is changing for the better, and your practice can start to change with it by using Instagram.

The Importance of Instagram Marketing

Using Instagram for marketing your practice offers many benefits over the traditional forms of marketing. 

Instagram gives you access to a much larger audience than traditional marketing, proving more successful for dentists. When you post an Instagram ad, there is a higher chance of people seeing it than conventional advertisements. That is because Instagram has over 1 billion users, making it popular amongst dental practices.

When comparing Instagram marketing to traditional, the price difference is significant. Social media advertising is considerably cheaper than conventional forms like print and television ads. Also, you get more for your money on Instagram because when you post an ad, you are almost guaranteed to get considerable views.

Marketing on Instagram also helps you grow your dental practice faster because you are reaching more people online. Instagram also allows you to gain the attention of a younger audience than traditional forms of advertising. It is necessary to grab the younger generation’s attention because they hold the key to your future success.

If you can grab the attention of young adults looking for dental services, they will give you a chance if your ad gets their attention. Once you get them in the door, you can turn them into a patient and hopefully keep them coming back to you consistently for dental care. Then, you can have more long-term relationships with your new patients and keep your practice busy.

Instagram marketing is changing how dentists promote their practice, and you can start changing your social media marketing strategy by incorporating Instagram.

Benefits of Using Instagram for Dental Marketing

Including Instagram in your marketing strategies offers multiple benefits, such as low cost, better reach, and more measurable results.

Gaining More Patients 

A great way to use Instagram is to market your practice so you can gain more new patients from a broader demographic.

Instead of relying on word of mouth and insurance lists, Instagram will help you connect with potential patients consistently. You can connect directly with users and discuss what kind of care you can perform for them, showing them how you can help. Once connected with the new leads, your practice can start turning them into patients and find better success with the increased revenue.

Ease of Use

Usually, it is challenging to locate a company to market your practice, but using Instagram allows you to take control of your efforts.

Instagram marketing is much easier to use because you can directly take action from your devices and manage your entire marketing campaign on your own. Instead of trusting someone else with your dental marketing and not knowing what is going on, you can be in complete control. 

With such easy use, you can have confidence in your strategy and know that your money is not being wasted but is getting used properly. Gone are the days when you had to hire someone else to market your dental practice. With social media, you can trust yourself with your Instagram marketing campaigns.

Better Ad Engagement

Only a few traditional print and television ads are remembered easily by people who see them, making the Instagram ads more beneficial since they usually stick with viewers easier.

Instagram is excellent for engaging with patients because if someone is interested in receiving care from you, they can directly message you immediately. When using traditional marketing, new patients will see your ad and then have to reach out and call to learn more. 

While that does not seem bad, people are much more likely to message you directly than call if they had the choice. Social media marketing creates more opportunities for new patients to see your ad and just reach out, making their and your life easier with better ad engagement.

How Dentists Can Use Instagram

There are many ways in which you can use Instagram to your advantage and reach the right users at the right time.

Beyond Instagram advertising, dentists can use the platform to educate followers on proper dental hygiene. When you give people free tips, they respond positively and will appreciate them while trusting your opinion. If they follow you for the free tips, they will know you are a trustworthy dentist that wants to help them get better care.

Whichever way you can grab their attention is helpful because they will trust you with their care and know you are a qualified dentist. Also, you can help more people through Instagram, proving you want to help them take care of their teeth.

Dentists can also use Instagram to share their services and stay up-to-date with other dentists and their strategies. Not only will this help you share what you do, but it will help you stay competitive. When you show people what services you offer, it becomes easier for them to set up appointments for any dental service they need.

Then, they can see the pricing as well, so they will know exactly how much to pay. If you stay current with your competitors, it will keep you competitive in the dental industry so you can continue to gain more patients.

Also, Instagram is good for sharing success stories about your former patients that have given consent. Sharing these stories will show your new patients how you are a successful practice they can trust with their dental care. You can boost your relevance in the dental industry by sharing real stories and reviews from past patients.

Growing Your Practice

When you market your dental practice on Instagram correctly, it helps boost your brand awareness and grow your practice.

One of the biggest reasons to go on an aggressive marketing campaign is to grow your practice. Instagram marketing allows you to embark on a strategy that is as aggressive as you want. When using Instagram, you can evaluate the growth of your practice and strive for success as you continue to connect with new clients.

Growing your dental practice through Instagram is the best way to do so because, without it, growth will take a long time and become stagnant. Print and television advertising will help you grow but could cost you a lot of money and prove not to be successful. 

With Instagram, you can grow quicker and track it better, so you know what is helping you the most. That way, you know how you can continue to grow and what to avoid if you do get stagnant. 

Instagram is responsible for growing many practices due to the reach it delivers. For example, Instagram has over 1 billion active users consuming content daily. If someone lives 20 miles or more away from your office, they might not initially find you when they do research. However, Instagram might help them find you and convince them to drive to you because you have good reviews and services.

Since you can share information about your practice with people outside your area, you can also find new patients that might be moving to your vicinity. If someone is moving near you, they will be looking for doctors and dentists, making it better for them if you market to their demographic on Instagram.

Explore all of Instagram’s features to take your dental social media marketing level higher than your competitors.

Manage Your Instagram Profile Better

You can start managing your dental Instagram marketing strategy and improving it by using Practina. 

Practina is a social media marketing platform that manages all your accounts from one dashboard. You can create posts and ads to publish on multiple social media apps at once, so you do not have to post on individual accounts yourself. 

Also, Practina offers the post planner tool that allows you to plan when your posts go out, so you never forget to post at the perfect time.

The best part about Practina is that there is analytics that helps you track the success of your dental marketing efforts. With analytics, you can see what works best for you and what you need to do to continue growing your practice. Using Practina, you can be a successful dentist and continue to grow your social media in multiple ways.

Check out the Practina website or download the mobile app to get started today!

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