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Long was the time when businesses relied heavily on word of mouth and referrals to bring in new leads and sales. In today’s competitive marketplace, it seems nearly unachievable to grow your customer base and sales without social media marketing. Home improvement businesses are no exception.

According to a report published by Global Web Index, nearly 54% of internet users consider social media to search for any product or service. This information is enough to justify that leveraging social platforms for marketing your home improvement businesses is the best way to connect with and reach your potential customers.

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Social media is a smart way to generate leads and grow your business. Since the benefits of social media marketing for home improvement contractors are endless, it’s a great time to establish an optimized online presence reflecting the quality of work you do.

4 Benefits of Using Social Media Marketing for Your Home Improvement Business

Before we take a look at how you can revamp your home improvement business on social media, let’s take a look at the top four ways in which social media marketing can help grow your business:

1. Brand Awareness

Since nearly half of the world’s population is using social media, it is an inexpensive way to reach your potential customers. You must run strategic campaigns to build a strong presence and reach the maximum number of people looking for your services.

2. Increased Website Traffic

Social media marketing for a home improvement business is a key way to drive traffic to your website. A consistent social media presence will help you get the attention of your audience and guide them to visit your website. Just make sure you include your website address in all of your social media profiles.

3. Foster Relationships

Through informative, high-quality posts, you can showcase your expertise and engage users on different social channels. Answer their questions and feedback in real-time. You can use an intelligent social media management tool to remove the hassle of creating posts so you get time to build relationships with your audience. After all, people love businesses that care about them!

4. Generate More Leads & Boost Sales

Reports reveal about 60% of people who follow businesses on social media usually buy their services or products. If you use social media with the right marketing strategy, you can generate more leads and convert them successfully. Homeowners who express interest in your business and your services will reach you directly on social platforms.

Now that you know the importance of social media marketing, let’s learn some useful tips to promote your business.

How your home improvement company can maximize its social media marketing

Here are the 5 best tips to revamp your home improvement business on social media:

1. Create High-Quality Content

Hundreds of businesses in your area are active on social media and struggling to win customers. Let your content set you apart and gain the attention of your targeted audience. Make sure you share high-quality images and videos on all social media platforms.

Furthermore, craft different types of posts that are based on great ideas and concepts. You can showcase your expertise, share client testimonials, tips and tricks, create special posts for holidays and special occasions, and more to offer a wide range of content to your audience. If you find it challenging, you can use the best social media marketing tools that will create appealing posts for you automatically.

2. Run Targeted Advertising Campaigns

One of the smartest ways to reach your targeted audience is through paid advertising campaigns. It means you can select an audience based on their demographics, age, gender, interests, and other factors.

You can create eye-catching offers, craft perfect ads, and publish on platforms such as Facebook, Google, and Instagram so they reach the right audience, propel them to take action, and bring in more leads for you.

If you’re concerned about wasting money on ads that don’t work for you, try Practina. It automatically creates Smart Ads for your home improvement business and runs customized campaigns. Just let the system know your goal, ideal customers, and your offer, and the intelligent social media tool will take care of the rest. 

3. Don’t Forget To Share Your Client Testimonials

People in real life or on social media love hearing stories of happy customers. Sharing feedback, reviews, and testimonials is a great way to connect with homeowners across social channels. It will make your existing customers happy and will move your lead closer towards converting into a sale.

Make sure you encourage your customers to share their feedback. Collect your best reviews, turn them into posts, and publish them on social media. It will help you win the trust of homeowners and you’ll stay on their minds whenever they seek home improvement services.

4. Post On Right Channels & At Right Times

You must make a mindful decision while choosing the social platforms for your home improvement business. Take a deep dive into market insights to learn where the majority of your target audience is. Also, don’t forget about your competitors—learn what social channels they are using and how they are using these channels.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the popular channels where most of your audience is active. Make business accounts on these channels and start posting content based on your industry, business, and audience’s preferences.

Be sure to post at the peak hours when most followers or connections are active. It’ll help you drive high engagement. In other words, your posts will get maximum likes, comments, and shares.

5. Evaluate Your Performance on Social Media

Being a home improvement business owner, it is important to concentrate on how your brand is performing on social media. Evaluate your social media strategy to learn the outcomes of your approach. Furthermore, keep track of what you’ve achieved in a certain time frame.

It will help you learn what is working for you and what’s not. The goal is to improve your social media marketing strategy for a home improvement business to achieve your goals. The more precise and foolproof your strategy is, the more you can achieve on social media.

Managing different social media platforms, creating perfect posts, running campaigns can overwhelm you. Using Practina can help focus on your home improvement business while it takes care of your online presence.

Why Choose Practina?

If you’re looking for hassle-free social media management, try Practina! It’s an intelligent tool that automatically creates, schedules, and publishes posts on various social channels. Furthermore, it helps you to manage all of your social accounts right from one platform, and that too, on the go!

You can focus on your business tasks while Practina manages your social media. Just provide the system with your industry, business details, and preferences. 

The social media marketing tool can:

  • simplify marketing your home improvement business online
  • automate your social media posts
  • create targeted ads to reach the right audience on social media
  • help manage your social accounts from one convenient platform
  • build consistent brand visibility on social media
  • gather your positive customer reviews and share them on social media channels as posts
  • create highly customized posts for special events and holidays
  • give you a stronger, optimized social media presence
  • save your money and time
  • enable you to access live reports and smart analytics to see your online growth

Home improvement businesses are proactively using social platforms for unarguable perks. Are you ready to take your business to the next level with automated social media marketing?

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