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Even though marketing professionals try their best, it does get tricky to manage numerous social media accounts manually. Yes, there are several social media management tools, where a few are more popular than others. And those tools are Hootsuite, Buffer, and Loomly. Their user-friendly design enables users to manage various social media accounts, company pages, and profiles.

But these aren’t the only options. There are plenty of other tools available in the market that offer various services at different price ranges. Unlike most tools claiming to be the best social media schedulers, Practina has a wider range of features and is more than a scheduler.- it’s overall all social media social media automation tool.

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It does not require marketers and business owners to still work on the majority of tasks like most marketing tools. 

Why Consider Alternatives To Hootsuite, Loomly, And Buffer?

It’s simple! The more variety you explore, the better you can choose. Maybe what your current tool is lacking, an alternative can offer exactly what you need right now.

Listed below is difference between different automation tools.

Practina makes social media marketing easy & effective for you. Right from creating curated content to publishing, from running ads to tracking performance, Practina AI can do so much more.Hootsuite helps to share your content with your audience. It also monitors the activities and analyzes the results.Loomly allows you to handle all your social media accounts from one place.Buffer helps you to plan and publish your posts on your business account. It analyzes your social media performance and creates a report.
Main focus
Automated social media management, creating posts, Google Smart Ads, and enhancing brand images.Social media management, planning and publishing posts, ads, and content management.Plan and publish posts, ads, and content management.Plan and publish posts, ads, and content management.
Automation features
Practina can automatically create and publish content for you. It also shares insights and progress reports.It doesn’t offer an automated content curation feature. You can only schedule and publish your content.It manages your social media content and publishes it.It doesn’t offer an automated content curation feature.  You can schedule and post social media content.
Customized branded content
Practina creates customized content for your brand.Hootsuite doesn’t create customized content.It doesn’t provide customized content.Buffer doesn’t provide customized content for your brand.
One-on-one meetings with a dedicated marketing specialist
Available with the Practina Professional Plan.Hootsuite doesn’t provide a dedicated marketing specialist.Loomly doesn’t offer this option.Buffer doesn’t have a dedicated marketing specialist.
Ad campaign management for Facebook, Google, and Instagram.
Practina manages ad campaigns for Google, Facebook, and Instagram.Hootsuite manages ad campaigns for Google, Facebook, and Instagram.Loomly can’t manage your Google Ads campaigns.Buffer can’t manage your Google Ads campaigns.
Real estate MLS postings
Practina gives you MLS postings.Hootsuite doesn’t offer MLS postings.Loomly doesn’t have the MLS posting feature.Buffer doesn’t provide MLS postings.

Important Points To Consider While Choosing Alternative Automation Marketing Tool

In reality, not all social media marketing tools are perfect. Before you find one that you think is best for the long term, you’ll probably try out a few tools. Start by looking at the social media networks your automation tool supports while selecting – all the channels where you wish to establish a brand presence. 

social media

It’s easier to manage almost all aspects of your business with the help of social media marketing automation tools. Choosing the best one and optimizing it are the keys. This brings us back to our question, what to consider while choosing a marketing automation tool? Here are a few points to consider:

1. Identify your social media goals

Outlining your social media goals is the first thing you must do to understand what to look for. Consider how social media might help you reach these goals, and specify the parameters you want to monitor before you link your business account with that tool.


You can use social media to engage with customers, organize awareness campaigns, and build your expertise as a thought leader.

2. Select the features you want

Figure out what features you want in your ideal social media marketing automation tool that can get you closer to your goals. Say you need to publish posts three times a week on Instagram and Facebook, you need a tool that can create and publish content automatically. 

features you want

A tool like Practina provides this feature and others like Smart Ads, Gallery, Analytics, and more. This helps save a lot of time and effort that you can utilize interacting with your customers.

3. Research to find the best option

A thorough research is crucial since several social media automation tools are available in the market. Shortlisting the top picks from your research enables you to choose the one that best meets your requirements. 

Research to find the best option

Now try them to ensure they are effective. Ask team members to test it as well. 

Ensure all the features work efficiently for your brand’s social media marketing.


Practina is a simple and easy-to-use tool regardless of your experience. It was created keeping every business in mind. After providing some basic information about your company, Practina can start creating and posting content relevant to your requirements.

Companies think twice before spending on any tool for their brand, but that isn’t the case with Practina. It creates customized posts for your business which most of the tools in the market won’t do. 

So if you are looking for an alternative to Hootsuite, Loomly, or Buffer, consider signing up with Practina. Ease up your social media marketing tasks and experience the change. 

The choice is simple

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