What Else Is New?

Noticed A Minor Error In Your Post?

Edit One Post, And It's Fixed Everywhere!

We get it - to err is human, and editing can be quite a task. But you no longer have to go back and forth on each platform to rectify a mistake you made in, say, a post. Just edit one and effortlessly replicate edits across all platforms using the "Apply To All" button.

We'll Guide You
Every Step Of The Way!

Finding our way around a platform can pose challenges for everyone, which is why we've included “messages” at various points to ensure you get the most out of Practina. To put things into perspective, here’s a small example: you're hitting a roadblock trying to add your social media account to Practina—right at that moment, you'll find guided assistance to help you seamlessly connect your account.

Want To Reconsider Your Posting Strategy?

Simply Drag And Drop!

Have you ever changed your mind about posting a specific creative on a specific day? Quite a hassle, isn't it? Well, not anymore.  Our latest feature allows you to easily reschedule posts by simply dragging and dropping them from one date to another on the planner.

Details Matter -
Now Add Them To Your Descriptions

You can now include your business details — such as business name, email, and phone number—in your AI post descriptions. This will not only allow you to personalize your content but also help increase your recall value.

What can we say - It’s always busy at Practina headquarters!

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