Monthly Newsletter October, 2023

It's October and we're already in the Halloween spirit.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry about the scariest thing - getting ghosted by customers- because you have Practina on your side.

What's on the Horizon?

It's AI, Making Waves, and It's Noteworthy!

  • Approximately 50%-60% of all organizations have already adopted AI technology.
  • The global artificial intelligence market currently boasts a valuation of approximately $136.55 billion.
  • Projections indicate that Generative AI is expected to reach a substantial value of $3.7 billion by the end of 2023.
  • Looking ahead to the next decade, by 2030, the global AI market is anticipated to soar to an impressive $1.81 trillion.

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Oh, and In Case Google's Algorithms Were Keeping You Guessing,

Here's Some Good News!

Google Recently Updated Its SEO Playbook for Content Generated With AI

Google has dropped “content written by people” and now says it looks for quality content—no matter how it was generated. In a recent update, the search giant is quietly rewriting its own rules to acknowledge the rise of artificial intelligence. The latest iteration of Google Search's "Helpful Content Update," the phrase “written by people” has been replaced by a statement that Google is constantly monitoring "content created for people" to rank sites on its search engine.

So, what's the hold? Do it now!

Focus On Enhancing Your Strategy and Leave the Unexpected Challenges to Practina

  • Declining Engagement
  • Creative Blocks
  • Content Posting Delays
  • Outdated Review Templates
  • Rushed Ad Creatives

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Halloween Is Incomplete Without Some Wizardry!!!

So, let prompts be your 'Magic Spells' and Practina your 'Wizard' as you generate industry-specific content for your business in minutes! Ta-da, just like that.

Until next time!

Keep an eye out; we'll let the cat out of the bag next month!