Monthly Newsletter March, 2024

Leave the Marketing Workload to Practina

Free your team from redundant tasks and give them time for market research, strategic planning, quality improvement, exploration of new markets, and you never know what they can come up with!

Practina Personalizes Itself for You!
If You Don't See Your Industry Listed, Simply Add It!

Practina is ever-evolving, it adapts to your personal needs. All you need to do is custom add your industry, and it’ll expand its expertise just like that!

Thinking of a Prompt Can Be Quite a Task, So, We've Added It to Practina's Can-Do List!

Practina even gives you prompt suggestions based on your industry. So, if you're tired of telling Lexi what to do, simply try one of the prompts Practina suggests!

We Actually Listen To Your Feedback And Act On It.

The Image Generation Flow Is Now Smooth
Bearing in mind your suggestions, we've made significant enhancements to our image generation flow. You can expect a smoother and more efficient process for creating and incorporating images into your content.

Run Ads Like A Pro!
Yes, With Practina, Running An Ad Is Child’s Play.

  • Practina offers recommendations based on smart prompts, allowing control over appearance and tone.
  • Recommended ads feature streamlines advertising efforts, providing a foundation for customization on major platforms like Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Practina's AI optimizes campaigns in real-time, learning from data to recommend changes that enhance ad effectiveness and maximize ROI.

Reviews Speak EVEN LOUDER Than Ads And That's Why We Take Them Seriously!
Up and Coming Soon!

Third-Party Reviews Integration

We are actively working on expanding our review integration capabilities. You will soon be able to include Trustpilot, Demandforce and other website reviews alongside existing Facebook, Google, and Yelp reviews.

What's New With Yelp Reviews

So far, you can only see three reviews, but soon you'll have access to ALL reviews directly on the panel. This will provide you with a more comprehensive view of your customers' feedback on Yelp. Excited? We know we are!

Practina AI Strengthens Your Brand's Tone, Rather Than Diminishing It.

The idea of entrusting your brand's marketing to an AI assistant may seem daunting. After all, the unique creativity, personal insights, and human touch you bring to your brand are irreplaceable. 

But what if your AI assistant knew exactly what your brand was all about and created content specifically for it? Well, with Practina, that's what happens.

And we do have the edit option!
So, you can always make a few tweaks here and there!

Sleep Tight, Don’t Let The To-Do-List Cause Fright!

Until Next Time,

Here’s To More Likes, Comments, and Shares,
Team Practina!


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