Monthly Newsletter July, 2023

July’s Joyous Edition Is Here!

An Event To Remember:

Practina AI Stole The Spotlight 

Practina AI proved to be a master player at the 2023 CDA Presents event, The Art and Science of Dentistry, hosted in Anaheim CA, on May 19th.

The software demonstration highlighted its ability to cater to dental practices of all sizes, including small, medium, and large practices. With a strong emphasis on affordability, AI technology, and convenience, the Practina team successfully bridged the gap between dental practices and their patients, effectively communicating the software's unique selling points. From generating compelling content, providing detailed analytics, managing reviews, and creating captivating social media posts to running precise and targeted advertisements, every aspect of the software stood out as a testament to its exceptional capabilities.

Why Practina AI?

It's the same old Practina but with new and improved AI features.

Now, you can use the power of AI to create content of all types and forms. Whether you’re generating a post for your socials or need ad creatives to reach your target audience, you’ll never need to create it

alone! Practina will be your AI assistant for all things digital! 

If you don’t believe us
try and see it for yourself

Our AI journey has already begun, and we have
a plethora of features for you to try!

This list will help:

Ready-to-use review templates

Join the conversation and keep your customers happy. How? Use AI-generated review templates to address both negative and positive customer feedback.

Ad creatives for Facebook, Instagram, & Google

From ad copies to ad creatives, Practina AI will help you generate ads that sell and attract leads instantly.

Analytics & Reporting

Practina will successfully calculate, analyze, and present real-time insights to help you understand what works and what doesn’t.

Blogs Posts

Convert titles into rich, comprehensive, long-form content that captivates and engages your audience—experience the future of content creation! 

Schedule & Post

Automated social media planner that decides when to schedule and publish content so you don’t have to do it yourself. 

Which feature will help you make that BIG difference?

Practina helped Maria grow her business through AI-powered ads

“Practina AI has been a valuable asset for our immigration consultancy firm. The platform's advanced analytics feature has provided us with in-depth insights into our marketing campaigns, allowing us to measure the effectiveness of our strategies and make data-driven decisions. We have also benefited greatly from Practina AI's targeted advertising capabilities, which have helped us reach a specific audience without costing a fortune.”

Maria S.

Practina, the cost-effective solution, surpasses any other digital marketing agency that would require 10 times the investment.

The choice is clear!

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That’s all for the July edition. Stay tuned for more updates and insights, we’ll be back next month.