Monthly Newsletter February, 2024

Practina has evolved beyond belief,  and it now has Super AI Powers!

Yes, our team successfully created a formula to give Practina Super AI Powers by combining research, AI expertise, digital marketing know-how, and a dash of super AI serum. The result? A more powerful, intelligent, and comprehensive Practina AI, ready to save your time and efforts!

Meet Lexi, Your Personal AI Assistant

Think of it this way, Lexi is the sidekick every superhero needs. Now, what does that mean? It means Lexi will be your go-to expert for all things digital. Be it turning your prompts into captivating social media posts, generating ad creatives, or helping you write industry-specific blogs. With an AI assistant by your side, you will never feel the need to hire a marketing team or exhaust your budget on extravagant pricing packages.

Make 2024 Your Most Profitable Year With Practina's New Superpowers

AI Ads

Let Practina AI handle your Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads hassle-free. Easily generate, customize, run, and track ads tailored for your brand, effortlessly boosting website traffic.

AI Content Creation

Practina’s generative AI capabilities are no longer limited to social media post creation. Now generate content in the form of ad creatives/copies and blogs as well!

Lead Center

Get notified instantly on your phone/email when a potential customer shows interest. Never miss an opportunity with Practina’s Lead Center. Manage, get notified via app notifications, and track your leads, all from one dashboard.

Reputation Management

Social listening is now easy as you can view all your reviews in one place. That’s not all, Practina automatically generates replies to both positive and negative reviews in the right way. Finally, Practina AI can automatically show off your best reviews on your social media channels and review platforms like Yelp for new customers to see!

And What Superhero Isn’t Multilingual? Yes, so, now there’s no holding you back!

What Do You Get?

A panel with different language options

Changing the language from the panel offers you the flexibility to view your personalized space in the language you prefer.

AI-generated multilingual content

Create social media posts, ad copies/creatives, blogs, and more in multiple languages. Speak your customers' language and win them over.

Updates to Our Privacy Policies and T&C

With new changes comes great responsibility, and we are committed to providing safe, transparent services. The changes in our updated policies will go into effect soon. Moreover, upon agreeing, businesses that sign up or log in will automatically be a part of the updated terms. 


The AI Adoption Roadmap: Easier Than You Think!

Sign Up

Access Practina’s new version via browser, mobile, or desktop app. Sign up using your phone number or email address.

Set-Up Account and Verify

Follow a straightforward verification process (email & phone number) through notifications at the top right of your panel. It's quick, easy and secure!

Personalize your Dashboard

Select your industry, specify the exact niche, and get access to your personalized panel for content generation. Also, don't forget to choose your preferred language to make your Practina experience truly yours.

Preparing Businesses for the AI Phase

There’s almost zero chance that your employees or you are not thinking ahead of the AI curve, especially in terms of the advantages AI portends for the future. Imagine this, a technology that helps you grow strategically, markets your brand, keeps your brand values intact, and establishes a strong digital foothold for the services you want your customers to benefit from.

Empowering businesses worldwide with the AI technology


Redefining digital marketing solutions with AI