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Be at the forefront of the AI R(EVOLUTION) with Practina. Not just keeping up, but setting the pace.

The Future of AI-Powered Marketing Is NOW. It Is PRACTINA! 

Build a Social Presence as Unique as Your Brand

Understanding the importance of brand identity, Practina now allows you to infuse your brand's essence directly into the content you generate. The content generated will mirror the unique personality and values of your brand, ensuring a more personalized and cohesive online presence.

Need Help Planning Your Content?

Practina's Got a Few Suggestions!

We understand that crafting the perfect post and being able to review and schedule them effortlessly can be daunting. That's why we offer a diverse selection of AI-recommended posts at your fingertips. You can conveniently drag and drop, and reschedule them on different days. 

With a variety of creative options to choose from, we're confident that your content planning will be on point.

And NOW, Reflect a Clearer

Brand Image With Premium Images

You now have the option to select premium images for your creatives! Simply browse our extensive search library, find the perfect image to complement your post, and purchase it directly within the platform. Talk about bringing a touch of sophistication and professionalism to your social posts and ads!

Latest On Ads:

Now Make Sure Everything Is in Order Before You Run an Ad! 

Introducing a streamlined experience within the ad flow for generating ads for Facebook and Instagram. Now, while creating ads, you will get an option to preview all the parameters needed to run an ad effectively.

When creating an ad to attract people to your business, you'll get an early glimpse of the form prospective customers will complete. The form will show the fields where they'll enter basic information before moving forward. This step will enable you to ensure you have everything in order before running an ad. 

And guess what, whether you're doing it on your computer or your mobile phone, it works the same way every time. So now, it's way easier to make sure you have access to the right tools for creating an ad using Practina.

Building a Name for Yourself Is Easy

When Practina Is In-Charge of Reputation Management!

YES, Practina enables you to view all your reviews in one place and turns negative reviews into positive interactions with prompt, courteous responses. That's not all, it automatically shares your best review on your social channels and reviews platforms, spreading approving word of mouth and fostering overall goodwill. 

The Highlight?

Custom Review Platform Integration

Practina NOW integrates with Demandforce and Trustpilot, alongside existing platforms like Facebook, Google My Business, and Yelp. Connect your profiles, and we'll aggregate your reviews in one place. Plus, with our new feature, generating responses to your reviews is streamlined, helping you engage with your audience more effectively.

What's New? 

Practina Converts Customer Reviews into Eye-Catching Images

This ingenious AI-assisted MAGIC allows you to turn reviews into beautiful image creatives. Harnessing AI-generated image templates enables you to instill confidence and command attention, while also reflecting how happy your customers are with your services.

What's Brewing for Excitement?

Posting real-life events, success stories, and behind-the-scenes, is about to get really easy! That's right, right from your phone gallery. But more on it in the next newsletter, stay curious! 

Our Customers Vouch for Us, and Why Shouldn't They?


Valentina Sierra

review review review review review

Practina team, thank you for this great software you made for healthcare professionals. Brian and Elena, I appreciate your dedication, follow ups and support. Elena you are awesome!


Ali rad

review review review review review

Your team at Practina has displayed dedication. We deeply appreciate your consistent follow-up and your unwavering support whenever we required assistance to complete this project. Thank you for your outstanding commitment.

Marketing success hinges on adaptability. From content generation to scheduling and from running ads to reputation management, adapt every process by leveraging Practina's AI capabilities! 

Ready, Superman?

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