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Currently, 51% of businesses are using social media marketing automation tools. The sharp rise in numbers explains how companies are beginning to see the value of marketing automation tools. It helps to streamline the business processes that enable them to engage with their customers anytime.

But there are frequently few or no answers for how successful marketing automation has been for a company. The efficiency of a marketing automation platform is hard to assess and time-consuming. 

You must stay on top of a changing industry in terms of product preferences and how you reach out to target customers. Dynamic investments may be necessary for this process.

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Evaluating a social media marketing and management tool’s qualitative and quantitative effectiveness can be a solution.



Let’s start with the subtle but essential indicators of a social media marketing automation tool’s effectiveness. While evaluating the ROI from it, you must consider these aspects.

1. Time-saving

The time you and the team save is where you may see or feel the difference. Time spent on the tasks you do with the automation tool must vary from manually completed tasks. The amount of time may change depending on the usage of the automation tool.

save time

Success would be when it used to take hours to follow up with a client base of hundred subscribers, and now, it just takes minutes.

2. Better personalization

80% of companies report seeing an improvement since implementing personalization. According to studies, 91% of consumers are more likely to shop with brands that recognize, remember, and provide relevant offers and recommendations.

Imagine modifying each channel’s communication based on each consumer’s previous interactions and purchases. It is nearly impossible if your company is expanding. Nevertheless, if you have a social media marketing and management tool, you can do this on a large scale and offer customized purchasing experiences.

3. Increased scalability

You have the chance to enter global markets as an e-commerce company with a variety of product offers. But imagine trying to communicate with those customers manually on a large scale. Your expanding pace may reduce by the time it takes to manually send emails and messages to customers or follow up on abandoned carts.

Increased scalability

By automating individualized communications, marketing automation software frees up your time from these responsibilities. It may grow with your business and handle multiple customers simultaneously. 

4. Stay competitive

The e-commerce market is expanding daily, giving the average customer different brand options to purchase from. With social media marketing automation, you can access all your data in one location and evaluate the complete picture.

Yet, it also aids in identifying the shifting consumer preferences across various market groups. By lowering the number of customers who switch to competitors, you can plan and modify your efforts to stay competitive.

5. Target customers across channels

E-commerce is evolving quickly since an average person encounters 6000 to 10,000 ads daily. Customers are quick to switch brands. It makes it crucial for businesses to be at the forefront of their customer’s minds. 


You can simultaneously communicate on several channels if you use marketing automation software. Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, PPC ads, site push alerts, and other campaigns can all be automated.

6. Improved productivity

A marketing automation platform helps you increase productivity by saving time and making money for your e-commerce firm. When intelligent automation handles repetitive chores, you can concentrate more on tasks that require a manual approach. It increases output, helps manage daily duties, and frees up backlogs.

7. Improved scheduling and organization

With the help of solid marketing automation technology, you can plan campaigns for a whole season across various platforms. Social media automation tools give you total control over launching and suspending your marketing campaigns.

It assists you as the owner of a company in maintaining consistency and organization.


Here are a few factors that can enable you to determine the ROI of your marketing automation software if you’re seeking specific figures.

1. Enhanced marketing ROI

Accurate reporting on all fronts and established processes are features of a marketing automation platform. It gives you a comprehensive understanding of what’s working for you and measures your performance across numerous channels.


With the ability to monitor the effectiveness of all your campaigns from a single dashboard, you can quickly adjust your marketing strategies. It includes reading about changing customer preferences and demographics to increase your return on investment.

2. Reduced staff cost

Marketing automation does more than save time for you. It also helps you save money on the resources you would have needed to handle many operations and procedures for your business.

A marketing automation platform, for instance, should decrease the number of people needed to monitor incoming client inquiries across all channels. 

As it can integrate with other tools, such as a CRM, it is simpler for the support team to stay on top of conversations. It allows you to save time switching between platforms.

3. Increased revenue

The marketing automation tool opens up several upsell and cross-sell opportunities by enabling you to customize your marketing campaigns across the customer lifecycle. According to research, you can notice an average boost of 10–30% in your income with greater personalization and proactive involvement.

Additionally, marketing automation software will enable you to track the effectiveness of various offers and products across target client categories. It can assist you in developing a better strategy to increase the revenues you generate.

4. Recovery of abandoned carts

Around 69% of buyers abandon carts while shopping online. Nevertheless, you can capitalize on this customer intent and tailor your reminders across all channels with marketing automation. You can develop a series of clever follow-ups simultaneously to get your message heard. 

5. Improved customer value

Your client retention rate can improve through higher customer satisfaction. Most consumers think they’ll stick with the same company if they can customize their interactions and engage in proactive context-rich communication.

Improved customer value


Due to digitization and despite the pandemic, the e-commerce sector has been expanding quickly. Nevertheless, the expanding digitalization is fueling the competition businesses must face to attract new clients and engage current ones.


A marketing automation platform aids the strategic and sustainable growth of the brand in highly competitive and turbulent markets. It provides businesses with automation, customized processes, and improved visibility into data from all digital touchpoints.

That is precisely why top companies integrate digital marketing automation platforms like Practina into their system. It allows them to manage all their social media channels from one dashboard and get the most in return for their investment. 

Practina AI automatically carries out all the manual marketing chores for businesses so they can pay attention to other necessary tasks.

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