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Businesses are striving to leave an impact on their audience through Instagram marketing. With billions of users on the social platform, it’s time to get creative and drive growth. This article will help you rev up your strategy for 2024 and beyond. 

Today, Instagram is the second most popular platform used by marketers thanks to its growing number of users every day. Whether they’re major brands or local shops, businesses are getting real results with the photo-sharing platform like never before.

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Did you know 90% of people on Instagram follow at least one business account?

People use it to find things they love or care about, including businesses like yours. But the bigger issue is how prepared you are to acquire your new customer on Instagram. 

No matter if you are new to the network or a seasoned pro, a foolproof marketing strategy & Instagram auto-post tool are all you need to succeed.

Are You Ready To Build Your Business With Instagram?

Before jumping to Instagram marketing, you’ll need to set up an Instagram business account. 

Here’s how:

You need a business account for Instagram if:

  • you’re just getting started
  • you’re using your personal account to promote your business

Step 1: Get the app

Download the Instagram app from Google Play Store (if you’re an Android user), Windows Phone Store (if you have Windows Phone), or App Store (if you’re an iOS user).

Step 2: Sign-up/Sign-in

Use your email address to sign-up on Instagram or use your Facebook account to sign in. Create your username and password. Fill out your profile info.

Step 3: Switch to Business Account for free

On the top-right, tap the hamburger icon>Settings>Account>Switch to a professional account.  Just add pertinent business information you want to display on your profile.

Step 4: All Set

Leverage Instagram to connect with your audience and be recognized as a brand.

If you already have a business account, it’s high time to reach more people who will love your services, products, and offerings.

Create a marketing plan and consider using an Instagram post planner & scheduler such as Practina to get the most from the platform.

9 Instagram Marketing Tips You Can’t Afford To Ignore

1. Define Your Instagram Marketing Goals

Instagram is a powerful social media marketing tool. But you can’t utilize the opportunities it offers until you know what you want to achieve with it.

Ask yourself these questions to define your goals on Instagram:

  • Are you trying to build your social presence?
  • Do you want to establish yourself as a trusted brand?
  • Do you want to increase your customer base?
  • Are you attempting to get new leads?

You may even want to achieve different objectives through the social network. So you need a clear vision of your Instagram marketing goals to create a sound strategy to get you there.

To do so, conduct an Instagram audit to know where you stand currently. Also, analyze what’s important for your business and set a S.M.A.R.T. goal framework accordingly. It ensures your success at marketing your business on Instagram.

2. Knowing your target audience

Most marketers fail to identify their audience segment. They can’t identify who can be best reached and easily converted into a customer. 

Moreover, just defining your social media audience is not everything. Instead, you need to get specific here. Therefore, creating an audience persona based on demographics is what you need to do. It’ll include age, location, time zone, interests, challenges, pain points, and other important factors.

But how will you gather all this information? Well, from your own customer database. Your existing customers can help you understand who’ll likely be interested in your business on Instagram.

Once you know your target audience, you will learn what people are seeking from businesses like you. Now, reach them with customer-oriented and business-specific content.

3. Optimize your Instagram Bio

Your Instagram business account is your first impression. Make sure your official bio displays your brand personality in the most dynamic way within 150 characters.


Well, you need to convince your audience how your business will make a difference in their lives. Optimizing your business account with interesting details will help showcase what your brand is all about.

Furthermore, you can use hashtags, play with emojis, use line breaks, and even add a compelling call to action to your bio. Also, sharing your website and using your logo as your profile picture can help add credibility to your Instagram business account.

4. Create visually compelling images

If someone visits your business profile on Instagram, why should they stay or follow you? The answer is quite simple – if they love your content.

Instagram is all about visuals. The more appealing your posts are, the more likely are visitors to connect with you. Make sure the content you share is exactly what your audience is looking for.

Your images can be nice but are they unique, diverse, and engaging?

If not, you will struggle to maximize your reach and build a strong follower base on Instagram.

Therefore, share Instagram posts that add value, are appealing & well-crafted, and tell your brand story. Memes, infographics, tips & facts, latest trends, and news are the best ways to deliver a diverse range of content.

Not sure what to post? Instagram auto-post tools such as Practina can help you create compelling images and videos worthy of a quick like/comment and even a share.

5. Great captions for aesthetic images

Yes, visuals on Instagram represent your brand look. But ignoring captions can crush your brand voice dramatically. Make sure your captions (just like your visuals) follow a consistency across all posts.

Write captions just for the sake of writing is of no help. A great Instagram caption is relevant, engaging, and on-brand. Also, a formal or serious tone isn’t what most Instagram users expect. Instead, keep your captions crisp, light, or whimsy (if appropriate).

Additional Tip: The most important part of your Instagram captions is hashtags. Use relevant hashtags wisely to increase your visibility and discoverability.
For instance, hashtags for medspa marketing may include: #medspa #skincare #botox #beauty #antiaging #aesthetics #healthyskin #glowingskin

Do you think you need help writing the very best captions? Practina creates the entire post for you including visuals, captions, and hashtags. Make your Instagram marketing simple with the best Instagram auto-post tool.

6. Use Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a key part of a great marketing strategy. About 4 million brands are advertisers on Instagram stories. Are you one of them? If not, you are already lacking behind your competitors!

It’s time to play on the front foot and nail your brand’s visual identity through Instagram stories. Although Instagram displays them just for 24 hours, adding highlights is the best way to preserve them. It’ll boost your bio and work as an incredible extra component. 

Also, make sure your stories are more real, raw, and align with your brand identity. 

7. Experiment with Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are the best way to connect with your audience in the form of quick-and-easily-digestible content. They are popular not only among Gen Z but also in businesses.

The 15 seconds video content format comes with several editing tools and can be shared on your feed and stories. A perfect Instagram reel allows you to convey your business to people interested in your services or products.

Use Instagram Reels for: 

  • Creating educational content
  • Displaying your services or products
  • Sharing your brand story
  • Announcing your sales and offers

Create Instagram reels with a more compelling content strategy that will lead to high engagement. Just give it a try!

8. Post at the right times

Are you posting on Instagram at the right time? No matter how valuable, unique, or appealing your content is, make sure your posts reach the target audience at optimal times. Studies show that the best time to post on Instagram depends upon your industry.

Some examples of the best times to publish content, by industry:

Travel & Tourism – Friday between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.

Media & Entertainment – Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 3 p.m.

Food & Beverages – Fridays at 12 p.m

But you don’t have to always stick to what studies suggest. Your brand is unique and has a specific audience. So, dig deep into your Instagram analytics and analyze the activity of your followers. You may notice that the engagement rate is higher at a certain time(s) of the day.

Publish your posts when a majority of your audience is active. Since you have other important business tasks to focus on, doing so may seem overwhelming.

The best approach is to schedule your posts in advance using the best Instagram Post Scheduler such as Practina. It adapts to your style and audience preferences to create, schedule, and publish posts automatically at optimal times. 

9. Grow your business with Instagram ads

Today, running Instagram ads has become a key tool for marketers. It’s not only an effective strategy but also easy to implement. Since it is a paid marketing trick, you should identify your spending limits per result.

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The great news is you can do a little Instagram advertising with almost any budget.

The platform offers you different ad formats such as Stories ads, Photo ads, Video ads, Explore ads, and Instagram Shopping ads. Every ad format helps you meet different goals. You can change your ad type choices over time to enhance your Instagram advertising strategy.

But creating outstanding ads for Instagram can be a daunting task. If it overwhelms you, try Practina. It’ll help create and manage targeted ads to reach the right customers. The biggest advantage is the ad creation system is completely free to use. You only pay for the ads you run!

Choose an Automated Instagram Marketing Approach With The Best Social Media Tool

Instagram marketing is an ongoing process. We hope these tips will help fire up your strategy. But do you think you are leveraging the plethora of business opportunities and potential on Instagram?

Probably not.

Manually handling Instagram can be challenging. 

So, the best time to choose an automated approach is now. Try using an app to manage all social media and not just Instagram.

Are you looking for the best social media tool?

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Here are the reasons that make Practina the best ai social media marketing tool:

  • Practina automatically creates a variety of social media posts based on your industry and audience preferences.
  • It crafts complete posts with hashtags, visuals, and engaging captions so you stand out from the rest.
  • It automatically schedules your posts a week in advance.
  • You can reach your followers at optimal times.
  • You can grow your customer base by publishing to all social media accounts at the same time.
  • It creates customized posts for special days, offers, and holidays.
  • It shares the best customer reviews as posts to build your brand reputation.
  • Practina helps you refine your strategy with accurate analytics.
  • It is an affordable and simple-to-use social media management tool.

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