Encourage Positive Reviews and Tackle Negatives Ones Effortlessly

Turn negative reviews into positive interactions

Practina enables you to promptly address negative reviews by analyzing them and generating courteous responses. You can also generate multiple responses until you have the perfect one. This allows you to resolve queries and concerns your customers may have, turning it into an opportunity to rebuild the relationship.

Encourage positive reviews through invitations

Send review invitations based on your interactions and experiences using Practina AI, and encourage clients to vouch for you online. But that's not all – Practina goes a step further by automatically sharing your top reviews on your social handles, enhancing your overall reputation and fostering goodwill.

Real-time customer sentiment analysis

Know what your customers think about you in real-time with its sentiment analysis. Remember, customer reviews reveal valuable insights into their experience. This, in turn, allows you to identify the scope of improvement and improvise accordingly, providing you with a competitive edge.

Ace your reputation management.

Reviews allow you to speak positively about your business.