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Today, social media has turned out to be the most powerful marketing tool. Businesses that get their efforts right are unlocking endless opportunities across social platforms. But many marketers are still solving the puzzle to create engaging content, build brand recognition, and remain ahead of the curve.

Here’s when the concept of branded content emerges. It is an innovative and strategic way to post appealing content on social media.


Branded posts mean sharing authentic, original content with your business logo and other details on social media. It is the most effective way to let people remember your brand. Also, it builds business credibility as you establish yourself as a recognized brand and stand out among competitors.

Now that you know what branded posts are, it’s time to learn what type of content you can use.


Here’s how you can use regular content as branded content.

Client testimonials or customer messages

Sharing what your customers say or think about you is an effective way to showcase yourself as a reliable brand. Studies show that 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a brand. Also, people believe in real customers more than celebrities. 

Here’s how Dove, a renowned beauty brand, uses customer testimonials in its feed, and people love them.


What’s a better way to show how your services are making your client’s life easy and better than sharing the before and after pictures? Make sure to take permission from your clients before publishing their pictures on social media.

Here’s an example from Garnier, showcasing how its products help transform the looks of the customers.

– Awards, Accomplishments, and Announcements

Have you achieved a milestone in your business journey or recently won an award? Why not share it on social media & celebrate the success with your audience? Did you launch a new product or service? Let your audience know on social media. Studies show that brands that announce their achievements to their customers and target audiences unlock business opportunities and earn social proof of success.

Domino’s is always doing it right when it comes to making announcements.

– Expansion such as new hires, service/product lines, or property/office spaces

Whether you have grown your team, introduced new services/products, or expanded your office, share it on social media. Your growth is one of the most effective content that will leave a lasting impact on your target audience.

Have you heard about Samsung’s Galaxy Watch? Look how amazingly Samsung shared a branded post for the same.

– Word of Inspiration

Sometimes all your target audience needs is a little hope and positivity. So, never ignore the power of motivational quotes, inspirational stories, or positive notes, and readily share them as social media posts.

Look how one of the finest real estate brands does it.

– Showcase your products/services/USPs

Are you better than your competitors? Show the same to people who are looking for your products or services. Make sure you describe your unique selling points in the caption below.

Here’s how Intrepid, a renowned name in the travel industry, creatively showcases its services.

– Team spotlight

Did you know that content shared by employees receives 8X more engagement than content shared by brand channels? So, tell the world about your team. Ask them to share your branded posts on social media in their stories or posts from their personal accounts. Each employee wants to be appreciated at work, so your team will happily do it.

Have a look at how Starbucks shares inspiring stories of its team on social media.

– Corporate social responsibility

Being a business, you hold a social responsibility. So, it’s important to run social campaigns and spread awareness in the world. You can share the visuals of how you are making a difference and helping the community.

Have a glance at how L’Oréal Paris is standing against street harassment in collaboration with celebrities.

-Hashtag Campaign

Hashtags are an inseparable part of social media strategy. So, launch a campaign with a hashtag and go viral on social media. Encourage your followers, team, friends, and existing customers to use the same hashtag on their posts and ask them to tag/ or mention you. Now, you will have turned them into content creators for your brand. Repost the content as your branded posts.

Here’s how Anytime Fitness encourages its clients to use its unique hashtag in posts and inspire others.

There are numerous ideas to create branded content. Also, you can creatively use regular content as branded posts on social media. The ideas shared above are some of the best examples, to begin with. Sharing custom-branded posts on your social media will help your business grow.

Wondering how?

Learn the benefits of including branded posts to upscale your social media marketing strategy.


  • Enhanced Credibility– Branded posts make your business look more authentic on social media. 
  • Better Audience Engagement– When you share branded content on social media, your audience will find it original, fresh, unique, and appealing. Thus, people will connect with you on a larger level, improving engagement.
  • Improved Brand Reputation– Your branded posts are yours. No other business can claim or use them. So, you will be the only business posting such unique content on social media. Hence, your audience will find you genuine and respect your brand.
  • Increased Conversion Potential- Branded content drives more engagement, and more engagement means more leads which ultimately means more conversions. No doubt, branded posts help you thrive.
  • Targeted Ads– The key to success on social media is using paid and organic strategies to grow. So, you can use branded posts as customized ads and see how they level up your social media branding game.
  • Increased Brand Advocacy– Branded content improves engagement and helps you win the trust of your audience. Hence, posts with your brand logo and other details help you get a loyal fan base.
  • Established Brand Persona– Branded content on social media is a proven way to tell your target audience about your business values. Also, you can easily convey the right business message to your audience. Thus, branded posts help increase brand visibility and show off its personality.

Now that you know everything about branded posts, it’s time to learn how to create them.


Branding on social media is time-consuming and requires a lot of skills. You need to make every post count. Each picture or video you publish on social media must align with your brand’s theme, values, and mission.

Here are some tips for creating branded posts:

1. Use high-quality pictures

It is crucial to understand that your visuals can make or break your brand on social media. So, always choose HD pictures and videos to share on social platforms.

2. Add a logo

The next thing you need to make sure of is placing the logo on every visual before publishing it. You must determine a specific size for your logo. Once you decide on the size, it must be consistently placed on all pictures and videos without overpowering the design of the visual. Also, your logo must be placed at the center (top or bottom of the image) or aligned to the left or right corner.

3. Add other details

Now, creatively add your website information, contact number, and other business details (if any) to the visuals. Wisely choose font types and colors (maximum 2 or 3) and use them while making branded posts.

4. Use templates

To make your visuals more appealing and professional, use layouts & templates of the same color as your brand. Not only this. Make sure you choose template designs that compliment your brand message and personality.

5. Resize Your Visuals

Make sure the size of the visuals goes with the standard size recommended by different social media channels. In case you need to resize the visual, do it carefully without affecting its quality or beauty.

6. Enhance your visuals

Next, use filters, color correctors, and other elements to enhance your visuals. Once done, your visuals are all set to be published on social channels, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

7. Publish branded posts

Although you have branded content ready for publishing, ensure you share the posts at the best time when most of your target audience is active. It will help you gain maximum engagement and drive growth on social media.

Here’s what a branded post looks like:

But creating a branded post is overwhelming… isn’t it?

What if we tell you there is an alternate way to create custom-branded posts? So good to be true, right?

The revolutionary Practina Gallery feature makes it possible. 

Just add business images of your choice to the gallery with a description, and that’s it. Practina, the most dynamic social media marketing tool, will automatically enhance and turn them into branded posts for you. It will also schedule them for publishing at the best times across all your social media accounts.


Branded posts are indeed a game changer for your business when it comes to social media marketing. If you want to grow faster than your competitors, the choice is simple — use Practina Gallery. It’s time to be an innovative business owner.

The choice is simple

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