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The chiropractic market is a staggering $15.3 billion industry, projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4.32% by 2025. The American Chiropractic Association estimated that there were around 80,000 chiropractic professionals in the USA in 2020, with 2,500 new chiropractors entering the market every year.

The figures say it all. Chiropractic marketing is becoming competitive every day. Today, you’ll find a chiropractor in almost every city or town, from big, multi-doctor healthcare practices to general physicians with a simple sign on their door.

Given that there are so many choices, how will you stand apart from the competition and grab the attention of your target audience?

If you’re ready to level up your chiropractic marketing game in 2021, but have no idea where to start, this blog is for you!

Here, we’ll discuss the top ten chiropractic marketing tips to bring your business in front of more prospects.

10 Chiropractic Marketing Ideas to Attract More Patients

#1: Make Your Brand a Statement

Your brand is the first point of contact for patients. It should convey a unique story, credibility, and experience.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to measure the effectiveness of different brand components: 

Logo – Does your logo represent your practice’s personality?

Bio – Does your business’s bio showcase what makes you unique?

Vision – Does your brand effectively convey your message, specialties, and background in its visual assets?

If not, it’s time for a makeover! You can research different chiropractic logo designs online for inspiration.

After you have designed an interesting logo, ensure you show it off across your practice and marketing materials (both online & offline). Maintaining consistency will make your brand recognizable and build trust within your network.

#2: Give Your Website A Redesign

Around 77% of people research symptoms, treatments, and healthcare providers online before making an appointment.

When did you last update or redesign your website? Since a website generally has a 3-5 years shelf life, you need to periodically redesign it so that it stays up-to-date and trendy. Furthermore, it needs to be designed according to the current preferences of your potential patients.

Other than a catchy design and interesting theme, content on your site also plays a key role in attracting new patients. People are smart and more aware these days when choosing between products or services. As per Google Trends, back pain is the most frequently searched term in health. If your chiropractic practice offers back pain relief, then you must include such search terms across your website content to drive organic traffic.

Not sure if your website is conversion-friendly? Check if it:

  • Differentiates your practice from competitors.
  • Reflects your ideal patients (adults, children, athletes, elderly, etc).
  • Is mobile-friendly? It should be accessible on smartphones, desktops, and tablets.
  • Has professionally written content that grabs the attention of your prospective patients and conveys your services with ease.
  • Has high-quality photos of your practice, team, and you.
  • Has a site map to guide a visitor toward finding the right service, booking an appointment, or contacting you with suitable calls to action.

#3: Use Demographic Data to Target Your Audience

35 million patients see a chiropractor each year, which is estimated to increase in the future.

So you want to reach your audience better. Why not create a specific chiropractic marketing campaign instead of a general one? Doing so will help you gather user data across major social media platforms & allow you to target potential customers based on: 

  • Age
  • Location
  • Income
  • Business affiliation
  • Education level
  • Health & wellness

Once you have selected a specific audience, try to learn more about them using demographic data and create another targeted campaign. This chiropractic marketing tip will help you inform them about your practice better as you know their likes, preferences, and pain points.

#4: Prioritize Social Media Marketing

The world is becoming more social than ever, so it’s important for your chiropractic business to maintain active profiles on major social media platforms as well. Focus on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business initially.

Use these social media sites to create awareness among both new and existing patients. Remember that social media serves more as a brand awareness medium than a sales tactic. Make sure you share content that fits the platform and engages the audience instead of pushing them away with over-promotional posts. 

Not sure how to come up with engaging, accurate, and trending content for your practice? Use an intelligent social media marketing for chiropractors, such as Practina! It will create, schedule, and publish posts that are tailored to your business and respective industry!

When you connect with your audience without seeming pushy, you attract them naturally towards conversion.

Pro tip: Share informative content on health, tips on spinal care, share links to your blog, and give followers the latest updates from your practice.

#5: Don’t Underestimate Email Marketing

Although the majority of chiropractors consider social media marketing to grow their business, there’s no harm in combining some different tactics to boost your efforts. Some strategies, such as email marketing, can bring you noticeable results!

Email is still one of the savviest ways to get new leads. For every dollar spent, you get an approximate 40X return! Furthermore, advanced email marketing software and template designs have made the process of creating and sending emails to your prospects a breeze.

Nurture your existing patients with email marketing to keep your practice top-of-mind & promote additional services!

Any idea what to send to your patients? You can start with a special offer, new service, info on an upcoming event, or simply a heads-up on your practice to get a better response. You can also persuade them to subscribe to your monthly newsletter for tips on chiropractic care, wellness, and health advice.

#6: Use Reviews to Your Advantage

Want to make the most of social media marketing for chiropractors? Consider using patient reviews and testimonials to your advantage! To get started, search your practice name on Google and find all the reviews concerning your services or business. If you can’t find any, maybe you need to set up a captivating & trustworthy profile on the major review sites.

Got some happy reviews? Cross-check for details & information before proceeding further. Post them on your social accounts and don’t forget to thank patients who left positive comments or reviews. In case of a negative review, stay calm and respond with something optimistic to show you take feedback positively.

If you feel overwhelmed with managing your practice and searching for reviews across the internet, let social media automated tools do the job for you! Even better, Practina can gather all your 5-star reviews, turn them into intriguing posts, and share them on all your social accounts!

#7: Be Consistent With Blogs/Guest Blogging

Google made it clear websites that regularly update high-quality, informative content rank higher.

Doing it for the first time? Post at least two pieces of content weekly with relevant, educational, and engaging information on your website. Doing so will not only boost your Google search rankings but will also foster brand awareness. Blogging additionally helps showcase your practice as a trustworthy business in the chiropractic community.

Be visible at the top of search engine results & convert new patients by actively responding to common questions and sharing useful information. Ensure your content has diversity — the latest health and wellness trends, chiropractic care, tips, and self-care.

Other than blogs, make sure you regularly share interesting social media posts on your accounts.

Want to set a unique voice for your brand? Let Practina automate your chiropractic social media marketing by publishing customized posts. You can even set preferences to business-specific posts, where the smart tool will follow your brand logo, theme, font, & style in each image or video post.

Pro tip — To make things easier, you can maintain a weekly editorial calendar with a captivating blog and post ideas. Try to address questions and concerns your target audience commonly searches for to show you’re there to help them when they need a chiropractor!

#8: Video Marketing is the New Trend

Video is one of the best marketing tools in the healthcare industry, and your chiropractic practice is no exception. High-quality, engaging videos can:

  • Make a strong first impression.
  • Show the value you add to your services.
  • Launch new procedures.
  • Share patient testimonials.

— all through one medium! 

Why are patient testimonials/review videos useful?

Research shows that 86% of patients read reviews for local businesses.

With your patients’ permission and consent, add testimonial videos to your chiropractic website and social accounts. Such “social proof” inspires your audience to see first-hand experiences of happy patients and motivates them to expect the same when they choose you for chiropractic care.

If you feel creating good videos or GIFs for your practice is challenging, consider using a smart ai social media marketing tool. Don’t forget to thank your patients for sharing their feedback!

#9: Keep Your Listings Updated & Accurate

Your Google My Business page will guide new patients to your practice, access your contact information and website directly, and even read patient reviews. If you haven’t updated accurate location and contact details, you are simply missing out on new patients & increasing negative reviews.

Pro tip: Make sure you have a clear and latest profile photo, not an avatar.

#10: Experiment With Targeted Ads

Google and Facebook collect different forms of data about their users. It ranges from their browsing behavior, search history, and even their lifestyle preferences.

All that data comes in handy for advertising. Today, Facebook, Google, and other major online platforms help you target audiences with significant detail, such as their:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Language
  • Financial status
  • Education level
  • Business affiliation
  • Home
  • Parents
  • Fitness & wellness
  • Ethnic affinity
  • Political affiliation

And more.

For instance, you could create an ad campaign to target parents with $80k or more annual income who are interested in chiropractic care for their kids or themselves. You could target employees under 50 years with purchase behavior showing they buy a lot of painkillers. You could reach them online or offline, telling them why your chiropractic practice is beneficial for them, how you can help, and other details.

Facebook already offers many features for targeted advertising. Now, Google Smart Ads offers the same advertising features to make your chiropractic marketing more meaningful. The ever-evolving machine learning capabilities of these platforms offer dual benefits:

  • Target people actively searching for a chiropractor.
  • Target people who need a chiropractor, but are not currently searching at the moment.

Social media marketing tools such as Practina can make your campaign successful with its Smart Ads for Google. You can learn about your audience better with the help of demographic data and use it to connect, convince, & convert more leads!

Get Social Now to Grow Your Chiropractic Business!

Chiropractic social media marketing is a key to success in 2021 and beyond. If your practice is still not visible on social media, you’re losing a big opportunity to drive patient retention, referrals, & new business. Furthermore, engaging your existing & potential patients on social media keeps your practice top-of-mind, boosting repeat appointments & more referrals.

Let Practina simplify social media marketing for chiropractors with its AI-driven features, customized posts, and smart ads while you sit back & focus on your practice!

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