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The legal world is competitive and demanding, but being a lawyer is one of the most renowned professions. Some law graduates work with big law firms at the start of their career, but over time, about 49% of them start practicing privately.

Law schools educate candidates about the law, but not enough about the business side of things. However, when you run your own law firm, it becomes critical to know both. Read this blog to learn about useful marketing tips that can help you run your law business successfully.

If you want to be the most popular and influential lawyer, you must focus on evolving with the changing times and explore all of the modern-day marketing avenues. You cannot expect to attract new-age clients who desire an innovative approach using old-school methods. This marketing guide will help you stay on the right track towards growing your law firm.

Behold, the top seven marketing tips for lawyers:

1. Start building and promoting your brand.

The first important step towards creating a successful law business is to have a good strategy for building your brand. Brand building is more than designing merchandise and business cards. Your potential clients should be able to clearly see what you stand for and be convinced with the message you show them. 

Reflect on the elements you want to use while building your brand that portray your dedication and conviction towards your customers. Outline your unique selling proposition to convince your customers while you promote your brand. This will help you stand out to your target audience due to your unique expertise.

For example, you can mention that you are the ‘best bankruptcy law firm’ or the ‘best divorce lawyer’ in your area. You can also bring up your experience and highlight that when promoting your brand.

2. Have a user-friendly and dynamic website.

People look up everything on the internet, which means that you need to have a website for your law firm so they can easily find you. The best websites for law firms are those that are easy for people to navigate and visually appealing. You can also collect your website visitors’ data by adding a short form to each page for people to leave their details in exchange for a free incentive you can offer them.

Make sure your web pages include content that is true to your practice. A website is your portfolio, so make use of it in the best way possible. You can feature details about all your services, case studies, achievements and awards, customer testimonials, and even frequently asked questions.

3. Create and update original content regularly.

Impressive and original content can help you attract more customers. Most law firms undervalue the power of good content, however, it is an inbound marketing strategy that can help you attract and retain more traffic to your website. 

It is essential to keep your website updated with content whenever there are any changes or additions to your firm. You can share important details related to your practice and expertise so that those seeking your services can find valuable information through your website. 

You can experiment with the tone of your content by publishing blogs regularly on your website to become regarded as the most trusted legal information center. This can also ensure that you keep driving traffic to your website.

4. Utilize your social media.

One of the best ways to reach more people online is through social media. The best part is that you can control the amount of money you spend on your social media marketing. This is a modern-day marketing channel that delivers great results. 

Even though there are many social media platforms, it doesn’t mean you have to have a presence on all of them. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram are some of the best social media platforms to promote your legal firm. Social media can help you sell your services and convert your targeted audience faster because you get to communicate directly with them. 

Given the demanding schedule of your profession, you can’t afford to invest much time in managing your social media marketing. Your business can benefit from a professional management tool that can strategize and automatically take care of your business’s social media marketing for you. You can run ads with audience targeting to reach the ideal clients who are looking for your services.

5. Become acquainted with search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is a tool to improve your business’s website ranking on search engines including Google, Bing, and Yahoo. It is closely related to content marketing, where you have to insert specific keywords matching your business type and services in your website content. This takes place through the inclusion of keywords on your website’s landing pages and also blogs. 

This can be a helpful tool to instantly connect with people looking for legal services in your local area. It is important to appear in the top ten search results so that your legal firm can be found by prospective clients immediately. 

6. Take advantage of your positive reviews.

According to a study, 72% of customers feel that positive reviews and testimonials help them to have more faith and trust in a business. You can take advantage of your customer reviews left on Google, Facebook, or Yelp pages just like any other business. 

It is best to request your previous or existing clients to leave their testimonials for you so that you can share them on your webpage or social media and attract more customers in the future. Automated tools can pull your best reviews from Google, Facebook, and Yelp and post across all of your social media accounts instantaneously.

7. Analyze your marketing efforts.

Studying your marketing efforts can help you identify all the loopholes in your strategy. It can also show if your tactics are getting any results for your business. A social media marketing tool can help you track your results and establish your key performance indicators.

An analysis must be done periodically to gauge your marketing approach closely and align it with changing trends in the market. If you want your legal firm to stay at the top of its game, make sure to invest time in analyzing your efforts.

Final thoughts

Once you begin using these tricks, you won’t struggle in retaining your existing clients and attracting new ones. 

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