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Are you finding it difficult to make your dental practice stand out? Competing with other companies can often make you doubt your marketing strategies. Word of mouth is no longer enough to get people to notice your dental brand and more business. 

You may be using a strategy that no longer works or outdated promotion tactics. Keeping up with social trends and meeting your target audience’s needs can constantly fluctuate. There’s nothing to worry about because there are ways to improve your online presence and the turnover rate. 

There are specific aspects within your business that should receive extra attention. Doing so can significantly improve your audience’s engagement rate and overall response. With the right marketing strategy, you can improve in these areas of your business. 

Building patient trust is crucial

People don’t want to risk their chances by trying out a new dentist and then deciding whether they like them. Gaining your patient’s trust beforehand is necessary these days, and doing so online will benefit your business. You must prove to your audience that you’re a reliable dental practice offering exceptional services.

Educating patients on how you are different from other dentists is critical

You want to showcase how your practice stands out from others. What makes you different? Do you offer better services? Is your staff more experienced? Or, do you offer promotions that others don’t? Discussing the quality of your service is an essential part of dental marketing online. 

Authentic interaction is vital

Letting your patients know that you care will create more authenticity for your business. Being approachable and creating direct connections with your patients online will make you more reliable in their eyes. You can maintain professionalism without having to hack down customers to interact consistently. 

Building a reputation is important 

The right marketing strategy will help you build a positive reputation online. Your online persona will say everything about your practice, something highly considered by audiences. Ensure you are featuring the best reviews from your patients and showcasing them on all your platforms. Kind, positive comments and shares will increase your list of potential customers. It’ll influence more people to choose your dental practice over others. 

Familiarizing patients with dental care is necessary 

Educating your audience on dental care benefits will have them consider your services. Your patients will understand why they shouldn’t neglect dental care. Informative content will influence your audience to want to learn more about dental care services. It will also increase your patients’ trust, establishing your dental practice as one of the industry leaders. 

Top Marketing Tips To Help Improve Your Dental Practice’s Online Presence 

1. Leverage Paid Ads 

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If you want to expand your reach beyond your followers, investing in ads will help. A dental social media marketing tool like Practina offers Smart ads feature to help you reach people actively searching for services such as yours. For example, a user might be looking for a suitable dentist to start an Invisalign treatment. With AI technology, Practina will showcase your ad to the users searching for this service and present your dental practice as a top option. 

The best part about ads is that you can track their success. Analytics such as the number of views, clicks, or visits to your website is accessible. These analytics help you view the success of your ad and allow room to make improvements. 

2. Choose Your Audience Wisely

Define your target audience and the type of customers you aim to attract the most. It could be older patients who require dental fixtures, millennials looking to improve their smiles or teenagers who need reconstructive work for their developing bodies. 

You can decide what type of content to create by targeting a specific demographic. It’ll also become easier to determine which social platforms to use and put your efforts there. For example, if you’re trying to reach millennials, the best platform is Instagram, whereas a platform like Facebook is better for attracting a slightly older audience. 

3. Share Quality Content 

Most people online don’t want to see unpleasant images of the inside of someone’s mouth. However, specific detailed photos can help. Content, such as a quick video of a dentist performing a successful procedure, can help your audience understand the process and care behind your service. 

It’s another way to build trust amongst your patients by showing them how you treat those who visit your clinic. Images of a happy client or the products you use will also give your audience insight into the quality of your practice. 

If you cannot create engaging content on your own or don’t have the time, automate your social media with Practina. Just set it and forget it!

4. Show Off Before and After Transformations

Before and after photos or videos do well for dental practices. Who doesn’t love a successful transformation post? Some patients see drastic changes after dental treatments. For example, photos or videos of a patient before and after getting braces are an excellent way to show your audience their benefits. You can also post before and after photos for services, such as cavities, chipped teeth, misaligned jaws, etc. The goal is to present the effectiveness of your services and how you can improve the lives of your patients. 

Credit: Dentist Showing a Fake Jaw

5. Repost Customer Content 

Photos, story mentions, direct messages, or Google reviews are all content that should receive attention. Showing customer appreciation on your social platforms is one of the best ways to build authenticity and reputation. You want to influence your audience through the words of others over your own. 

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People highly consider others’ opinions when purchasing a service or product. When you repost someone’s experience or review, viewers are more likely to share that content with family and friends looking for dental services. 

6. Have Referral Bonuses 

Creating a referral program is an effective marketing strategy. The Pride Institute reports that 93% of people trust recommendations from friends. Advertising online will increase your website traffic and will have more new patients considering your dental practice. 

But offering some sort of bonus to your existing patients for referring new patients can motivate others to do the same. 

You can consistently advertise the program through stories or post it on social media platforms. Be sure to have it visible on your website and let patients know when they visit the clinic. 

7. Use Professional Expertise 

With the help of a professional, you can see better results. Some social media marketers will create a customized strategy for your dental practice. 

Through the guidance and assistance of a social media marketer, you’ll be able to understand the thought process behind the steps that are taking place. However, hiring marketing professionals or dental marketing companies can be pricey.

There’s a better alternative

Don’t worry if you need professional help within your budget. Using a social media marketing tool like Practina is an excellent option. 

Practina is for all businesses that want to improve their online presence. Your dental practice can get the same or even more benefits without spending a ton of money.

Practina creates original content for your page and publishes it for you. It allows you to schedule posts for later to help save time and get a better overview of the content going up. 

You can run instant ads with Practina on platforms like Google and Facebook and get instant leads. 

Besides, you can take the guidance of a Practina marketer to transform your social media profiles and experience higher ROIs. 

Visit or download the Practina app to manage and improve your social media on the go! 

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