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During holidays, the majority of the general public is online and on social media. This is your opportunity to be noticed!

Statistics show that 89% of people use social platforms to share their pictures and browse their feeds during holidays. This is the best opportunity for you to reach out and get noticed! With less competition, you can take advantage of this time and get your business out there.

But my business is also closed for the holidays…

It’s okay; you can automate your social media postings this holiday! 

You already know about Practina’s Post Automation. But did you know you can customize your automated posts further with custom postings using Practina’s Gallery?

Any photo or image placed in Practina’s Gallery is enhanced and turned into a customized post just for your business! You can even snap photos directly from Practina Gallery itself. 

What do you need to do? 

Just take 5 minutes and add some images you think would make a good post. It can be anything — a group photo, a birthday, before and after images, some educational content, or just anything you want to highlight. Just don’t forget to give a brief description (YES, your description will be enhanced, too!), and THAT’S LITERALLY IT. 

Practina will do the rest and post it to all your connected social media accounts throughout the holidays! Now you can enjoy your break while Practina works for you 24/7 for just pennies (literally… Practina’s most expensive plan works for you at 32 cents per hour!)

The Benefit?

You’ll have a constant presence on social platforms and be in touch with your customers, and even after holidays, when others struggle to get business, you already have things set up for yours.

Take this time to post interesting articles about your business or industry. Post educational content about your services or products. Practina can automatically embed links to your articles in the posts and can route your audience to the articles that interest them. Just place the full link in the description.  

Start the New Year with a BANG! Take it to the NEXT LEVEL with Google, Facebook, or Instagram Ads!

Postings help engage with your customers, but ads help you find new customers! This may take a little more time from your break, but the returns are well worth it!

Similar to social media postings, Practina Makes Ads Easy!

Practina Google Ads: During holidays, people have even more time to google lots of things. Make sure you appear at the top of their search results with a simple Google Ad! Practina provides you with Google ads that work best for your industry. You can make any changes to the ad you want, Practina will run your ad, and you will appear at the top of Google’s search results for customers ready to buy!

Practina Facebook and Instagram Ads: Holiday festivities are FUN, but waiting for those festivities to start is BORING, which eventually leads the masses to start browsing social media feeds. Take advantage of the “boring time” and inject your ad into people’s social media feeds! With Practina, Facebook and Instagram Ads are easy to make. On top of that, you can use Pratina to see what ads your competitors are running to start giving you direction or inspiration for your Ad.

Enjoy your break and begin your New Year by automating your digital marketing!                            

Practina wishes you a happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

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