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Showcase your most popular menu items across all your social media accounts.

  • Upload photos to your Practina Gallery for simple, personalized posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Practina will turn your photos into exciting posts to draw in more customers.
  • Highlight your deals, giveaways, product spotlights, and more using Practina’s Templates.
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Increase your restaurant’s exposure.

  • Practina’s easy-to-use ad system allows you to create ads in under 5 minutes, helping you feed more hungry mouths.
  • Send ads to Google, Facebook, and Instagram, even without any experience.
  • Showcase any upcoming events, new menu items, and limited-time offers to individuals searching for restaurants like yours.
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Automatic review postings build credibility and trust with future customers.

  • Practina takes your best reviews from Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business and posts them to your social media accounts, automatically.
  • Authentic reviews inform your soon-to-be customers on your restaurant’s best qualities, which helps to bring in more business.
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Dedicated marketing specialist.

  • Personalized insights and recommendations for your restaurant.
  • Improve your marketing strategy with one-on-one meetings.
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