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How To Have a Successful 2021 With Digital Marketing

With the ongoing COVID-19 crisis keeping most customers indoors, businesses must continue to find ways to pivot in order to adapt to the new shift in business-customer interactions. Though recent advancements promise that our day-to-day operations will soon return to normal, the uncertainties of the coming year still forces the question: what can businesses do in 2021 to have a successful year? How can your business continue to keep customers coming through its door? 

In the coming year, while many businesses will continue to opt for traditional methods of advertising such as television commercials or billboard ads for their marketing efforts, we believe that those who focus more on digital marketing will be setting themselves up for a successful 2021. The reason? Customers are online today more than ever. 

With this in mind, we’ve put together information on how digital marketing will help your business have a profitable 2021.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing

With social distancing and multiple safety measures in place, having a virtual component to your business strategy is fundamental for bringing in new customers, and helping to maintain those relationships.

Digital Marketing Is Cost-Effective

One of the main benefits of digital marketing is that it is cost-effective. With many businesses already struggling due to a decrease in customers, digital marketing will help you save money because you’re in control of your budget. For example, Google Ads allows you to choose exactly how much your business will spend — whether it’s $100 or $1000, the ability to set the amount that works best for your business is a unique advantage to digital marketing. 

Traditional marketing methods often put small businesses in direct competition with larger companies, which have the necessary funds for strong TV ads, important radio spots, and much more. Digital marketing helps even the playing field.

Easily Access Your Target Audience

Your business’s target audience refers to the population of consumers your business best serves, and those who need the products or services that your business provides. Unlike traditional forms of advertising, digital marketing allows you to be in direct control of who sees your advertisement, and when they do. 

Focusing on your target audience helps ensure that your business isn’t spending money advertising to individuals who have no interest in your company. With digital marketing, using demographics, life events and specific interests to target your audience helps you reach the people most likely to be interested in your business, increasing the likelihood of a sale conversion.

Social Media Improves Customer Engagement and Retention

With most consumers spending their days online, providing meaningful ways to engage with your customers, such as those through social media networks, will help improve customer retention, and also help customers incorporate your business into their daily lives. 

During the second quarter of 2020, social media budgets accounted for 24% of total US marketing budgets, a difference of 13% when compared to last winter. The shift to an online business world is already happening and will continue well into 2021. 

Social media also provides an outlet for effective communication with your customers. With the constant change in operational policies during the pandemic, having a clear way of communicating with your customers will keep them informed on important updates regarding your business. 

Improves Your Business’s Online Presence

With the majority of customers staying indoors, your online presence is your business’s new front door. A strong online presence allows your business to build its brand and gain credibility needed to attract more customers. 

When a customer searches on Google, they tend to be ready to buy, making this a critical point of contact between your business and a potential customer. A customer may choose one company over another simply based on their website’s ease of use. 

As consumers begin to expect more from businesses online in 2021, it will be crucial for businesses to have an updated online presence in order to attract more customers.

How To Get Started

Traditionally, there are two main routes businesses can take to begin digital marketing: hire a marketing specialist, or learn how to yourself. While the first is the most obvious and most popular route, it is also the most expensive — and becoming a professional digital marketer is easier said than done. However, businesses now have a third option: software based marketing services.

For those who have little to no experience in marketing, innovative services are now available that simplify digital marketing for businesses, giving them the tools needed to effectively grow their online presence, without breaking the bank. More and more businesses are switching to software based marketing services such as Practina to make their digital marketing simple.

Practina: Hands Free Digital Marketing

Using artificial intelligence, Practina automates your business’s social media posts and creates ads for Facebook, Instagram and Google, so you don’t have to. Practina operates at a fraction of the cost of a marketing specialist, helping you save money while improving your digital marketing.

By automating your business’s social media, Practina removes the time-consuming process of manually conceptualizing, creating, and uploading a post to each of your social networks. With Practina, you simply let the system know what you’d like to promote and who your target audience is, and Practina automatically creates and publishes your post across all your social networks. 

As mentioned, capturing customers when they’re searching for businesses like yours is crucial in generating a sale. With Practina’s Smart Ads, your business can send ads out to Google in just a few simple clicks. Using keywords and phrases, Practina connects your ad with actual searches being made, helping you increase your customer base. Smart Ads by Practina was developed with every business owner in mind, meaning the feature is easy to use even for those with no marketing experience!


No matter the route, digital marketing will be your key to a successful 2021: from maintaining customer relations, to helping generate more sales, digital marketing will keep your business afloat during these times of uncertainty. Investing in digital marketing services can help simplify your digital marketing, and services like Practina are leading the way by automating the process for you.

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