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Recommended Post Scheduling

No more guesswork about when to post your content to get the best results. Let Practina automatically publish your content at the most suitable time for higher engagement from your audience.

  • Start on the dashboard in the top header box. Click on +Create Post, and you’ll see your connected social media accounts appear on the left. Select the social platforms where you’d like your post to appear.

  • Input your text in the box, and if you want the same text across all your social accounts, simply click on the three circles and select Copy to all.

Note: We recommend including media in your posts to increase audience engagement.

  • To add an image or a video to your post, go to the center header, and click on the image or the video icon to upload your media. You’ll then see a preview of your post on each platform.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see three options to publish your content. You can select either option to publish your content right away with Post Now, at another time with Schedule for Later, or allow Practina to publish your content at the best time possible with Schedule for Me.

The choice is simple

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